PM Modi fails to deliver at Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine conclave in Katra

“It was all anti-climax at the end of PM Modi’s speech at the Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine University conclave this afternoon as Prime Minister Modi failed to mention a word about the PHE daily wagers numbering about 30,000, failed to address the sufferings and miserable plight of the hills of Mata Vaishno Devi now called as ‘baridars’ and have been literally turned as beggars in their own land. These baridars and their ancestors have been looking after the shrine for centuries without any benefit or gain.

          Several hundred Katra activists including their panches and sarpanches of Katra areas surrounding the university have been kept away under the threats of handcuffs by the police who have been protesting peacefully for their causes.”

          This was the reaction of Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party from New Delhi camp office about PM Modi’s visit to Katra and his conquest of the peasantry and the Vaishno Devi owners who have been suffering for decades and demanding justice and equity.

          Prof.Bhim Singh wanted to know from Prime Minister Modi why he failed to mention the plight of the people who have been suffering at the hands of his half-a-partner with PDP in the state. Prime Minister could not mention a word about the suffering daily wagers in PHE, he could not mention a word about the miserable situation the masters of Vaishno Devi Shrine have been facing since their humiliating ouster. Prime Minister also could not address the open meeting and had to direct the security forces to prepare a security covered up hall in the Katra University  ground costing more than, as estimated, Rs.20 crores.

          Prof.Bhim Singh wanted to know from Modi about the plight of the labourers working on different projects for the shrine and for the service condition of the Shrine Board employees. He wanted to know the benefit of the latest hospital to the Katra division and the poor people. He also expressed surprise that Prime Minister could not open the Stadium by travelling about 500 meters ahead from the Shrine Board camp. He said that Prime Minister pressed the switch to open to perform the inauguration of the stadium. Was it due to the security risk?

          Prof.Bhim Singh expressed surprise that Prime Minister of India could not say a word to appeal the students of Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University in Rajouri which was closed a few days back because of students unrest. The Prime Minister failed to say a word giving call to the students and youth in the Valley who have been staging demonstration against the state. Prof.Bhim Singh wondered whether Prime Minister Modi had any faint idea about the situation that has developed in different areas of J&K?

          Prof.Bhim Singh hoped that Prime Minister shall call an open meeting of the representative of all the recognized political parties in J&K including the representatives of the national parties functioning in J&K so that justice is done to all residents of J&K from all three regions. He said that Article 370 is a stumbling block in the way of integration of J&K with the rest of the country. He wondered why Prime Minister Modi is silent on this subject?

Governor should dissolve Assembly save parliamentary democracy

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of NPP urged Governor of J&K, Shri N.N. Vohra to act in accordance with the Constitution of the state and the mandate which he enjoys under the Constitution. There is no possibility to constitute a government in J&K within the meaning and scope of the State Constitution.  The only way out is ending of the present Assembly and fresh elections so that the people of Jammu and Kashmir may elect the government of their choice.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that BJP and PDP have been running poles apart and do not have any common agenda except loot and plunder.  Prof. Bhim Singh urged the Governor to not to allow the hawks and doves to fly in the same aircraft across desert of power politics.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that entire political system has sunk deep into the Jhelum and the Chenab and the present leadership around the state has no capacity, strength or commitment to invoke political morality in the state.  It is only Panthers Party and some individuals who are committed to morality and rule of truth.

Alarming situation along border areas in Jammu Pradesh

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party with his Panthers Party team with senior NPP leaders addressed several public meetings in Sai, R.S.Pura, Suchetgarh and other areas bordering with Pakistan on International Border. Addressing public meeting Prof.Bhim Singh urged Parliament of India to forego the blunders committed by the Indian leadership and the Parliamentarians since 1947 vis-à-vis Jammu and Kashmir. Prof.Bhim Singh urged Parliament to cure the blunders committed by the Parliament and the Indian leaders since 1947 vis-à-vis J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh accused the Congress and BJP leadership in particular for the present mess in J&K. He said that Article 370 was the biggest blunder committed by the national leadership in 1950 when Constitution of India was promulgated. He said that Monarchy (Maharaja Rule) was allowed to continue in spite of the fact that the Maharaja was exiled from Kashmir to Bombay in 1948.

Addressing several rallies along the Indo-Pak border Prof.Bhim Singh pleaded for permanent peace from the borders between India and Pakistan as the people of both sides desire peace and intend to live in peace.

Prof.Bhim Singh also urged the President of India to use his constitutional authority and advised Governor of J&K to dissolve the State Assembly which has become irrelevant an extra burden on the state exchequer. Prof.Bhim Singh also accused both BJP and the Congress for misleading the national opinion regarding the actual state of affairs in J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh gave a call for the establishment of ‘twin states’, Jammu Pradesh and Kashmir Valley state in J&K so that people in Ladakh region may also realize their demand for the status of Union Territory.

Prof.Bhim Singh was accompanied Ms. Anita Thakur, Ashok Randawa (Provincial Secretary), Sham Gorkha (Vice-President PTU) and Advocate Kesar Parveen (Secretary Women Wing Panthers Party).

JKNPP protests outside BJP office New Delhi for its double standards, arrested

BJP bashing Afzal Guru supporters in Delhi, hobnobbing with them in Kashmir: Harsh

20160315_111317 Strongly condemning what it described as the double standards of BJP, the JKNPP held a massive demonstration in front of the BJP Office in New Delhi today. The protesters led by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman JKNPP, Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia, State President JKNPP and Mr. Yashpal Kundal, State President, Young Panthers raised slogans of Bharat Mata Ki Jai, BJP Hai Hai, Dogali Rajneeti Nahin Chalegi… Nahin Chalegi.A strong contingent of police comprising more than 100 police personnel pounced upon JKNPP leaders, arrested them and detained them in Parliament Street Police Station.

Mr. Harsh Dev Singh while taking a dig on the BJP expressed his skepticism over the criminal silence of the Saffron party of J&K state over the sedition row. He said that in a dangerous time where the whole country was burning with outrage, the J&K unit of BJP meekly surrendered before the commands of PDP for the lust of power. Rebuking the incongruous and dichotomous stand of the BJP at the Centre and in the State, he said that BJP was showing chauvinistic posturing over the seditious row by harping on the detention of JNUSU leader Kanahiya Lal in the Union capital but on the other hand it had turned servile and speechless in the State. He reminisced that following the formation of the PDP-BJP coalition government, the Saffron Party remained tight lipped over the release of a separatist leader Masrat Alam by the incumbent Chief Minister who was detained for inciting sedition and spewing venom against the country in Kashmir. He said that during the 10 months of unholy regime there were several occasions when ISIS and Pakistan flags were waved in Kashmir amid anti India and pro Pak slogans but the State BJP cowardly surrendered to the whims of Kashmiri leaders. He asked the BJP that why those anti national elements were not booked under sedition and where was its nationalistic character when they were allowed to go scot free. He dared the State BJP to agitate on the issue emanated from the death anniversary of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru or else face the wrath of the Nationalist Dogras.

20160315_111608Flabbergasted by the dual stand of the BJP over the JNU row, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh maintained that the Saffron brigade had become power corrupt and put its kernel philosophy at stake by remaining dumb over the issue only to explore another opportunity to ally with the PDP which always supported the Separatists and favoured dialogue with them. He wondered how could BJP cobble up with the PDP clan and coronate Mehbooba Mufti as the Chief Minister who glorified Afzal Guru as a Kashmiri hero and remained a staunch supporter and sympathizer of other separatists and anti-national elements. He pointed out that the PDP had put the unwarranted conditions before the BJP for considering a re-alliance which included talks with the separatists and, in such a scenario further concession by the BJP would expose its perfidious character at large. He added that it would embolden the separatists and other anti national elements who incite sedition and attempt to wage a war against the country.

Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia and Mr. Yashpal Kundal said that the incidents like JNU should be deplored and denounced by all the sects of the society and maintained that all the National political parties instead of playing politics over the issue must unite irrespective of their ideologies and take a serious cognizance of anti India propaganda whether unleashed in New Delhi or Kashmir because the Nation is supreme. They said that the perpetrators of the obnoxious event should be stringently dealt under sedition so that a strong message was sent to the divisive forces who were hell bent to vitiate peace in Jammu and Kashmir and destabilize the Nation.

Prominent among those who were present and spoke on the occasion and were arrested included Gagan Pratap, S. Paramjit Marshal, Purshottam Parihar, Balbir Singh Happy, Mohan Lal, Sohan Lal, Amar Deep, Arun Dev Singh, Varun Jamwal, Devinder, Nitin, Raman Singh, Vipul Rana, Sandip Kumar, Sushil Kumar, Vivek Soni, Shivanshu, Kaku Ram, Dinesh Dutt, Khem Raj, Hukam Chand, Sheru Ram, Subhash Chander, Raju, Jagdish besides others.

Bhim Singh expresses solidarity with people residing along border demands ration & other facilities

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of NPP along with senior party leaders addressed several public meetings at Poonch border, Mendhar and Rajouri today. Addressing a strong rally of more than 2000 persons in Mendhar (5 kms. away from LoC) expressed solidarity with the residents of residing in the border districts like Poonch, Rajouri etc. this morning. He accused the J&K government for ignoring the plight of the residents in the border districts of Jammu Province. Prof. Bhim Singh urged the Union Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh to withdraw the notice to the passport demand on passport problems being faced by the youth of Rajouri and Poonch. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the Election Commission in connivance with J&K government has issued a notification to not to issue passport to the residents of Rajouri and Poonch who have been offered work in the Gulf countries. The ban is on the boys who have not qualified high school.Prof. Bhim Singh opposed this rule urged Union Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh to intervene so that the fundamental rights movement is not stooped by the J&K government. 

Prof. Bhim Singh also accused the government of Jammu and Kashmir for ignoring the developmental works in the bordering districts of Jammu and ignoring the educated unemployed youth in the area.  Prof. Bhim Singh also assured the people of Poonch and Rajouri who have been ignored by Central and State governments for 70 years.  Prof. Bhim Singh was accompanied by Ms. Anita Thakur (State General Secretary), Shri Tariq Khan (State Secretary), Shri Ashfaq Rana (District President Poonch), Shri Kuldeep Sharma (District Vice-President), Mr. Saleem Sheikh (General Secretary Young Panthers). A committee of Mendhar Block was also reconstituted.

Others who addressed the peoples rally in Mendhar in spite of rain and shower by Ms. Anita Thakur, who invited the youth in the border district to join the Panthers Party which is the only hope for the people of Jammu Pradesh. She said that the LoC should be made soft so that the people of Jammu and Kashmir could travel across the LoC from either side to meet their divided families and relations. 

       Prof. Bhim Singh struggle strongly pleaded for the Reorganization for Jammu and Kashmir so that two states are established, Kashmir Valley State and Jammu State.  He said both the states can work as confederation with full control over subjects mentioned in the State List of Schedule-VII of the Constitution.  He said that Reorganization of the state is the only solution to restore confidence in the people of both the states who have been used as guinea pigs by both the governments since 1947.  He said that there is an urgent need to amend Article 370 to develop twin states.

Hundreds of people received Prof. Bhim Singh and his colleagues in Mendhar. Prof. Bhimsigh arrived in Rajouri after prayers (namaz) at Rajouri Gujjar Chowk shall follow after 3:00