Dharna for AIIMS in Jammu staged at Jantar Mantar JKNPP leaders’ led by Chairman arrested in front of Parliament

A memorandum signed by Chairman-JKNPP Shri Harsh Dev Singh, its President, Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia was submitted to Shri Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister at his residence urging his immediate intervention to set up AIIMS in Jammu as was announced by Union Finance Minister, Mr.Arun Jaitley in Jammu itself.
jant-2     Earlier, about 100 Panthers Party activists led by Shri Harsh Dev Singh were arrested by Parliament Street Police Station while the protesters were proceeding towards Parliament House from Jantar Mantar in demand of AIIMS at Jammu and other demands. Others arrested included Delhi Pradesh President, Mr. Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Sr. Vice President, Shri Romesh Khajuria, Political Secretary, Vice President, Om Kishan, Shri R.P. Sharma, Rajasthan President General Secretary, Mr. Anil Sharma, Bihar Secretary, Mr. Shyam Sunder Sharma, Supreme Court Advocates Shri B.S. Billowria, Member Working Committee, Mrs. Ritu Puri, Advocate, Shri Gagan Pratap Singh, Spokesman, Young Panthers-JKNPP, State Secretary, Panthers Trade Union, Purshottam Parihar, Spokesman, Young Panthers Mr. Gagan Pratap Singh, and Mr. Neeraj Gupta, Zonal President, Jammu District.
Addressing the gathering at the venue of dharna at Jantar Mantar, Harsh Dev Singh lambasted the unholy and unethical alliance of BJP and PDP in J&K which had consummated with the sole objective of sharing the loaves of power. He said that the two parties which were diabetrically opposed to each other on all issues had entered into an opportunistic and adulterous relationship under a highly mischievous power sharing agreement. Accusing the BJP of taking a complete ‘U’ turn on its core philosophy and making a seismic shift from its arrowed fundamentals. Mr. Singh said that the saffron party had committed the herculean blunder which would prove to be its waterloo at the hustings. Rebuking the BJP for its cowardly submission to the whims of its coalition partner, Mr. Singh said that the AIIMS shall not be allowed to be shifted from Jammu. He said that the BJP led government at the Centre could sanction one more AIIMS for Kashmir but the already approved AIIMS was required to be established in Jammu.
jant-3   Mr. Harsh Dev Singh while speaking on the occasion reiterated the resolve of the JKNPP to continue its crusade for ending all forms of discrimination against Jammu region and for ensuring equitable share to it in all fields. Taking a potshot at the saffron party, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that the BJP had compromised on all its solemn pledges and professed promises made at the time of Assembly elections merely to become a junior partner in the PDP-led government. He said that BJP which had seduced and mesmerized the gullible votes in the name of empowerment of Jammu exhibited utter lack of spine and surrendered to the dictates of PDP on all issues. He said that where as the PDP had embarked upon implementation of its agenda from day one; the BJP was still in a state a quandry. Lambasting the BJP for submitting to the whims of its coalition partner on the issue of AIIMS, Mr. Singh said the saffron party had indulged in the most treacherous bargain only for the bust of power. He said that announcement for establishment of AIIMS at Jammu was made by two Union Ministers on 28th February, 2015 at New Delhi and therefore BJP’s offering it to PDP on a platter merely for crumbs of power was the biggest betrayal with the people of Jammu region. Warning the BJP to desist from its lame duck posturing, Mr. Singh said that any further betrayal with Jammu would cost the saffron party its’ postal address in the days to come.
Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia, State President vowed to continue the protests against the shameless surrender of the BJP on the issue of AIIMS. He said that Jammu region has very fragile tertiary health care system and divesting this region of AIIMS would be greatest injustice. He said that Kashmir already has one SKIMS which offers specialized treatment facilities with Chief Minister already having announced Rs.150 crores additionality for its upgradation. But Jammu region continued to be ignored and deprived in theBJP partnered government and despite the tall claims and loud pronouncements being made by the saffron party merely to hoodwink the people of Jammu region, he added.
Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia further ridiculed the cowardly surrender of BJP on Dogra Certificate, grant of State Subject rights to West Pakistan Refugees and conferment of voting rights upon them.
Mr. Mankotia while demanding AIIMS for Jammu further called for holding early delimitation of Assembly constituencies so as to ensure equitable share to all regions of the state on political as well as economic basis. He further demanded relief for victims of natural calamities besides adequate compensation to Jammu Migrants gullible. Mr. Rajiv Jolly Khosla assured full support of Delhi Unit of Panthers Party in resolving the issues of J&K and in ensuring justice to Jammu region including its socio-political empowerment.

BJP must prove its credibility before bargaining for power in J&K

Shri Bansi Lal Sharma, Advocate and Spokesman of JKNPP has questioned the bona fides of the State BJP leadership in seeking power with PDP in the State on the claim that it has 25 MLAs out of 37 in Jammu Pradesh.

Mr. Sharma asked BJP to prove its credibility and the work done by theBJP in the past six years having 11 MLAs in the Assembly. He asked BJPleadership to make it transparence on the question of expelling 7 out of 11 from the party and then readmitting them on the eve of Assembly poll. Does it mean that seven tainted MLAs when shared the loot with the leadership their expulsion was withdrawn yet they were not fielded in the Assembly elections. That remains unanswered.

Mr. Sharma wanted to know from the BJP leadership that Shri Vajpayee as a Prime Minister inducted Omar Abdullah as a Minister in the Central government who enjoyed power for two years.

The NC and BJP remained thick friends for over a decade and neither of the party found fault with each other. He asked how suddenly BJP has decided to change its horse from NC to PDP? Mr. Sharma also asked the BJP to let the people know if the BJPleadership is going to divorce talks (dialogue) with Mufti sahib because Mufti had a secret parley with Hurriyat Spokesman namely, Prof.Abdul Ghani Bhat only yesterday. Mr. Modi had shut his talks with Pakistan even refused to shake hand with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief when they attended the same conference in Kathmandu, Nepal. Prime Minister Modi reached this stage of total boycott with Pakistan on the ground that Pakistan High Commissioner (Ambassador) in Delhi happened to meet same Hurriyat leaders in New Delhi who met Mr. Mufti yesterday.

Mr. Sharma questioned the double standards on the part of Prime Minister Modi and invited him to hold a debate on the double standards and the failing policy on the part of Prime Minister Modi vis-à-vis Jammu and Kashmir on an open platform with Panthers Party Supremo Prof.Bhim Singh. Shall he do so? Shall he continue dialogue with PDP? Shall he choose some other horses to ride power in J&K?

Bhim Singh addresses thousands of Kashmiri electorates in Baramullah/Sopore/Rafiabad Calls to vote without fear and for change

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party addressed massive election rallies in Baramullah, Sopore, Rafiabad and other places in the district of Baramullah making a compassionate plea to the Kashmiri voters to participate in the elections to end criminal, corrupt, communal and authoritarian rule so that Haq-Insaaf shall flow to every home nay, every soul in J&K. He said that the people of J&K have been suffering for years and facing all kinds of brutalities, oppression and suppression mainly because their fundamental rights guaranteed in the Constitution of J&K.

Earlier Prof.Bhim Singh was taken into a long procession from Sopore to Rafiabad to Gujjar Sharief. Nearly 6000 people joined the victory procession led by Rafiabad candidate (JKNPP), Abdul Majid Dar and Muzaffar Ahmed Lone (Sopore). Prof.Bhim Singh and his colleague including Mr. Masood Andrabi (State Vice President), Farooq Ahmed Dar (Provincial President), Mr. Mehboob Illahi State Secretary and other also addressed unprecedented gathering in Sopore. Mr. Muzaffar Ahmed Lone, candidate in Sopore accused state administration for denying Panthers Party to hold election rally in Sopore in spite that Panthers Party held unprecedented in a park, where thousands of youth participated with a slogan, ‘Here comes the Lion, here comes the Lion”, “We want freedom from corrupt and authoritarian dictators”.Prof.Bhim Singh arrived this morning from New Delhi and drove straight from the airport Sopore which has remained center of militancy. This was the district where nearly 21 persons were killed yesterday which included 11 security personnel.

Prof.Bhim Singh told reporters in Sopore that Kashmiries want to live with honour and dignity which is not possible under the rule of NC, Congress, PDP or BJP. They want change and the Panthers Party is the only change which represents aspirations of all the three regions of the state.


NPP condemned police barbarism against innocent youth in Karnah, Kashmir

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, Member of National Integration Council has strongly condemned the barbaric police assault against the youth in Karnah who had gone to enroll themselves in the army on the invitation of the latter.

Prof.Bhim Singh demanded a judicial probe into the lathicharge, police firing and barbaric assault by the police against the innocent people, especially youth who had gathered for the enrollment in the army.

He accused the State government for the brutal act against the youth and demanded immediate dismissal of Omar Abdullah government comprising of National Conference and the hostile Congress which has been using Omar Abdullah as a pawn to suppress the voice of the people in the state.

In the meantime, Syed Rafiq Shah, MLC (State President, Young Panthers) and Mr. Jehangir Khan, Provincial Secretary of JKNPP have condemned the police brutal action against the youth in Karnah and demanded judicial enquiry.

Where citizens of India still live in Stone Age Without drinking water, without ration & without electricity

Prof. Bhim Singh, Panthers Party candidate from Udhampur Parliamentary Constituency addressed several meetings in the District of Reasi which falls in Udhampur Constituency appealing the voters to defeat both Congress and BJP candidates as both the parties have been exploiting the innocent people in the name of religion and so-called development. He questioned the integrity of the Congress candidate in Jammu who were started by the State Chief Minister, Shri Omar Abdullah violating all the norms and Code of Conduct observed by the Election Commission of India at the time of nomination of papers. Prof. Bhim Singh addressing the meeting in Chasana, Mahore, Dharmadi, Arnas and other places accused BJP for spilling communal passion whereas NC fanning terror in J&K. Prof. Bhim Singh condemned the killing of innocent civilians in Dayala Chak by the unknown terrorists and later attacking the Army station in the same district, Kathua.

Prof. Bhim Singh accused J&K Govt. for putting a blanket on the killing of police officers in Hirnagar Police Station last month. The terrorists had attacked the Army camp in Samba the same day and killed Army officers. NPP Supremo said that he has been repeatedly warning the Govt. of India that Mr. Omar Abdullah has become security risk and he should have been dismissed by now. He demanded immediate dismissal of Omar Abdullah and promulgation of Governor Rule so that J&K could be saved from death and destruction because of the total failure of the coalition government to protect life and property of the innocent citizens.

Prof. Bhim Singh after campaigning for Panthers Party candidate contesting from Jammu-Poonch Constituency, Mr. H.C. Jalmeria, returned to his constituency this morning to interact with the voters in Udhampur Constituency.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that both Congress and NC have been playing seesaw with the Union Govt. to cover up their own failures. This is evident from the tragic incidence in Kathua.

Prof. Bhim Singh expressed surprise that there is no electricity available for days in Poonch or Rajouri. He expressed shock that people in the area in Rajouri & Poonch have been living in Stone Age as there is no drinking water available, no electricity, no ration and no delivery of food.

Jammu-Poonch Constituency shall go to poll on 10th April, 2014 whereas election shall be held in Udhampur in 17th April, 2014.

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