Shameful sell out of Jammu electorates by BJP

“It was complete sell out of the Jammu voters by the BJP for power and pety loot of State exchequer at the hands of Kashmiri rulers which is evident from the record of the Assembly proceedings. The BJP speaker was abused and humbled by NC legislator thus disgracing the dignity of the House. BJP with its 26 MLAs with 2 borrowed from Kashmir dared not speak a word in defense of its own party speaker. BJP has failed to act even as ‘B’ team rather it has been treated by PDP as ‘X’ team with no respect or dignity. The BJP sold out the interest of the people of Jammu for couple of chairs and to share loot with Kashmiri rulers for swallowing all the insults.” This was the reaction of NPP Supremo when asked to comment on the role of BJP inside the Legislative Assembly as a ruling partner.

NPP Supremo accused BJP to sell out the interest of nearly 15 lacs refugees including nearly 85,000 Pakistani refugees when it failed even to mention the POK and Pak refugees in their address. He said there was no mention of a word in the Governor’s address though BJP was a ‘C’ class partner in the government. He said another casualty was delimitation of constituencies for which the BJP had been shouting at the top of their loud voices for decades. BJP buried Article 370 into the depth of the River Jhelum thus betraying its own agenda just for power sake. The BJP has betrayed the youth and the students as well as the working class reminding the definition of ‘sell out’ by its leaders to the Kashmiri rulers. NPP leader said that the BJP has sold the precious 15 lacs ‘votes’ to the Kashmiri rulers. They did the same thing by selling out the interest of Jammu to Sheikh Abdullah in 1978 when a movement led by Prof.Bhim Singh was sabotaged by the BJP leaders (then called Janata Party). BJP again sold out Jammu’s interest when the BJP leaders sold out the movement of the entire people of Jammu during Shri Amarnath Shrine Board Land Row. Just for pennies in political terminology. They have no sold out the future of the youth and students, interest of the farmers and workers and it shall take an age to redeem the loss. It is BJP who has bartered away with the blood of the innocent migrants living like animals in the camps of Talwara and other places.

Prof.Bhim Singh called on youth and students and the civil society to take a lead by demolishing the trio Congress-NC, PDP & BJP to save the history, identity and even geography of Jammu Pradesh so that lost glory of the Dogra-Pahari people shall be restored with dignity and honour. He said it is only Panthers and Panthers Party alone which can play its destined role to rescue the great people of J&K from complete disgust, dishonour, discrimination and injustice.


BJP must prove its credibility before bargaining for power in J&K

Shri Bansi Lal Sharma, Advocate and Spokesman of JKNPP has questioned the bona fides of the State BJP leadership in seeking power with PDP in the State on the claim that it has 25 MLAs out of 37 in Jammu Pradesh.

Mr. Sharma asked BJP to prove its credibility and the work done by theBJP in the past six years having 11 MLAs in the Assembly. He asked BJPleadership to make it transparence on the question of expelling 7 out of 11 from the party and then readmitting them on the eve of Assembly poll. Does it mean that seven tainted MLAs when shared the loot with the leadership their expulsion was withdrawn yet they were not fielded in the Assembly elections. That remains unanswered.

Mr. Sharma wanted to know from the BJP leadership that Shri Vajpayee as a Prime Minister inducted Omar Abdullah as a Minister in the Central government who enjoyed power for two years.

The NC and BJP remained thick friends for over a decade and neither of the party found fault with each other. He asked how suddenly BJP has decided to change its horse from NC to PDP? Mr. Sharma also asked the BJP to let the people know if the BJPleadership is going to divorce talks (dialogue) with Mufti sahib because Mufti had a secret parley with Hurriyat Spokesman namely, Prof.Abdul Ghani Bhat only yesterday. Mr. Modi had shut his talks with Pakistan even refused to shake hand with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief when they attended the same conference in Kathmandu, Nepal. Prime Minister Modi reached this stage of total boycott with Pakistan on the ground that Pakistan High Commissioner (Ambassador) in Delhi happened to meet same Hurriyat leaders in New Delhi who met Mr. Mufti yesterday.

Mr. Sharma questioned the double standards on the part of Prime Minister Modi and invited him to hold a debate on the double standards and the failing policy on the part of Prime Minister Modi vis-à-vis Jammu and Kashmir on an open platform with Panthers Party Supremo Prof.Bhim Singh. Shall he do so? Shall he continue dialogue with PDP? Shall he choose some other horses to ride power in J&K?

BJP, NC, Congress violating Code of Conduct.

22nd November, 2014
Hon’ble Shri V.S. Sampath
Chief Election Commissioner
Election Commission of India,
Nirachan Sadan, Ashoka Road,
New Delhi

Sub:- BJP, NC, Congress violating Code of Conduct.

It is a grave situation in J&K so far as application of Code of Conduct is concerned. When I visited Srinagar, District of Gandherbal entire area, roads, buildings are decorated with party flags and buntings. The posters are pasted on the government walls. Similar is the situation in Banihal, Ramban, Doda, Chhatroo in Kishtwar District, Kishtwar City and Bhaderwah. On the visit of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in Kishtwar this morning, entire Kishtwar District has been converted into curfew zone. All the government vehicles and materials are being used for BJP’s election campaign and. The local and Election Observers in these entire areas are working under the dictates of respective Dy. Commissioners who are District Election Officers. The election has been converted into a battlefield with entire police and security vehicles provided to the ordinary workers of BJP, Congress and NC.
The District Election Officer, Jammu raided Panthers Party headquarters in Gandhinagar, Jammu and picked up a vehicle (Tata Sumo) which was stationed in the office for fixing election material. The District Election Officer refused to provide permission to JKNPP vehicles. The permission was granted a day later to justify impounding the JKNPP vehicle. It is important to note that notification for Jammu election has not been issued yet. The vehicle was not involved in any campaigning at all. The District Election Officer is working as an agent of the National Conference.
Security cover and escort vehicle provided to JKNPP candidate Mr. Jehangir Khan in Karnah (Kashmir) constituency was withdrawn the next day after a scrutiny. Mr. Jehangir Khan is working in highly sensitive area and cannot move for his election campaign. The J&K government has provided security cover with security vehicles and free fuel to all the candidates, their election agents and district presidents and office bearers of all the political parties except JKNPP.
Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed, a candidate from Inderwal (Kishtwar) has not been provided even a single escort whereas all other candidates, even independent candidates have been provided with escort, security and free fuel in Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban Districts. When Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed contacted Kishtwar headquarters he was told as there is no fuel for his escort vehicle. Mr. Iqbal Mohd. Chaudhary is Vice President of JKNPP and Incharge of militancy affected area of Doda and Kishtwar Districts. He has not been provided sufficient security nor even with escort vehicle. The JKNPP candidates and their election agents are handicapped to continue election campaign. Not a single state general secretary, vice president or state office bearer has been provided any security cover nor with escort vehicles to actively participate in the election campaign in J&K.
Four candidates of JKNPP could not file their nomination papers in Ladakh and Gurez (Bandipora) only because the state refused provide them any security cover not even a single security man.
Hon’ble CEC this is the kind of the situation in J&K. How can you claim that elections are being held free and fairly in J&K. Code of Conduct is only being misused to suppress and oppress the Panthers Party election campaign and the observers as well as most of the district election officers are working as agents for BJP or for NC and Congress.
“It is just for your honour’s information that fuel for the BP car, which has been provided to me because of my ‘Z’ security that fuel (petrol) (which is provided to me for the past 14 years in J&K) has been stopped and I have not been given paid accommodation in any Guest House and Circuit House in the areas where there is no hotel or otherwise to stay, whereas all other leaders of the political parties are enjoying all state facilities in the government Dak Bungalows. I have spent most of my nights during election campaign in the Valley and in Jammu in the freezing cold in my private vehicle.”
You are the judge, let you judge yourself, is it a free and fair election.
With regards from Doda District,
Yours sincerely,

Prof.Bhim Singh
Chief Patron