NPP Chief Patron bangs so-called All-Party Meeting on J&K this afternoon

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Sr. Advocate of Supreme Court expressed shock on the device erupted by the Prime Minister and his government to hold so-called meeting in New Delhi after the Parliament session today.

Prof.Bhim Singh described the initiative by the Union government as meaningless, non-productive and futile. He said that Kashmir Valley is on fire for the past 33 days, the human beings, citizens of India, have been subjected to grave inhuman treatment by the state which has failed to take cognizance in accordance with the law of the land and the Constitution of India.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the decision of Modi government to send a delegation to Kashmir is like dispatching and envoy to the skies.

What the delegation shall convey to the suffering people of Kashmir?

What the delegation shall deliver to the people of Kashmir who have been kept in closed houses and homes without food, water and without any medical help or assistance for the past 33 days?

Where is the Constitution of J&K and where is its Section 92 which calls for immediate intervention of Governor? Governor is far away in the United States of America for the past two weeks. May be hospitalized, nobody knows about it except Modi government.

Where is the Director General of Police? For two weeks the police is without Director General in other words without the commander-in-chief.

Where is the President of India who has been vested with all powers under Article 370 to take care of the State of J&K? Where is the President of India who has got powers vested in him that of a viceroy? The children of Kashmir, citizens of India, are being shot by pellet guns like pigeons. Where is the democracy? Where is the rule of law? Where is Mahatma Gandhi non-violence? Where is Ahinsa Parmodharma? And Gandhi’s non-violence?

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the so-called all party meeting convened in Delhi this afternoon is a haux, unacceptable, undesirable and far away from the medicines which is required today to bring peace in Kashmir Valley with justice to the suffering people.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that he moved writ petition in Supreme Court a month back against pellets, state violence and torture seeking promulgation of Governor Rule under Section 92 of the Constitution of J&K. The case is listed in the Supreme Court on 22nd August, 2016. There is no Governor and no Director General of Police, all schools, colleges, government offices are shut. The High Court is not functioning because there is martial law in Kashmir for the 33 days.

Prof.Bhim Singh urged on the President of India to exercise his power under Article 370 read with Section 92 of J&K Constitution to impose Governor Rule without any delay. Healing touch is the necessity. Let the Parliament send its emissaries to J&K for healing touch.

Obama’s visit to Hiroshima means daring Apology

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party described US President Mr. Barack Obama’s visit to A-bomb burnt into ashes Hiroshima in 1945 by the US deserves commendations that US President representing a white majority state dared visit the victims of A-bomb of 1945 and dared shaking hands with A-bomb burnt patients.

Is it less than apology on the part of US President sitting on the heaps of atom and hydrogen bombs threatening the existence of the world? Prof.Bhim Singh congratulated President Obama for his daring visit to Hiroshima being a sitting President of the USA though hailing from a minority fraternity in the USA. Prof. Bhim Singh said that President Obama has committed several blunders during his presidency yet his most daring visit to Hiroshima as the US President and expressing concern over the fate of Japanese A-bomb victims of 1945 shall be written as a remarkable message of the US President.

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prof.Bhim Singh reminded President Obama that he (Bhim Singh) had an opportunity to meet several victims of suffering in the Treatment Centre in Hiroshima in 1972 during his peace mission on motorcycle around the world (1967-1973). He had an opportunity to visit several A-bomb attack survivors including the two namely, Eiji Hattori (73), Survivor & Takeo Sugiyama (85), Former Junior High School Teacher who have been under treatment in a Care Centre in Hiroshima. He said that several A-bomb burnt patients died in the caring centres ever since I visited Hiroshima in 1972. “I, as a peace monger who travelled the whole world on two-wheels on peace mission appealing for complete disarmament felt surprised that President of the United States of America, the Monarch of nuclear power in the world, dared visit Hiroshima which was perished and turned into ashes killing more than 200,000 people on the spot on August 6, 1945. Today President of that country has demonstrated moral strength of a ‘Black President’ of a country which has monopoly of nuclear weapons.” Prof.Bhim Singh had mentioned this Trauma Centres cries in his book, ‘Around the World on Motorcycle on Peace Mission’.

President Obama by his visit to Hiroshima ravaged by the USA has sent a Global message to the war mongers around the world that peace is the only way to save the world from turning to ashes. Peace is possible only when the masters of nuclear weapons and bombs shall decide to destroy/dismantle all the nuclear weapons in their control. This is only way to ensure that the world shall survive and the humanity shall live in peace, harmony and tranquility forever.

Prof.Bhim Singh in his message to President Obama said that the USA cannot be exempted from the commission of blunders which the USA has committed in the recent past vis-à-vis Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt and other places yet Mr. Obama deserves forgiveness for having demonstrated courage and will to express apology to the world for the grave offence (dropping atom bombs in Japan in 1945) committed by the USA in the second world war.

In his message to President Obama, Prof.Bhim Singh said bravo Obama. ‘Wisdom lies in daring’.