Panthers Party’s ultimatum to hold Delimitation, reorganization of J&K

foundationdayThe JKNPP held Plenary Session on its 33rd Foundation Anniversary at Parade Ground, Jammu which was attended by nearly five thousand active workers of JKNPP the party was founded on 23rd March, 1982 by Prof. Bhim Singh who resigned from MLA ship and the Congress to float an independent political party with clear agenda for the reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir.  After spending several years in jailed, facing wrath of the power that be, Prof. Bhim Singh named the new revolutionary party Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party

Shri Harsh Dev Singh, Former Education Minister and Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia twice MLA from Udhampur were re-elected unanimously as Chairman and President of the party for the next three years.

The party in its political resolution and another resolution on international affair demanded restoration of sovereign status to Palestine State (a copy of the international resolution is attached)

The party in its 22-point resolution demanded, delimitation of Assembly Constituencies, regularization of SPOs, contractual employees, daily wagers and others.  He also demanded comprehensive settlement of 15 lacs PoK Refugees and honourable settlement of one lac Pakistani refugees who settled in J&K in 1947 with full rights as a citizen of India and permanent resident of Jammu and Kashmir.  A copy of the resolution is attached. 

Prof. Bhim Singh was a Chief Guest on the occasion.  Others who addressed the Plenary Session included M/s. Harsh Dev Singh, Balwant Singh Mankotia, Yashpal Kundal, B.B Kotwal, Advocate, P.K Ganju, Masood Andrabi, Bansi Lal Sharma, Advocate,  Balwan Singh, Ms. Anita Thakur, Jagdev Singh, S. Paramjit Singh Marshal, Sewa Singh Bali, Ashfaq Rana,  Kesar Parveen, Jehangir Khan, Tasleem Kousar, Pushvinder Singh Manhas, Gagan Pratap Singh, Parshotam Parihar, Neeraj Gupta, Sham Gorkha and others. 

Prof. Bhim Singh in his rejoinder to Prime Minister Modi declared that Panthers Party stands for, ‘Sabke Saath, Haq-va-Insaaf’.  He said this is rejoinder to Prime Minister Modi for his political slogan, ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’.


Prime Minister misusing his position Bhim Singh protests with CEC

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party visited several areas in Assembly constituencies of Kathua District namely, Hiranagar, Billawar and Kathua along with party candidates; Shri Ravinder Billeoria in Billawar, Shri Jagdish Raj in Hiranagar and Shri Balbir Singh in Kathua are contesting Assembly election.

Election Commission of India

Election Commission of India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prof.Bhim Singh warned the Election Commission of India that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is flying over the heads of the people by using government helicopters like kites in the election. He said that it is free for Prime Minister only who is dashing his helicopters in almost every village and town which costs state exchequer crores of rupees every day. Prof.Bhim Singh accused Prime Minister for using Central agencies to hire the people for his election rallies were brought from Punjab. He said that each person is paid Rs.300/- to attend the rally with free meals and a promise he shall get another Rs.300/- if he votes for BJP. Prof.Bhim Singh wondered at the criminal silence of the Election Commission who is watching gross violation of Code of Conduct. Prime Minister has visited in every district and most of the constituencies in Jammu Pradesh where election shall be held in the 5th phase on 20th December, 2014. Prof.Bhim Singh asked CEC how he shall compensate the loss of days by every opposition party in J&K because of the frequent flights by Prime Minister, Modi setting all the public routes, blocking all the public roads even the National Highway the day Prime Minister Modi visits a particular district. He said that he could not reach the meeting venues in Kathua and Jammu Districts today which were closed for the entry of private vehicles. Same thing happened in December 8, 2014 during the election rallies of Prime Minister Modi in Srinagar. He asked CEC to justify allowing Prime Minister to take dozen of flights every week in J&K resulting into curfew like situation where no non-BJP party can continue election campaign.

Prof.Bhim Singh demanded explanation from CEC and justify whether this is free and fair election? If this kind of a campaign by Prime Minister Modi not a criminal offence besides being a corrupt practice.

Prof.Bhim Singh appealed to the voters in Jammu Pradesh to defeat BJP which has caused a serious threat to parliamentary democracy by misusing the state power, money and administration and literally hijacked the electoral process. He warned that such a trend shall prove counter productive and a serious threat to democracy.

Panthers Party fighting communal fire spread by PM Modi in border belt

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party with his team toured the border and Kandi areas of Kathua District with a mission save brotherhood and secularism in J&K for the complete integration of J&K with the rest of the country. Accompanied by Young Panthers General Secretary (Spokesman) Mr. Gagan Pratap Singh visited Nagri, (international border with Pakistan), Tarda, Budhi, Mertha and other places which were ignited by the hate speeches of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi during his last visit in the area.

English: Gujarat Chief Minster Narendra Modi a...

English: Gujarat Chief Minster Narendra Modi addressing the Dharmakul Vandana Mahotsav, with Acharya Shree Rakeshprasad Pande (left, with red headgear) and Acharya Shree Koshalendraprasad Pande (right, with headgear) in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prof.Bhim Singh appealed the Jammu Dogras to support and vote Panthers Party which is the only alternative in the state to the philosophies and ideologies of BJP, Congress, NC and PDP. He said that there could be no peace as long as laws made by Parliament shall not extend to J&K and fundamental rights enshrined in Indian Constitution are not included in the Constitution of the State. Prof.Bhim Singh said that people of Jammu region have developed secularism in their blood by virtue of their cultural, social and historical identity and anybody trying to deface secular identity shall be doing disservice to the entire nation as secularism is soul of unity, integrity and fraternity of the country.

Prof.Bhim Singh was accompanied by Shri Jagdish Raj, candidate of Hiranagar (SC) Assembly constituency and Shri Balbir Singh Happy the Panthers candidate in Kathua. Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the electorates that they wanted to wipe out Congress and NC for their communal, authoritarian and criminal rule. They have done it but now Shri Narendra Modi is not a candidate for the Chief Ministership and declared that only Panthers Party which can provide the best government, best opposition and best leadership both inside and outside the Legislature. He also assured the farmers and flood victims of full compensation through the Supreme Court which is hearing petition filed by the Panthers Party.

The Assembly election in Kathua District along with Jammu and Rajouri Districts shall be held on 20th December, 2014.


NPP announces 3rd list of its candidates from Jammu Pradesh in Billawar, Kathua & Nagrota

Jammu/Srinagar, Sept. 01, 2014: A Special Meeting of the Parliamentary Board of JKNPP held here in Jammu under the chairmanship of Shri Harsh Dev Singh MLA has cleared the third list of the candidates from Billawar, Kathua and Nagrota Assembly constituencies for the forthcoming Assembly Polls.
Shri Bansi Lal Sharma, Member Secretary of the Parliamentary Board announced that Parliamentary Board has nominated Shri Ravinder Biloria a candidate from Billawar (Kathua District), Shri Balbir Singh @Happy from Kathua Assembly Constituency whereas Mr. Vilakshan Singh @Lotus shall contest from Nagrota Constituency.
The Panthers Party has already announced the candidates from 16 constituencies in Jammu Province and 10 from Kashmir Valley. With this announcement Panthers Party has announced the list of 19 candidates for the Assembly.
Those present in the Parliamentary Board meeting included M/s. P.K Ganju & Ch. Mohd. Iqbal (Vice-Presidents), Ms. Anita Thakur, Yashpal Kundal, MLA & Shri H.C. Jalmeria (General Secretaries) and Shri Bansi Lal Sharma, Adv. (Political Advisor-JKNPP).
Prof. Bhim Singh Chief Patron of the party was also present as a special invitee.

Nothing short of ‘Jammu State’ JKNPP rejoinder to Amit Shah at Kathua Panthers Session

massive session of JKNPP was held at Kathua town which served a rejoinder to Shri Amit Shah, BJP National President by declaring that JKNPP shall fight for ‘Jammu State’ whatsoever.  Shri Amit Shah had addressed a special BJP rally at Kathua on 25th August, 2014 picking an Ex-MP of Congress and JKNPP District President

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party declared unambiguous term that the Jammu State (Dogra-Pahari State) of Jammu Province is the only way out to save the people of Jammu Pradesh of any further discrimination, harassment and injustice being meted out to them by the Central Parties namely Congress and BJP and regional parties like NC and PDP.  Nearly 3000 active workers of the Panthers Party participated including a heavy number of youth and women.

Prof. Bhim Singh praised the contributions of the Panthers Party Legislators inside the Assembly and the Council in their fight for the cause of youth, employees, farmers, ex-servicemen and the people of Jammu Pradesh and Ladakh in particular.  Prof. Bhim Singh congratulated the Panthers Party leadership inside the Assembly which have made a unique remark in the history of the State Legislature by continuing their battle facing all odds and threats to their security.  Prof. Bhim Singh appealed the people of Jammu Pradesh to give at least 30 seats to JKNPP and they shall bag at least 20 seats from the Valley.  He said Panthers Party target in this election is 50+

Speaking on the occasion JKNPP Chairman Shri Harsh Dev Singh, MLA declared that Panthers Party shall form the next government in Jammu and Kashmir and shall deliver justice to all sections and regions of the state.  He declared that Panthers Party Bill moved by him in the Legislative Assembly to introduce ‘secularism’ in the State Constitution was opposed by NC, PDP as well as BJP and others with shows that the present National Parties operating in J&K have no commitment with the people of Jammu State. 

Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia MLA & President of JKNPP declared that the Panthers Party is the youth force and the party shall get the support of all sections of the people in Jammu Pradesh in particular.  He said that the performance of the Panthers Party MLAs and MLC inside the Legislature in the interest of youth, students, farmers and the working class has been adjudged as the best by the media in Srinagar and Jammu. 

Member of Legislative Council Syed Mohd. Rafiq Shah reminded the Dogras of their great role in the 19th century to extend the boundaries of Bharata to China, Central Asia and Afghanistan. He justified the reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir so that Pahari community shall also get justice.

Others who addressed the session included M/s. Anita Thakur (General Secretary), R.S Manju (State Secretary), R.S Dogra (Provincial Secretary), Jiya Lal Verma (Provincial General Secretary), Kuldeep Sharma, Rajesh Kamal, Ajay Singh, Balbir Singh @Happy, Ram Dhan (Candidate from Hiranagar), Pawan Dev Singh (Candidate from Bani & State Secretary Young Panthers), Ravinder Biloria (State Secretary Young Panthers), Balvinder Singh Jamwal (Zonal President), Jagdev Khajuria, Jagdev Singh Mian etc.   

Earlier, 5 kms. long procession of nearly 300 motorcyclists was taken from Barnoti to Kathua.  Hundreds of JKNPP activists including women garlanded the Panthers Party leaders on their arrival at Barnoti. 

18 Members District Committee was given a special award for organizing this unique rejoinder to Amit Shah in Kathua by declaring that the Panthers Party shall continue their battle inside and outside the legislature for the restoration of Jammu State as it exist prior to 1846.