Stop pellet bullets against children of India, Or face trial for human rights violation

A meeting of the State Legal Aid Committee headed by Prof.Bhim Singh, a Barrister & Sr.Advocate of Supreme Court of India chairing State Legal Aid Committee was held this morning at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi to work out an appropriate and affective measures to save the children of India who have been facing pellets (lead bullets) in Kashmir for the pleasure of the rulers of J&K. It is one of the greatest tragedies of the time that BJP became a ruling partner with PDP who have been ruling the state for the past over two years.

            Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of NPP convened an emergency meeting of the State Legal Aid Committee in New Delhi took a hard decision to move the National Human Rights Commission in New Delhi, the capital of India against the brutal, barbaric and inhuman use of pellet guns against the children of India in J&K. Prof.Bhim Singh addressing over 50 lawyers-members of the State Legal Aid Committee hailing from different parts of the country decided that a human right protection campaign shall be undertaken by the State Legal Aid Committee to mobilize the national opinion of the human activists and politicians as well as the intellectuals against the barbaric use of pellet guns against the children in Kashmir Valley which is rightly called as crown of India and where Mahatma Gandhi felt the ray of hope and saw the lights of the day in the forties during the freedom struggle of India against the British kingdom.

            Prof.Bhim Singh declared that the use of pellet guns shall be declared as inhuman, criminal, unrecognized in the chapter of human rights and unacceptable in the Indian democracy which is supposed to extend to the State of J&K. Prof.Bhim Singh declared that the State Legal Aid Committee shall knock the doors of National Human Rights Commission to ensure that such use of pellet guns is listed as anti-human and crime against the humanity in a free country, India.

            Prof.Bhim Singh said that more than 50 youth including males and females and children have been hit by the pellet bullets for the pleasure of the rulers of J&K which include BJP and PDP. Prof.Bhim Singh said that during 100 years Dogra rule the bullets were not allowed to be used against the people. It was only in 1931 that some people were killed (martyred). The then Maharaja of J&K, Hari Singh invited a British Commissioner to hold inquiry and all the guilty policemen were punished. This was one instance in 1931 during 100 years of Dogra rule. He wondered how many innocent persons have been killed by the so-called democratic government in J&K who claim to be Indian where the rule of law of the Constitution of India does not reach. J&K is the only state in India which has not been officially merged by the Constituent Assembly and the only state which has its separate Constitution without any fundamental rights incorporated inside the Constitution. The only hope of the people of J&K lies in Supreme Court of India which has managed of its own to extend its jurisdiction to the State of J&K in spite of the fact that J&K is not under the command of Constitution of India because of the temporary provision of Article 370.

            Prof.Bhim Singh declared that October 26 shall be celebrated as Accession Day throughout J&K, the day Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession in 1947. He regretted that the Parliament of India has not cared to implement that accession for merger of the state till this day. Prof.Bhim Singh said that Article 370 needs to be amended so that people of J&K shall be guaranteed all the fundamental rights incorporated in the Constitution of India.         

NPP Supremo greets Yogeshwar Singh of Hiranagar on his marriage

Prof. Bhim Singh, Supremo of JKNPP flew from Delhi to Jammu and attended marriage ceremony of Shri Yogeshwar Singh S/o Shri Rajinder Singh Manju, State Secretary JKNPP.

Prof. Bhim Singh accompanied by several JKNPP leaders including Ms. Anita Thakur (General Secretary), Jagdev Singh (Coordination Secretary), Manoj Gupta (District President PTU Kathua), Mohinder Manhas (Public Relations Officer) and others visited Hiranagar and greeted Mr. Rajinder Manju, State Secretary on the marriage of his son. Prof. Bhim Singh was a student in High School, Ramnagar (1954-57) where Late Shri Parshotam Singh, father of Shri Rajinder Singh Manju was Bhim Singh’s Teacher. Prof. Bhim Singh maintained his close relationship with Shri Parshotam Singh ji and has been closely associated as a member of Manju’s family.

Prof. Bhim Singh congratulated Mr. Manju Singh and his family on the wedding celebration of his beloved son, Mr. Yogeshwar Singh who got wedded last evening in Hiranagar.

Bhim Singh addresses ex-servicemen at Jantar Mantar assures full support from Kashmir to Kanyakumari

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party who is also son of an ex-serviceman, Thakur Birbal who fought in the Second World War and served in Indian National Army (INA), today expressed full support and solidarity from the families of all ex-servicemen in the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in support of their mission, ‘One Rank One Pension’. He was addressing the ex-servicemen strong protest at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. The ex-servicemen last week turned away Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi when he came to meet them at Jantar Mantar.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that ex-servicemen united entire country from east to the west and north to the south and brought entire civil society to a common platform in New Delhi to ensure that Mahabharata of 21st century shall be fought in the Hastinapur (Delhi). He said, “I have not come here as a Panthers Party representative or as a lawyer but as a son of an ex-serviceman and a descendent of General Zorawar Singh who wrote the history of India’s integration by his blood extending India’s boundary to Lahasa (China) and Central East Asia (Afghanistan) in the middle of 19th century. I have come here to express my support to the ex-servicemen in whatever way they need through pen or sword.”                         

          Col. Raj Thakur, cousin of Prof.Bhim Singh and Ms. Sudesh Dogra, daughter of Sub. Krishan Singh accompanied him.


Sd/-Rajiv Jolly Khosla, 

President, Delhi Pradesh Panthers Party


NPP Supremo urged Sonia Gandhi to sack Ghulam Nabi from Congress to save its face

Prof. Bhim Singh, a veteran nationalist leader and the founder of National Panthers Party today urged Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to fire opportunist leaders from the Party who dare sell the Congress name, principles, ideology just for a vote for the Rajya Sabha. Strongly objecting to an apology letter by Mr. Ghulam Nabi submitted to a Kashmiri MLA on Afzal Guru’s episode, he said that Mr. Ghulam Nabi was a Cabinet Minister in the Union Govt. when Afzal Guru was hanged. “If there were something immoral, wrong or illegal or unconstitutional in it, he should have resigned or even protested.” On the eve of Rajya Sabha election, a senior Congressman and leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha submitted an apology letter to an MLA (known secessionist activist and anti-national element in J&K) on Afzal Guru episode who was held guilty by the Apex Court. Second blunder, the Former Minister did was that he submitted an apology letter to a non-entity (besides an underhand deal) which he should have submitted to his President, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Was an MLA known to be anti-national, superior to the party President? He asked.
Glorifying Afzal Guru in his repentance letter by taking signatures of 5 Congress MLAs (his group) in his mercy petition submitted to one Rashid MLA just for the sake of a vote is a treturous act that should not be taken light by the Congress President for the sake of the party and its integrity, Bhim Singh wrote to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to draw her attention to the serious situation that he arisen in political circles?
He wrote to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi that she should act fast and act strong to save the party from further erosion.

NPP Supremo urges Governor to dissolve J&K Assembly to end further anarchy, chaos & horse-trading in J&K

“The smokes of disillusionment, uncertainty, chaos and anger have started shooting out of curtains in the political corridors of political parties aspiring to share power and loot in the state. Some busybodies from outside the state have, on the sponsorship of the vested agencies have started pouring fuel to the fire to add to the prevailing confusion. The present situation created power hunger in the central ruling party by Prime Minister Modi’s hunting slogan for 44+ as his mission Kashmir. The political parties aspiring to share power have forgotten their manifestoes, commitment to the people, development and sufferings of the youth, employees, working class and particularly the 15 lacs refugees from POK and Pakistan. Any attempt to forge unholy alliance between the wolf and the lamb shall be disaster for the already suffering people of three regions namely, Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh. The Governor, Shri N.N. Vohra is most experienced bureaucrat and knows the inns and outs of J&K’s complicated politics. He shall do best for the people of the state and for the people in the rest of the country to advice President of India for immediate dissolution of the State Assembly hold fresh election in accordance with the mandate of the Supreme Court judgment dated 08.10.2013 by using ‘paper trail’ with the EVMs so that the manipulation of the EVMs shall be minimized.” This was the reaction Prof.Bhim Singh, NPP Supremo dispatched to the press after reading the statements of Mr. Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwais Moulvi Farooq and PDP’s hot man, Muzaffar Hussein Beg.

            Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the Kashmiri leaders that there shall be no solution to any inner conflict within the state without delimitation of Assembly Constituencies, comprehensive, humanitarian and legitimate resolution of the problems of the Pak and POK refugees as well as honourable, secured, safe and swift return of Kashmiri Pundit Migrants backed to the Valley without delay. He added that those aspiring to form government with PDP must remember that Mufi Mohd. Sayeed had signed agreement with him (Bhim Singh), Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Dr. Manmohan Singh in the presence of Muzaffar Hussein Beg as well as Mr. Yousuf Tarigami in Delhi on 26th October, 2002. The CMP signed by all of them had put first agreement for holding delimitation of Assembly constituencies, secondly it was the comprehensive settlement of border refugees by allotting them minimum possible land for residential purpose besides bringing PSA regime to an end among other things. He asked Mr. Beg to tell the truth as to what happened to this CMP which was signed by his leader. It was Mr. Muzaffar Hussein Beg who opposed the bill moved by Prof.Bhim Singh in the Legislative Council to end death sentence from the Ranbir Penal Code in the state. It was PDP, he reminded Mr. Modi, which wanted to throw the state married daughters out of their homes and property by enacting a criminal law with the support of the Congress and National Conference. Prof.Bhim Singh questioned Mr. Modi and Mr. Beg to come out clean on the issues people of J&K have been confronting for the past 64 years. He said reorganization is only way out to end the heterogeneous composition of the state founded in 1846 by Maharaja Gulab Singh as the times and history demand today.