US endangering world peace by supporting Israeli aggression against Palestine

1st August, 2014
New Delhi
Hon’ble Mr. John Kerry
Secretary of State, USA
Presently at the US Embassy
New Delhi (India)

Sub:-    The US endangering world peace by supporting Israeli aggression against Palestine.  

It was expected that the US shall put its efforts to defuse the tension that has arisen following the barbaric bombing by Israel on Gaza, Palestine resulting into genocide and massacre of hundreds of Palestinians including women, children and the old. Instead the Obama administration has declared that the US shall continue its support and arms aid to Israel.

You have been in India for the past three days yet you have chosen to condemn barbaric bombardment killing hundreds of innocent Palestinians in Gaza by Israel. I hope the United States remembers that it was in Washington DC on 13th September, 1993 when US President Bill Clinton hosted a grand feast at Presidential House and witnessed the signing of an accord by the PLO Chief Yasir Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin which declared, among so many things, that Palestine shall be granted statehood by 1996. In the meantime all the issues pertaining to Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees, Israeli settlements, security and borders would be settled permanently. The entire responsibility was taken by the US President in this regard.
The principles of the Oslo Accords I & II strictly provided that all Israeli forces from Gaza and West Bank shall be withdrawn no later than May 1996.
This was also decided that for the transitional period not exceeding five years all issues shall be settled permanently on the basis of UN Security Council Resolutions 242, 338 among others.
I would like to remind the United States of America that Israel did not care to respect this agreement and literally violated the principles of the accords. This is evident that Yasir Arafat was confined to the second floor of his Ram Allah headquarters. The allegation that he was given slow poisoning has never been denied by Israel or by the United States. His death created a vacuum in the political horizon of Palestine.
It is unfortunate that Israel never respected its own agreements and violated principles of accords whereas the United States and the entire western world continued its support to the usurper of the land of Palestine and the Arab countries.
Since you are visiting India, the Panthers Party feels its duty rather obligation to bring these hard facts to your notice so that the people of the United States may realize that the people of India stand with the people of Palestine and hope and trust that the President of the US Mr. Barack Hussein Obama shall give first priority for the implementation of the mission which his predecessor, President Bill Clinton launched in 1993.
I know the US is under Zionist pressure for the reasons best known to the White House and the people all over the world. Yet this is in the interest for the world peace and human dignity that the United States of America upholds the principles of mutual existence and puts its efforts for a genuine peace all over the world especially in Middle-East today.
With kind regards,

Bhim Singh