Bhim Singh launches Panthers Trade Union Wing in Kashmir Demands regularization of all casual, contractual employees

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of Panthers Trade Union today launched Kashmir Wing of the Panthers Trade Union in a workers rally in Srinagar (Kashmir) accusing the successive state government and the ruling party for the exploitation and discrimination with the employees and the working class. He accused the State government for not enforcing Minimum Wages Act in 60 years and converting the casual labours as the prisoners of war. He demanded immediate regularization of 60,000 casual labours in the state, 28, 000 SPOs, also regularization on permanent basis of contractual employees, SPOs, temporary teachers, SSB & NYC volunteers without delay. He declared that a workers and youth movement shall be launched from August 1, 2015 in case the workers, youth, employees are not given their due share. He also declared that 2015 shall be observed as ‘justice for youth year’ and invited all youth, students and workers from all walks of life to join the new movement for youth to save them from exploitation, injustice and discrimination by the state.

Prof.Bhim Singh also told the media persons by the site of PTU rally that Panthers Party shall continue its fight that there should be ‘no detention without trial’. Panthers Party, he said stands for democracy, rule of law and justice. On a question onAIIMS he declared that Govt. of India could establish two Central Universities, one each in Jammu and Kashmir why not AIIMS in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that the BJP has surrendered to PDP just for the sake of share in power and loot.

Prof.Bhim Singh also described the train moment from Baramullah to Banihal is another joke with the people. The so-called train has no bathroom, no wash room, no eating system and no cooler. He demanded that there should be AC compartments with Express Trains without delay. On the other hand, 110 kms. long flood shattered road needs nearly six hours to cover this distance. It takes only one hour in 40 minutes in the train just with Rs.20 but no heating system, no wash room at all even a toilet not satisfactory sitting arrangement, its cabins function as horse-shed.

Prof.Bhim Singh was received by hundreds of Panthers Party workers led by its Ramban District President, Mr. Sewa Singh Bali at Banihal this evening. Prof.Bhim Singh shall be Chief Guest at May Day Rally at Ramban on 1st May, 2015. He was accompanied by Chairman-PTU, Masood Andrabi, Kashmir Provincial President, Farooq Ahmed Dar and others.   

PM Modi must answer Mufti’s comments in praise of Pak Army & terrorists in J&K polls

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party wondered on the lame questions by the Members of Parliament on the highly treasonable remarks made by BJP supported J&K Chief Minister on his very first day of crowning (Taajposhi) in the presence of Shri Narendra Modi, RSS backed Prime Minister of India in the winter capital Jammu in J&K. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the Members of Parliament jointly should have taken up this matter with Shri Narendra Modi and flashed his reaction whether he supported the public statement of J&K Chief Minister giving credit to Pakistan, the terrorists and the so-called separatists for the peaceful Assembly elections in J&K with highest participation of the electorates.

Prof.Bhim Singh described such a statement by a BJP-sponsored Chief Minister as highly mischievous, which gives an undesirable message to the people of J&K as if entire J&K is living on the mercy of Pakistani government, terrorists and the so-called Hurriyat Party. He said that Prime Minister Modi owes the responsibility for such a remarks as Mr. Modi represents a coalition government with his party (BJP) and therefore the Prime Minister cannot absolve himself from the smokes unleashed all over the country because of such an anti-national utterances by a BJP supported Chief Minister and that too in a highly sensitive State like J&K. He said that it is responsibility of the Prime Minister to let the mission no if he supports Mr. Modi’s remarks? If he does, all the nationalist political parties and the civil society must choose a right way to oppose, expose and finally depose such a government in the state. If PM does not support Muti’s remarks then he has to explain why Mufti government should not be sacked in the national interest and security. Above all, this is the time when the entire nation should express gratitude to all the security forces including defence forces, state police and others who are engaged to provide security to the citizens inside the state and safety from the external aggression and infiltration.

Prof.Bhim Singh also appealed to the political parties and the civil society to take up the matter at all levels and platforms to expose the conspiracy against the enemy agents inside and outside the country.

He expressed gratitude to all those disciplines who have been looking after security of the state and defense of the country as well as the people of J&K who exposed the myth of Pak supremacy in the maintenance of law and order inside the state by participating in electoral process during the Assembly elections. He said credit goes to the people of J&K who dared cast their votes in spite of all threats by the terrorists and busy bodies in J&K.

BJP must prove its credibility before bargaining for power in J&K

Shri Bansi Lal Sharma, Advocate and Spokesman of JKNPP has questioned the bona fides of the State BJP leadership in seeking power with PDP in the State on the claim that it has 25 MLAs out of 37 in Jammu Pradesh.

Mr. Sharma asked BJP to prove its credibility and the work done by theBJP in the past six years having 11 MLAs in the Assembly. He asked BJPleadership to make it transparence on the question of expelling 7 out of 11 from the party and then readmitting them on the eve of Assembly poll. Does it mean that seven tainted MLAs when shared the loot with the leadership their expulsion was withdrawn yet they were not fielded in the Assembly elections. That remains unanswered.

Mr. Sharma wanted to know from the BJP leadership that Shri Vajpayee as a Prime Minister inducted Omar Abdullah as a Minister in the Central government who enjoyed power for two years.

The NC and BJP remained thick friends for over a decade and neither of the party found fault with each other. He asked how suddenly BJP has decided to change its horse from NC to PDP? Mr. Sharma also asked the BJP to let the people know if the BJPleadership is going to divorce talks (dialogue) with Mufti sahib because Mufti had a secret parley with Hurriyat Spokesman namely, Prof.Abdul Ghani Bhat only yesterday. Mr. Modi had shut his talks with Pakistan even refused to shake hand with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief when they attended the same conference in Kathmandu, Nepal. Prime Minister Modi reached this stage of total boycott with Pakistan on the ground that Pakistan High Commissioner (Ambassador) in Delhi happened to meet same Hurriyat leaders in New Delhi who met Mr. Mufti yesterday.

Mr. Sharma questioned the double standards on the part of Prime Minister Modi and invited him to hold a debate on the double standards and the failing policy on the part of Prime Minister Modi vis-à-vis Jammu and Kashmir on an open platform with Panthers Party Supremo Prof.Bhim Singh. Shall he do so? Shall he continue dialogue with PDP? Shall he choose some other horses to ride power in J&K?