Kashmiri political parties stand exposed The only way out is Governor Rule

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party expressed shock on the so-called J&K delegation meeting with the President of India saying that the delegation did not include any representatives of the respective parties from Jammu Pradesh or Ladakh. This was a delegation of the political parties which have been exploiting the Kashmiries for nearly seven decades in J&K. NPP Supremo said that the President of India could not grant audience to the Panthers Party or any other political group from Jammu Pradesh or Ladakh for the reason best known to the Hon’ble President.

Prof.Bhim Singh asked Omar Abdullah what he means by ‘political issue’ and what is its solution. He asserted that the political issue is that people of J&K have been governed ruthlessly and suppressed by bullets and police force right from 1947 after the state’s accession by Maharaja Hari Singh that took place on 26thOctober, 1947. NPP Supremo asked the leaders of the Congress and NC who met the President today to tell the world the names of the murderers of the students in Jammu Science College in 1966. Who murdered students in Kishtwar who were demanding a college. Who killed students in Poonch in 1978? Prof.Bhim Singh said that the so-called rulers of J&K have been using bullets, guns and horrifying detention centres to suppress the voice of the students and youth in Ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu for decades. He said that he has been arguing with national flag in his hands and preaching non-violence. In spite of that he (Bhim Singh) remained in jails for over eight years. Even as a Congress MLA in 1977 he remained in the lock-up on the detention order when Sheikh Abdullah was the Chief Minister. He said that he was caged in jails by almost every Chief Minister except during the Chief Ministership of Omar Abdullah because he spent most of the times in All India Institute of Medical Sciences in a patient.

Prof.Bhim Singh expressed surprise that the President of India could not make it convenient to grant audience to the representatives of the Panthers Party which is a recognized political party in J&K whereas he was kind to receive nearly 20 political leaders from the Valley only who had no charter of demand in their hands except creating confusion and helping enemies of India to strengthen their belief that J&K was apolitical problem.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the Panthers Party has no legislator in the Assembly in J&K because the BJP joined hands with the Kashmiri leaders to rig the last Assembly polls which has been exposed today. Prof.Bhim Singh urged the political parties, nationalist leadership and those who have been supporting the movement to provide equitable right to the people of the three regions of the state namely, Ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu Pradesh. Prof.Bhim Singh said that Article 370 is the only problem and there is urgent need to amend Article 370 so as to empower Parliament of India to legislate on the matters listed in List-I of Schedule-VII of the Indian Constitution. How J&K can be integral part of the Union of India when the Parliament is deprived of the power to legislate even in respect of defence, foreign affairs and communications, the three subjects which Maharaja Hari Singh included in the Instrument of Accession on 26th October, 1947 like other rulers of 577 states. Prof.Bhim Singh urged the President of India to use his exclusive power vested in him under Article 370 read with Section 92 of the J&K Constitution. The Governor is the only solution and resolution at this time.

Whirlwind tour of Prof. Bhim Singh around Jammu Pradesh

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of NPP while addressing a press conference at Jammu declared that JKNPP shall be celebrating its 33rd Foundation Day by several students, youth and revolutionary young people of Jammu and Kashmir. Prof. Bhim Singh while addressing the press conference declared that the Panthers Party shall lead the movement of the secular, progressive and nationalist forces in the state to ensure justice, equity and equality to the new generation in Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh which got integrated in 1846 under the leadership of Maharaja Gulab Singh, the Napoleon of Jammu and Kashmir. 

The Panthers Party was formulated by several secular, progressive, nationalist, political activists mostly the Congressmen in 1982 under the leadership of Prof. Bhim Singh, the then sitting Congress MLA.  The first meeting was chaired by Shri Thakur Dass Chanotra the then District President of the Congress Party at Town Hall Udhampur on 23rd March, 1982. Prof. Bhim Singh resigned his MLA ship and was declared first President of the Panthers Party which declared that the party shall fight for the establishment of Jammu State, Kashmir Valley State and Ladakh.

Prof. Bhim Singh was first Panthers Party elected MLA in 1983 from Chenani Assembly Constituency.

The Panthers Party has a commitment to ‘Reorganize’ Jammu and Kashmir by the establishment of Kashmir Valley State, Jammu State with separate Chief Ministers.  The party ensures freedom to the people of Ladakh to choose between Union Territory or Kashmir Valley or Jammu State.  The Panthers Party stands for confederation of Jammu State, Kashmir Valley State and Ladakh region (unless Ladakh prefers Union Territory status). The State Subjects mentioned in Item 3 in the Schedule-VII shall be governed by state government. The subjects mentioned in Conncurrent List (III) may be looked after jointly by the two states. The items included in Central List (I) shall be taken care of (monitored) by the Parliament.  This is the mission of the Panthers Party for which it is mobilizing the general opinion particularly that of the youth. 

The Panthers Party calls on the youth of Ladakh, Kashmir Valley State and Jammu State to understand this mission which is the only way out for the glorious future of the people of all the three regions. There shall be two Chief Ministers, whereas both the states can have one Governor and one High Court. This is the message which Panthers Party shall deliver from its platform on 23rd March, 2016 at Jammu. 

Prof. Bhim Singh with his team of JKNPP leadership shall start 10 days tour from Jammu-Poonch-Reasi-Ramban–Kishtwar-Doda-Udhampur and finally shall return to Jammu after visiting Kathua and Samba districts. 

Dismissal of opposite poles government, redressal of unemployed/ReT and others is only way out

In a communication to Shri N.N Vohra, the Governor of J&K, Prof. Bhim Singh, Panthers Party Supremo has urged for immediate dismissal of the so-called coalition government of the opposite poles in the interest of peoples, human rights and natural justice. Prof. Bhim Singh while addressing a gathering of young lawyers and media persons in New Delhi urged Shri N.N Vohra, the Governor of J&K to exercise his power under Section 92 of the Constitution of the State in the interest of protection of the human and fundamental rights particularly that of young employees and the unemployed youth in the state who are being squandered by the ruling parties in the name of fascism.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that youth in POK and Gilgit have taken strong measures to oppose the dictatorship in Gilgit and in POK against the ruthless rule of Pakistan. He said that the Panthers Party fully stands by those in POK and Gilgit who want freedom from ruthless dictatorship of Pakistan. He said that there are handful of political vultures in political system in Jammu and Kashmir who have been sucking the blood of the innocent, employees, unemployed youth and the farmers provoking them to take anti-people stand.  NPP Supremo said that 90% people in Jammu and Kashmir, in all the three regions Ladakh, Kashmir & Jammu Pradesh are nationalist, secular and mentally affiliated with the national cause. He said that handful of politicians in Jammu and Kashmir who have been sucking the blood of the poor have been exploiting the innocent people under one pretext or the other.

Prof. Bhim Singh in his urgent appeal to the President of India called for immediate dismissal of the present government comprising of hawks and doves so that fresh elections are held and the younger generation gets an opportunity to elect the government of their choice sans blood suckers. Prof. Bhim Singh said that the J&K shall be reorganized by providing each unit a self governance so that there shall be no more nomination by any outsiders.  He said that a coordination of three units Ladakh (with Gilgit-Baltistan), Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh (Muzaffrabad, Kotli, Mirpur etc.).  This shall be the acceptable resolution of the situation.

Bhim Singh’s rejoinder to CM Mufti Coalition with BJP, a fraud with Jammu

Reacting strongly on the statement made by J&K Chief Minister on the so- called compulsion of coalition with BJP, Prof. Brim singh said that no one can bluff all the people all the times. He rejected Mufti’s claim that the CM was concerned with the problems of the people of Jammu Pardesh and he joined RSS (BJP) to ensure equitable treatment and share to the people of Jammu.

          NPP supremo questioned the Chief Minister as to what happened to the issue of ( 1)Delimitation of Assembly Constituencies which he had agreed in 2002 with NPP and Congress to hold if he becomes Chief Minister with that Coalition (Congress and NPP). (2) What happened to that Delimitation when his Govt opposed NPP petition in suprem Court. (3)What happened to the plight and Miseries of 15 lacs POK and PAK refuges when Mufti had signed CMP with congress and NP. (4) What happened to the AIIMS at Jammu which was declared by his Govt. (5) It is great that 21000 crores has been airmarked for Ladakh , what about Jammu Pardesh ?. (6) Kashmiry Migrants have been sanctioned 7 ½ Lacs for house for each family whereas Jammu Migrants have been starving and rotting in the jungles of Jammu forests. Those camping in Talwara have been denied electricity and drinking water. Suprem Court judgment to provide Jammu Migrants relief at par with Kashmiry Migrants has been dumped in to the Kashmiry dustbin. (7) What about the comprehensive settlement of POK, PAK Refuges?. (8) Tourism for Kashmir only in Pahalgaon and Gulmarg, The places which were selected by Maharaja Hari Singh and developed. What about Sanasar , Kishtiwar, Bhadarwah, Poonch, Panchari , Bani, Basantgarh, Sudhmahadev , Noore Chhumb and other places in Jammu Pardesh which had heavily voted for BJP.

This speaks in volumes by Mufti is using BJP as its crutches to rule. This is the only way to keep Jammu Prdesh away and let its people starve and be deprived of Justice and equity.

Prof. Bhim Singh called on the Panthers Party workers and the People of Jammu pardesh to joined hand with NPP for the creation of Jammu state so that we shall cease to be serfs of the colonial masters riding the state with BJP crutches .

Convey Diwali Greetings on behalf of Jammu State Bhim Singh calls on youth, NPP volunteers

Addressing a massive youth and students rally at Jantar Mantar (NPP office in exile), New Delhi, Prof.Bhim Singh the Founder of the Panthers Party called on youth, students, the working class and every NPP volunteer to extend Diwali Greetings to their neighbourers and all on behalf of Jammu State.

Hundreds of youth and students in the meeting took a pledge that they shall work for the establishment of Jammu State and extend full cooperation for the establishment of Kashmir Valley state so that the 68 years old internal conflict and the tension between the two regions shall ease down and the people of both the regions shall continue to live as friends and brothers as they were living before 1846.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that this is the right of in 21st century that Treaty of Amritsar is written off as the situation, circumstances as well as political equations and permutation and combination have undergone a seachange since 1846.

The people of Kashmir Valley shall also live in peace and without the shadows of the guns. They shall not be exploited anymore by the political traders in Kashmir or from outside. He said that the Jammu Pradesh has been passing through a colonial era under the handful of blood sulking political exploiters. The Kashmiries shall be able to elect the government of their choice and so shall the people of Jammu State get back their identity and strengthen the composite culture. In his message to the people living in POK, Prof.Bhim Singh said that the residence of Muzaffrabad to Rawalakote are part and parcel of Jammu State and this is time that we get together once again after half a century.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that Panthers Party was established with this mission to ensure that three identities and entities of Ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu are rehabilitated and restored. He laughed at the statement of Prime Minister Modi in Srinagar that Atal Bihari Vajpayee gave his formula for J&K as Kashmiriyat, Jhamuriyat and Insaniyat which he said was totally misquoted and misinterpreted. Mr. Modi has to understand that J&K has three regional entities; Ladakh (including Gilgit and Baltistan), Kashmir Valley (as it is) and Jammu Pradesh (Muzaffrabad to Kishtwar, Lakhanpur to Pir Panchal).

Prof.Bhim Singh proposed a debate on the issue throughout the state so that the real message shall reach every person in the state and outside.