Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party accused the BJP-PDP leadership to foment communal conflict in J&K in order to regain the lost credibility of their political victory in J&K. This helps BJP to create a communal divide so that they succeed in their nefarious designs to divert the mind of the majority community in the country to gain lost support in the coming elections in Bihar and elsewhere. The NPP Supremo cautioned the Panthers Party activists and all other revolutionary groups and parties who have been opposing the BJP for its utter failure to follow their promised agenda in Jammu Pradesh. They have failed to hold delimitation of constituencies to remove political discrimination in J&K. BJP has failed to address the grievances of 15 lacs Pak and POK refugees who have been living a life of wretched of the earth for the past 67 years without statehood, civil or political rights. These refugees or migrants have been victim of Congress for many years and now the BJP is doing the same with the citizens of India as they are. BJP promised to destroy Resettlement Act, provide proprietory rights (Malkiyat) to the allottees from POK and Pak who have been living as allottees on temporary basis in the agricultural land which the people left in J&K while voluntarily migrating to Pakistan in 1947. The Govt. of J&K has enacted a Law allowing all these Pak-nationals (presently) to return and seek full rehabilitation on their lands. This Law has been challenged by the Panthers Party and is still pending before the Supreme Court of India with a permanent stay till disposal. Jammu Pradesh has 37 Assembly seats against 46 in the Valley. The population of the two regions is almost even. The BJP had made a commitment for holding delimitation which they forgot. There is discriminatory recruitment policy in J&K which is opposed by the Panthers Party tooth and nail from the streets to the Supreme Court. J&K government withdrew SRO in this connection on the petition of JKNPP but it reimposed the same discriminatory Law after the JKNPP withdrew petition. The J&K government under the leadership of Farooq Abdullah as Chief Minister in 1999 grabbed 28000 sq. kms. of forest land in Nagrota sector for the resettlement of Kashmiri Muslim Migrants. The petition filed by the Panthers Party against this communal enactment is pending in the High Court of J&K for final disposal. The State has been playing hide and seek with the High Court. The BJP betray the people of Jammu Pradesh, surrendered before PDP leadership for the sake of power and money which has been proved beyond an iota of doubt. A petition was sponsored before Jammu High Court (PIL) to seek an order on the existing Law just to provoke a section of the society. It needs a special care to find out who has sponsored another PIL before the Kashmir Wing of the same High Court. Interestingly, the two wings of the same High Court have issued parallel directions which need urgent attention of the Governor of J&K to ensure that the judiciary is not used for political ends by any individual or group of individuals. Prof.Bhim Singh said that this being done to create a communal divide in the state to divert the attention of the people from the real issues; chaos, disorder, anti-national propaganda, corruption and the issue of reorganization of the state by establishing twin states in J&K, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh where lies the only solution. He cautioned all nationalist activists and secular forces in J&K to act very carefully and with caution to defeat the ugly designs of the corrupt, communal and failed government.

A massive protest was held by the Panthers Party activists in front of Raj Bhawan, Jammu demanding return of security and accommodation of Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party who was dislodged on 10th September, 2015 from his official residence, V.P. House, New Delhi. The Modi government rejected Ram Jethmalani, Member, Rajya Sabha and Former Law Minister who had sponsored accommodation for the Prof. Bhim Singh. The Modi government also rejected the request of Shri Ram Dass Athawle, Member Rajya Sabha to provide security accommodation as his guest.  Prof. Bhim Singh earlier in 1991 was allotted one room accommodation by Prime Minister, Shri Chander Shekhar on security reason which was cancelled by BJP government though Prof. Bhim Singh has been paying Rs.17/18 thousands per month. Several parliamentarians, advocates, social activists and notables had requested Prime Minister Modi to provide full security cover and accommodation for his security who has been doing a historic, courageous, nationalist and patriotic rule for the protection of national flag and national interest in J&K. 

The Panthers Party activists led by Ms. Anita Thakur General Secretary, Bansi Lal Sharma, Adv Political Advisor, Jagdev Singh, Coordination Secretary, Rajesh Pargotra, Provincial President, Naresh Chib District President today held demonstration expressing full solidarity with Prof. Bhim Singh in his heroic role in defense of national interest in J&K. Others prominent members who participated in the protest demonstration included Rakesh Gupta State Secretary, Shanker Singh Chib Provincial Secretary, Sham Gorka Vice-President PTU, Vilakshan Singh and Gagan Pratap Singh General Secretaries Young Panthers, Ravinder Jamwal Provincial Secretary, Bashir-Ud-Din District President Reasi, Rajesh Gondhi District General Secretary, Nirmal Kishore, Naveen Bali, Asha Rani, Vikram Singh, Akash Kumar, Baldev Singh, Jitender Gupta, Rakesh Verma etc. 

          The Panthers Party activists set on fire PM Modi effigy demanding immediate dismissal of BJP-PDP government which has become security risk in J&K. The demonstrators appealed to the people of the Valley, particularly the youth to maintain communal harmony and keep secular tradition and brotherhood alive.

Prof. Bhim Singh in his message on this occasion said that a handful of power hungry politicians are trying to create communal conflict to disturb peace in J&K at the behest of foreign powers which shall not be accepted by the people in J&K. He said that Govt. in J&K had failed to function in accordance with the Constitution and Law therefore Governor should invoke Section 92 of J&K Constitution to dismiss the government in the national interest and security of the state. 

NPP Supremo meets Union Home Minister, demands social security & appropriate relief to Jammu Migrants

Shri Rajnath Singh assured NPP leader that justice shall be done to the Jammu Migrants and he also sympathized with the genuine demands of the migrants and said that whatever is within the parameters of rule and law shall be done.

He also addressed a letter to the Union Home Minister in this regard which speaks for itself on the situation and the needs to resolve this problem being faced by the Jammu and Talwara Migrants as follows;

“During Kargil war thousands of Hindus were forced to migrate because of the threat of the local and foreign terrorists in Jammu Pradesh in the Districts of Poonch, Rajouri, Udhampur and Doda etc. This followed the massacre of the local Hindus in Prankote (District Reasi now). Several leaders of the ruling party and the opposition including Shri L.K. Advani and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi visited the affective people in Rajouri and Doda.

          Thousands of them migrated to the safe areas of Jammu Pradesh mostly the Districts of Jammu, Udhampur and Kathua. The Govt. of J&K, as usual, made a discriminatory recommendation to provide relief to these migrants. It was because of the intervention of the Central government the migrants from Doda, Udhampur and Rajouri were provided meager relief both in cash and kind. Several hundreds of them took shelter in the outdated and broken cells at Talwara in Reasi District. The State government recommended only half of the relief to these migrants as compared to the Kashmiri migrants.

J&K National Panthers Party moved the High Court of J&K which granted the petition with direction to the Union and the State governments to provide relief to all the Jammu Migrants at par with the Kashmiri Migrants. The Govt. of J&K could not digest and they filed an appeal in the Supreme Court which was contested by the Panthers Party from 2002 to 2006. The Govt. of J&K in its affidavit assured the Hon’ble Supreme Court that the Jammu Migrants including those camping at Talwara shall be provided same relief in cash and kind which was being given to the Kashmiri Migrants. The J&K government in its affidavit that the Jammu Migrants numbering about 2200 families were not given any relief from 2004 to 2006 and the State made a commitment in its affidavit that the pending arrears amounting to about Rs.21 crores shall be provided at the earliest by the State and the Union governments. The Supreme Court made the direction to the Union and the State governments accordingly and directed them to clear all pending arrears of Jammu Migrants camping Talwara.

In the meantime, Govt. of India under the Prime Ministership of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee raised the individual relief from Rs.400 to Rs.1000/- and family relief from Rs.1600 to Rs.4000/- per family, per month only for the Kashmiri Migrants. It was a tragedy that this quantum of relief was not provided to the Jammu Migrants residing in Talwara also right since 2003.

That this matter came before the petition’s committee of the Parliament and the matter was vehemently taken up by the BJP Members of the Parliament. The committee had Hon’ble Members of the BJP mainly Mrs. Sushma Swaraj and Mr. Venkaiah Naidu. They visited the Jammu Migrants also in their camps and made strong recommendation to provide them full relief at par with the Kashmiri Migrants. Nothing has been done till date.

That the Kashmiri Migrants were provided special package for their return and rehabilitation in their respective native villages in the Valley. I had worked hard with the Jammu Migrants scattered in different areas and those camping in Talwara and brought them around to return their homes provided they were given the same kind of package which was provided to the Kashmiri Migrants. Their houses in their villages had perished for one reason or the other in 15 years. Their cattle have also perished. Their land has been forcibly occupied by the militants or supporters of the militants in the respective villages. The State administration has remained hostile to them for the obvious reasons.

May I urge the Hon’ble Union Home Minister for your kind intervention to ensure that these Jammu Migrants including those residing in Talwara and other camps may be provided;

1.     All the arrears as directed by the Supreme Court of India with interest and in the same quantum which has been given to the Kashmiri Migrants right since 2004.

2.     That the Jammu Migrants and those camping in Talwara should be provided regular relief. At present only 624 families in Talwara are provided ration only and not cash besides 284 families camping in Talwara have not been provided any relief in spite of the orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. I urge for your kind intervention to ensure all relief to them.

3.     That nearly 1200 families which are scattered in different parts of Udhampur and Jammu Districts may also be provided the relief at par with the rest of them.

4.     That the same package ensuring their return back to the villages may be ensured to the Jammu Migrants which shall be in the interest of the security of the state and the security and integrity of the villagers they belonged to.

I hope and trust that your honour may consider my request on humanitarian grounds as well as in the interest of the security and integrity of the state.”