USA should mind that Syria is not Iraq Shall Putin save peace in the Middle-East

“The situation in the Middle-East is totally different than it was in 2003 when USA with the help of its ally NATO attacked Iraq in 2003 and succeeded in demolishing one of the greatest civilizations of the world in Iraq in the name of bringing democracy in Iraq under the accuse of cleansing weapons of ‘mass destruction’ in Iraq. The situation is not that smooth for Mr. Obama as it was flouted in 2003 by the Bush Administration against President Saddam Hussein.” This was the quick reaction of Prof. Bhim Singh, Supremo of the National Panthers Party who has ground knowledge of the emerging situations in the Middle-East for the past 40 years. Prof. Bhim Singh has been a close associate of Palestinian Hero, Yasir Arafat and a friend of President Saddam Hussein of Iraq and the leader of the Libyan Revolution, Col. Muamar Gadaffi.
Prof. Bhim Singh who is also Chairman of the Indo-Arab Solidarity Council expressed hope that the Arab League State Countries shall mind the interest of the Arab World which is the need of the 21st century so that the oils, strategic lands and waters are not allowed to be taken under the control of the White House and its hawks. He questioned the intervention of the USA in Iraq, Sudan, Libya and other Arab territories saying that the USA wanted invoking democracy in Iraq. What has been happening today there is being witnessed by the entire world? Hundreds of innocent people die every day in violence. There is no security for any human being. Let the world, he pointed out, compare the present bloody regime with the governance under President Saddam Hussein. What happened to the oil-wells and reserves in Iraq? What happened to the physical security of its citizens? What happened to the trade and tourism in Iraq as compared to the days of President Saddam Hussein? Where are the weapons of mass destruction, an excuse espoused by the Anglo-American Bloc, to invade Iraq? Why the United Nations failed? What was the situation in Russia after the demise of the USSR? These questions deserve in-depth study and understanding.
The Panthers Party Supremo said that Obama is facing a totally different situation in the Middle-East. The Russian Federation has potential leadership and President Vladimir Putin is one of the most experienced persons to deal with the CIA operating from the White House in Washington.
Prof. Bhim Singh regretted that Indian leadership has not been able to carry the legacy of Indo-Arab friendship after Mrs. Indira Gandhi nor the NAM countries have performed their obligations towards the third world the fact is that the USA has become a sole surviving master of the world. This has been rightly and farsightedly challenged by the Kremlin leadership as on date. The USA shall not be able to sail through the Arabian seas so easily as they could have done in 2003. The world has appreciated Putin for his timely warning to the USA warning them not to plunge into the Zionist game plan.
The Panthers Party National Working Committee has expressed solidarity with and support to the people of Syria led by its President Dr. Bashar-al-Assad in their just struggle for the safety, security and integrity of Syria. The Panthers Party also accused the Security Council for playing double standards vis-à-vis the Middle-East. Any misadventure by the Obama Administration shall bring disaster not to peace in the Middle-East but also to the entire Anglo-American Bloc. The Panthers Party Chief Patron also hoped that India plays its destined role for preserving the integrity, unity and sovereignties of the Arab Nations. Let the people of the world and the entire international community condemn US misadventure in the Middle-East. The role being played by the Republic of Iran also deserves commendations by the international community.