Trump starts Sneezing, wake up the Peacemongers

Within 40 hours  US President starts sneezing adding to the tremour in Asia to start with putting entire world including  world ssensitive spot on  the boil.Shall Japan be Stumps ‘ first base to start with.  F-35B stealth fighters, Japan, B-1B strategic bombers and F-22 stealth fighters to its air-force base in Australia.

Prof. Brim Singh founder of National Panthers Party and executive member Supreme court Bar association has called on the world body, the United Nations to work out an agenda for peace to be followed  by entire UN body including the five permanent Members. Prof. Brim Singh was interacting with the member- advocates this morning at New Delhi in a meeting organised to study the Trump’s initiative. Prof. Brim Singh commenting on the present situation in Asia expressed deep anxiety on the dangerous designs being flouted  by Trump which shall vomit only fire that the world had witnessed during the Hitler’s war  . Prof. Brim Singh said , “Trumps’s wake up call shall deploy sophisticated F-35B stealth fighters in its military base in Japan, the U.S. has decided to dispatch B-1B strategic bombers and F-22 stealth fighters to its air-force base in Australia.

It is the first time that F-35B has been put on permanent standby overseas by the U.S., planning to expand the radius of the operation of F-35B in Northeast Asia, notably moving the matrix port of assault landing ship mounted with those fighters to the southern area of Japan from the U.S. mainland next year. It is sad news for the world peace mongers of the world that modern  SM-6 missiles in areas of south Korea, Japan and Australia, Washington also  been expanded thratning entire Asia .

This is for the Nations like India, Japan  and other Asian countries in the Arab world to expose this Triangular military “cooperation” among the U.S., Japan and south Korea. The relationship between two Koriasdeserve to be brought back to its orginal status of 1944. The people of two Koreas belong to the same race, creed and even religion and culture . The world needs  the Lincoln,the Gandhi , the Martin Luther King ,  and those who gave the  message of   Peace , Love and humanity today. The  world did not need war mongers or war fighters. The Trump advisors should also understand the history of war mongers .

The U.S. is stepping up the arms buildup to realize its Asia-Pacific strategy while spreading the story of “threat” from someone but it can never cover up its criminal intention.

The Panthers Party supremo is the only surviving peace activist in the world who travelled the whole world on Moter cycle(s) around the world (1965-1973) , studied law in UK , London University wrote several book on peace and on the Israeli aggression . Prof. Brim Singh has been a close friend of Palestine President , Yasir Arafat  and President Saddam Hussain . Prof. Brim Singh has been fighting for peace  in the world as  well as in Palestine .