‘Heart to Heart’ Talks in March between leadership & civil society of POK & J&K

Addressing a large gathering of advocates, trade unionists, workers and political activists at Jantar Mantar this morning, Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and the initiator for the movement for the reorganization of J&K state so that a confederation of J&K is evolved by establishing, Jammu State, Kashmir Valley State & Ladakh-Gilgit to end half a century of discrimination, chaos, disorder and political discrimination with the citizens of India living in different regions of J&K since 1947.

          Prof.Bhim Singh declared that the third convocation, ‘Heart to Heart’ Talks shall be organized either in POK or in Jammu this year in the 1st week of March to evolve a new, scientific, secular and peaceful resolution for the reorganization of J&K on the basis of cultural, linguistic and geographical make up of the state. Prof.Bhim Singh said that there is a tremendous response to discuss this situation. Two Heart to Heart’ Talks were held in 2005 and again in 2007 in Delhi and Jammu which were organized by Prof.Bhim Singh under the chairmanship ofLate Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan, former President & Prime Minister of POK. He said that the political climate in the Indo-Pak region did not help us to go for third get-together. He said that there is a general goodwill on both sides of J&K to hold such a rally in Pakistan or in India in 2016.

          Prof.Bhim Singh has been in touch with the senior leaders in both the sides of J&K and there is a tremendous response from the leadership of Jammu Pradesh, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh-Gilgit regions. He said that the third ‘Heart to Heart’ Talks has to be proposed to be held in 1st week of March, 2016 either in POK or in J&K.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said the reorganization of J&K shall be discussed thread-ware to float a confederation of Jammu State, Kashmir Vally state and Ladakh-Gilgit state which shall be organized as confederation. He said that he is hoping for a positive response from POK and Gilgit in this regard.

          Prof.Bhim Singh shall be writing to the leadership of India and Pakistan in this regard next week with an appeal that guns or violence is no solution for the resolution of any problem or conflict. He expected positive response from both the governments, India and Pakistan.

370 Effigy on bonfire at Jantar Mantar Amendment in 370, urgent need

29 sep phtoHundreds of NPP volunters and activists of civil society and Rashtrya “Chetna Abhiyan  held a massive demostration at Jantar Mantar, the Hyde Park of Delhi demanding amendment in Article 370 to provide fundamental rights to the Indian Citizen in J&K who have remained without fundamental rights since 1950.

“It is tragedy that parliament has no power to make any law on J&K nor the constiturion of India is applicable to J&K though the state acceded to the Union in 1947 like 556 other  states including Hyderbad and Jonagarh”,  questioned Prof. Brim Singh “ as to why Jammu Kashmir was merged like other states in 1950. He said that article 370 is like cancer in the heart of Nation and there is urgent need to amend it so that Parliament is empower to legislate on J&K”.

Prof Brim Singh accused the members of the Parliament for betrayar  of the cause of Indian sovereignty in J&K by keeping J&K separate from the union for political reason or playing in the hands of Anglo  American block who intend to  destablize India under Dixon Plan . He said that resolution of J&K situation lies in re-organisation and creation of Jammu state as well as Kashmir Valley State to meet aspirations of both the people . The Prominet activists who Participated in the Protest included  Ms Rajive Jolly Khosla , Romesh Khajuria, Kali RamTomar, Surjeet Singh, Balwinder Khosla .

Why PM Modi is afraid to talk on J&K, should ask Pak to vacate Gilgit-Baltistan

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party has expressed dismay and surprise on the silence of Prime Minister Modi on the so-called issue of J&K with Pakistan. NPP Supremo asked Prime Minister of India to understand the real cracks of the matter from the record, UN Resolutions, Pakistan’s violation of UN Resolutions and betrayal of people.

          NPP Supremo, an expert on J&K Affairs and Convenor of Intra J&K ‘Heart to Heart’ Talks besides being Supremo of the only nationalist, secular and opposition political party in J&K has asked Prime Minister Modi to invite Prime Minister of Pakistan to talk on J&K straight and without menacing words. Firstly, Pakistan should explain why it attacked J&K in 1947? Why Pakistan grabbed half of Jammu province in 1947 when J&K had lawfully acceded to the Union of India on 27th October, 1947? How Pakistan grabbed Gilgit-Baltistan comprising 28,000 sq. miles after the declaration of ceasefire in utter violation of UN Resolution?

          NPP Founder wondered continuous silence on the part of successive Indian government on the illegal occupation/usurpation/annexation by Pakistan of entire Gilgit-Baltistan including Chitral? Prof.Bhim Singh questioned the Govt. of India why it did not raise the issue before the United Nations in 2009 when Pakistan annexed entire Gilgit-Baltistan region by declaring it as its 6th province, a blatant violation of UN Resolution. NPP Supremo asked Prime Minister Modi to tell Pakistan to get entire Karakoram Highway sub-region comprising 4600 sq. miles of India’s territory back from China which was even on 99 years lease to China by Pakistan. What was the locus of Pakistan to sell Indian Territory in Karakoram?

          Prof.Bhim Singh should tell Mr. Sartaj Aziz, Foreign Minister of Pakistan read out UN Resolution dated 13th August, 1948 and see its image in the mirror of history. Why Prime Minister Modi shouldn’t ask Pakistan to vacate its Army from all occupied areas of J&K as per mandate of the UN Resolution? Pakistan should be asked to withdraw its Army and civilian settlers from entire State territory as per UN Resolution? He pointed out that UN Resolutions had given clear mandate that Indian Army shall look after entire State of J&K including Gilgit-Baltistan and the so-called ‘Azad Kashmir’. Why India did not and does not insist on the issues?

          Prof.Bhim Singh called on the Indian intelligentsia, historians, the media and the politicians particularly the Members of Parliament to tell the people of India and the international community these facts of history. Let Pakistan answer these questions it has avoided because of the failure of the Indian leadership to speak on Kashmir.

          Prof.Bhim Singh wondered that silence on the part of Congress, left parties, the socialist was due to their vote bank mission but he wondered why the so-called nationalist leadership of the BJP is following the Congress and the Left Parties on these issues. He said that he in association Sardar Mohd. Abdul Qayyum Khan, the Supremo of Muslim Conference, POK had taken an initiative to start Intra J&K ‘Heart to Heart’ Talks. Talks were held successfully in 2005 and again in 2007. The governments of India and Pakistan allowed the POK leadership to participate in such talks. The talks made a major breakthrough but were not allowed to be held after 2007. He demanded that India and Pakistan should allow Intra J&K Heart to Heart Talks to continue and new leadership in POK should continue the bold initiative taken by Late Sardar Mohd. Addul Qayyum Khan.

RSS storm against BJP adventure in J&K, In Bengaluru Meet, Modi pleads not guilty

“In a strong reaction to the BJP decision to go for coalition in J&K with pro-self rule PDP sacrificing entire BJP’s agendas and principles came under heavy attack by several RSS leaders in the BJP’s executive meeting at Bengaluru last week. The Prime Minister had to come for the defense of the neo-policy of BJP government which aims at sharing power in J&K to enable BJP to make its entry into the power house after nearly six decades of independence.” This was the reaction recorded by Prof.Bhim Singh while reacting to the decision of the BJP executive in Bengaluru apparently supporting the coalition policy of the BJP. Prof.Bhim Singh said that BJP has now been totally exposed to the hilt that its agenda was and is only to seek power and money whether it goes with the Akalies in Punjab or anti-national forces in J&K.

            Prof.Bhim Singh said that Prime Minister Modi has no words in his kitty to defend the ‘surrender’ and ‘rehabilitation policy’ framed under the leadership of PDP and Congress in 2010 and now being enforced by PDP & BJP government in J&K. Prof.Bhim Singh said that in 2008 it was Congress-PDP government which facilitated the Pakistani militants entering J&K via Nepal under the guise of surrendered militants. The J&K government in its affidavit filed in the Supreme Court on a petition of J&K National Panthers Party, in 2010 admitted that more than 800 Pak-trained militants were brought to J&K via Nepal by the Government of J&K for their rehabilitation in Kashmir. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the PDP-Congress government had admitted in its affidavit filed before the Supreme Court that Rs.3 to 5 lacs were given to each such family on their return to J&K via Nepal for rehabilitation whereas Rs.3 to 5 thousands were being paid regularly by the government. Shockingly, the government of India had been defending the government of J&K in this dangerous game. The tragedy now has been focused on the coalition government between BJP & PDP, which has implemented this policy with vigour and commitment allowing thousands of Pakistanis who got training in Pakistan (they had been claiming that they were Kashmiris and had gone to Pakistan for military training in the nineties). They have been allowed to return under the new policy of BJP-PDP government in J&K and nearly Rs.500 crores has already been invested by Mufti-Modi government on the rehabilitation of the Pakistan trained militants (they cannot be called or defined as separatists as they are Pak-nationals and have been brought by the J&K government illegally via Nepal with full knowledge of Prime Minister Modi and his government).

            The BJP for the sake of power in the state sacrificed all its agendas, may it be 370, 15 lac refugees from Pak and POK, delimitation of Assembly constituencies, Resettlement Act or the like. Prime Minister Modi failed to convince the critics within the executive.

            Who is sabotaging peace in J&K or attacking military and paramilitary camps in Jammu or in Kashmir has to be understood in its right perspective.

            Prof.Bhim Singh called on all nationalists and peace loving political parties and particularly the youth and students to join hands with the Panthers Party in the interest of national security, unity and sovereignty. BJP has to choose between the national interest and the political power and personal gains or meet waterloo that it met in Delhi Assembly elections.


J&K Governor urged for urgent ordinance on Jammu Migrants, Delimitation

In a special communication to Shri N.N. Vohra, the Governor of J&K, NPP Supremo has pressed for a special ordinance to hold delimitation of the Assembly constituencies in J&K which has been deprived to J&K for the past quarter of a century.

He told the Governor that J&K was the only state in India where delimitation was not held in spite of the fact that delimitation of the Districts, Blocks and Tehsils was held in 2006 only to please the power hungry leadership of the Kashmir Valley. He pointed out that 10 additional districts were created in utter infringement of Wazir Commission. In fact, Kashmir was dissected into negligible areas. He further expressed deep concern that in J&K, a single Assembly constituency falls in two or even three districts e.g. Gool-Arnas Assembly constituency falls in Ramban and Reasi Districts, Inderwal Assembly constituency falls in Kishtwar and Doda Districts. Hiranagar Assembly constituency falls in Samba and Kathua Districts. Same is the case with several Assembly constituencies in the Valley. On the other hand there is a grave discrimination in geographical adjustments of the areas e.g. Zanskar (Ladakh) Assembly constituency has been tagged with four patwars of Kargil only to reduce Buddhist majority in the constituency. To hit Pahari fraternity, Tangdhar (Karnah) has been tagged with Keran in Kupwara district when Keran area remains cut off for six months from Karnah because of the snowfall and there is no geographical affinity of the two sectors. To reduce Chenani constituency into a SC (reserved) majority, four patwars of District Reasi have been tagged with Chenani (Udhampur District), 50 kms. gap between the two sectors similarly Jathana in Kathua District (a frozen Iceland) has been tagged with Billawar, nearly 100 kms. away from Billawar and there is no contiguity or geographical affinity of two areas. He pointed out several other deficiencies which were caused by the national government and a perfect understanding among the Kashmiri leadership only for the purpose of playing fraud with the people and keeping them deprived of their genuine electoral right.

Prof.Bhim Singh regretted that Mufti Mohd. Sayeed through signed CMP with Congress and Panthers in 2002 to hold delimitation but Mr. Mufti joined hand with National Conference to keep J&K out of delimitation process.

Besides, seven constituencies in J&K are reserved for SC and all the seven are in Jammu Pradesh. These constituencies have been reserved since 1996 and there is no hope even to consider any change till after the census shall be held in 2031. He blamed the Congress, National Conference, PDP and BJP for this discrimination with the people. He regretted that the Supreme Court failed to appreciate when the JKNPP moved a writ petition for delimitation. He said the BJP’s role against Jammu was the same as that of Kashmiri leadership.

He said that Scheduled Tribes have remained worst sufferers because of a stop on delimitation. No political reservation has been given to them in spite of the fact that Gujjars, Bakerwals, Gaddies etc. were brought in the Schedule of Scheduled Castes by Prime Minister, Chander Shekhar on the petition of the Panthers Party in the nineties yet they have not been given any political reservation till today only because Kashmiri leadership as well as BJP are against this kind of reservation for different reasons.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the Governor is fully competent to issue ordinance in this regard within the meaning of scope of J&K Constitution. He also urged the Governor to release a payment of Rs.21 crores in favour of Jammu Migrants as per affidavit filed by J&K government before the Supreme Court in 2006 that arrears of Talwara and other Jammu Migrants to the tune of Rs.21 crores were still pending. Those arrears have not been cleared. He demanded that all Jammu Migrants registered as such should be given the same relief in cash and kind which is being given to the Kashmiri migrants as per direction of the High Court of J&K on writ petition of JKNPP.