FIR against Airlines dealing with domestic flights


Sub: FIR against Airlines dealing with domestic flights.

I as a State President of Delhi Pradesh Unit of National Panthers Party would like to request for registering an FIR (First Information Report) against the domestic airlines namely, Jet Airways, Air India, SpiceJet, Go & Indigo and others for having ruthlessly enhanced the air-fare on the domestic routes which is violative of the principles of natural justice and amounts to a fraud on the rule of law.
1.    That seveal Airlines taking advantage of Haryana’s unrest and protests, several Airlines operating in India under the rules and regulation settled by the Ministry of Aviation etc. of Govt. of India have violated the rules, the laws and have been playing fraud with the customers/passengers travelling from New Delhi to Chandigarh and some other places.
2.    The normal air-fare from New Delhi to Chandigarh is approximately below/around Rs.5000/-. The Jet Airways example has raised the economy fare for the air travel between New Delhi to Chandigarh to Rs.17,282 (Economy) and Rs.26,740 (Premiere) classes, which is evident from Annexure-P1.
3.    That the Jet Airways has announced the price list dealing with air-fare from New Delhi to Chandigarh on February 21,2016 (Annexure-P2) ranging between Rs.70,000 to 99,000. Similarly the air-fare of the same airline have been shown from Rs.42,000 to Rs.77,000/-. (Annexure-P3).
4.    That another paper cutting (P4) dated 21.02.2016 has raised the alarm on the spate of violence unleashed by Jat protesters demanding quotas has sent air fares on the Chandigarh-Delhi sector through the roof with the cheapest available one-way ticket for Monday selling for over Rs.99,000.
5.    That the Times of India New Delhi dated 23.02.2016 has in its story “As airfares soar, PM Modi frets”. This story also speaks of the discriminatory rise in airfare from Delhi to Chandigarh and also speaks about the discrimination being committed by several airlines including Jet Airways. (Annexure-P5).
6.    That the Panthers Party is led by several senior human right activists and strongly regrets for the failure of the Union of India to deal with those highway robbers who have been using their authority in violation of the principles of natural justice and the rule of law. Thus causing grave hurt to the fundamental and civil rights of the citizens of India and other persons by raising airfare for the local passengers by exploiting their compulsion and need under the circumstances.
7.    That this person filing this FIR is a state president of Delhi Pradesh National Panthers Party which is recognised party by the Election Commission of India and chaired by Prof.Bhim Singh, the Chief Patron of the party who is a senior advocate of the Supreme Court of India and Executive Chairman of the State Legal Aid Committee.
It is submitted that an appropriate FIR be registered against Jet Airways and other Airlines which have been flouting the rule of law and the principles of natural justice which amounted to robbing the passengers and an utter violation of The Prevention of Black Marketing and Maintenance of Supplies of Essential Commodities Act, 1980. (Annexures-P6 & P7).
It is submitted that the one-way, 45-minute flight is priced almost double that of a Delhi-London return flight that costs around Rs.46,000. A Delhi-New York return ticket costs around Rs.63,000. Airline sources said flights out of Chandigarh were fully booked as people were desperate to get out of the city.
“These are the last few seats available and they are being sold for a premium,” said an airline official who did not wish to be named. Across the board from economy to business class seats, prices showed a ten-fold jump, with a one-way ticket on travel portal makemytrip selling at Rs.99,128.”
It is requested that the appropriate FIR may be registered against the Indian Airlines mentioned here, Jet Airways and other Airlines who are involved in similar offences and are violating the principles of natural justice and the rule of law forthwith.
Thanking you,

Submitted by:

Rajiv Jolly Khosla