Women Power asks J&K Congress leaders to stop double standards, stop exploitation

A meeting of the women power (Women Wing of JKNPP) was held in Jammu under the chair of Ms. Anita Thakur, General Secretary-JKNPP which condemned the State Congress leaders for playing fraud with the people of Jammu Pradesh just to cheat the voters during election time. She said that it was the Congress which played as tools of Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah and helped him enact Bill no.9 (Resettlement Act) that authorizes nearly 5 lacs Pakistanis to come to Jammu region and settle there under the new permit scheme. It was Panthers Party which has been fighting against this draconian law and got it stayed which save J&K from anarchy and terrorism. She said it was Congress which made false promises with nearly 85,000 Pakistani refugees to grant them citizenship and civil rights in J&K. It was the Congress which cheated them. She further said that the Congress has been exploiting nearly 15 lac refugees from POK who are still registered in J&K record as migrants. Before every election it was Congress which promised them moon but could not provide even a wooden stick till today.


In a resolution women power declared that a convention of daughters of the state shall be held in Jammu in September to ensure that the women in Kashmir shall be provided all legal protection which are available in the rest of the country. The resolution condemned Congress, NC and PDP for trying to rob the daughters of J&K of their State Subject by enacting most discriminatory and dangerous law in 2004 when the Panthers Party MLC Prof.Bhim Singh defeated such discriminatory law just by his one vote in the Legislative Council though the Panthers Party was held partnership in the government at that time.


The women power has decided to raise  the women power committees from block to district level in every district so that the women could participate in political activities so that they may be in opposition to defend, protect and promote their interest in the society. The committee demanded 50% share for the women in all public and government departments and 33% share in the legislature. Its’ chairperson also demanded the reconstitution of women commission in the state without any delay. The women power declared that it shall also take to the streets in defense of women interest and ensure the establishment of AIIMS in Jammu Pradesh besides delimitation of the constituencies with 33% share to the females in the Assembly. The women power appealed to the women folk to join the Panthers Party and strengthen the women power for the sake of welfare of the families. The women power declared that the destitute women, widows and the orphan children shall be provided free legal aid and teaching at help centres in every panchayat with the help of Panchayat Empowerment Committee.


            WP reminded the people of Jammu that there was Congress Chief Minister from Jammu from 2005 to 2007 and same person was Union Health Minister from the Congress in Delhi. Why Congress did not utter a single word for AIIMS then. It said the Congress is shedding crocodile tears just to play fraud once again with the people of Jammu Pradesh. The women power said they shall expose the Congress ugly role against the people of Jammu for 67 years. 


          Those present in the executive committee of the women power included Mrs. Manju Singh, Member-Working Committee-JKNPP, Ms. Tasleem Kousar, Mrs. Neelam Abrol, Mrs. Sunita Kumari, Ms. Meenakshi Sharma, Ms. Asha Rani, Ms. Meena Thakur, Shamima Begum.