68th Accession Day shall be celebrated in J&K, Tri-colour flag shall fly at every roof

KNPP shall celebrate 68th Accession Day of J&K with the Union of India on 27th October, 2015. A historic rally shall be held at Jammu and every district shall hold rallies at district headquarters in J&K to mark the Accession, which was signed by Maharaja Hari Singh on 26th October, 1947 at Amar Palace and accepted/signed by the Governor General of India on 27th October, 1947.

The Panthers volunteers including the PTU, Young Panthers, Panthers Kisan Union, NPSU volunteers shall take out rallies with National Flag to mark the celebration of the occasion.

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party while addressing media persons in Jammu declared that a


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signature campaign shall be launched by the Panthers Party from the site of the Student Martyrs Memorial, in front of GGM Science College, Jammu in support of ‘Jammu State’, which is the immediate agenda of JKNPP in the interest of the security, safety, integration and peace in the sub-continent.

Volcanoes awaiting PM Modi on his Jammu visit

People of Jammu are eagerly waiting for Prime Minister, Modi’s visit has they feel highly discriminated rather cheated by the BJP leadership which has been sulking in coalition government with the blessings of Prime Minister, Modi who himself crowned Chief Minister, Mufti Mohd. Sayeed about 100 days’ back at Jammu.

Volcanoes in Jammu Pradesh has been smouldering and are likely to explode any day. BJP is already on the defensive on every issue they have been facing. People of Jammu Pradesh voted heavily for Modi who were promised trip to the moon by Shri Modi and assured that 65 years old problems of the people of Jammu, which include; (1). Comprehensive settlement of nearly 15 lacs refugees from Pakistan and POK by providing them equitable rights, (2). Delimitation of Assembly constituencies which was barred by changing the rules in the State Constitution by National Conference with the support of Congress and BJP in 2002 putting a seal on the delimitation till census after 2026, (3). Equitable development of all the three regions in the state, (4). Setting up AIIMS at Jammu as promised by the Govt. of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2003, (5). Provision of granting Dogra Certificate to the Dogras in J&K, (6). Ensuring relief and concessions to the Jammu Migrants (because of the rise of militancy in Jammu region at par with Kashmiri Migrants) as was directed by the Supreme Court of India, (7). Inclusion of fundamental rights in the Constitution of J&K, (8). Amendment in Article 370 of the Constitution of India bringing residents of J&K at par with citizens of India, (9). Ownership rights to all the allottees from POK or otherwise over the evacuee land who have been living as temporary tenants for the past 67 years thus protection of all Dogra heritage including Mubarak Mandi and other sites, (10). Discrimination with the B.Ed. colleges of Jammu region, (11). Discriminatory recruitment rules threatening the future of the new generation of the state, (12). Discrimination with the ex-servicemen mostly in Jammu, (13). Regularization of services of all government employees including SPOs, contractual employees, casual labours and others. It appears that Prime Minister Modi has cancelled his proposed visit to the Valley on 17th July, 2015 so that he can interact with his own party leadership to give them gurmantar.


JKNPP’s mammoth historic ‘Fight for Jammu’ rally rolls out like a wild inferno in the heart of Jammu city

Harsh adjures the people to strengthen the Panthers Party’s mission for the restoration of Dogra pride and honour.

Expressing seething anger and outrage thousands of Panthers Party activists assembled outside the Raj Bhavan (Panjtirthi Chowk) who took out a gigantic ‘Fight for Jammu’ rally in the Jammu city being spearheaded by Prof. Bhim Singh Chief Patron JKNPP, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP, Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia State President JKNPP and Mr. Yashpal Kundal State President Young Panthers and battalion of several senior leaders against the BJP’s despicable and cowardly surrenders amid an unprecedented deployment of the security personnel which after passing through several markets of the heritage city culminated at Dogra Chowk Jammu. The indignant protestors carrying party flags and the placards raised echoing slogans expressing their resentment and extreme annoyance triggered by BJP’s pusillanimous surrender of Jammu’s interests and aspirations before the PDP for the lust of power, amid shouting- “Jammu ka AIIMS..Jammu Ko Do, “Jammu Ke Sath Bhed Bhav.. Band karo”“Jammu Virodhi Sarkar .. Hai Hai”, “Desh Virodhi Sarkar ..Hai Hai”, “Yuva Aur Kaisan Virodhi Sarkar ..Hai Hai”, “BJP-PDP Sarkar Hai Hai”, “Nai Bharti Neeti ..Vapis Lo.


Lambasting the highly obnoxious move of the Coalition Government to transfer the prestigious 1600 crores AIIMS project to Kashmir in dissonance to the initial announcement of the Union Government to establish the premier health institute in Jammu region Prof. Bhim Singh flayed the BJP’s sinister clandestine surrender of the long cherished dream of the people of Jammu to the leaders of the valley . He said that the servile and sycophantic posturing of the Saffron Party has hit the soul of Jammu Pradesh and hung the heads of the Dogras in shame and distress. It has come to fore that the Saffron party which had received an overwhelming  mandate from the people of Jammu region  in the recently held Assembly elections has brazenly retreated from  all its grandiloquent  promises made to the electorate besides timidly conceding  AIIMS  to its coalition partner just for playing a second fiddle in the PDP led government . Prof. Singh maintained that the Panthers party shall continue its crusade against the anti-Jammu policies of the unholy Coalition dispensation and fight tooth and nail for any kind of discrimination doled out to the region. He made a fervent appeal to the public to endorse JKNPP’s ‘Fight for Jammu’ mission and support the Young leadership of Mr. Harsh Dev Singh for the restoration of the premier health edifice of AIIMS to Jammu besides the lost pride and honour of the people.


Mr. Harsh Dev Singh disclosed to the media that the duration of the B.Ed course in the University of Kashmir and the Central University of Kashmir is one year from the session 2015-16 and the duration of the said course in the University of Jammu has been revised to two years. He said that the obnoxious status quo for these courses for one year duration in the colleges affiliated to Kashmir University has put the career of the teacher aspirants of Jammu Province in jeopardy. Moreover, there also exists the anomaly in the eligibility criteria for the B.Ed course in the University of Kashmir with respect to the norms prescribed in the University of Jammu. Harsh Dev lamented that the audacious scope of discrimination extending upon the students of education discipline is a bizarre incident in the history of academia which would only dent their morale forcing their outrage to burst with violent means of protest. He said one State cannot be governed by two laws on the same subject. The former Education Minister wondered how could two Universities in one State with same Chancellor,  Pro- Chancellor and the Ministry of Higher Education can adopt two distinct policies regarding the same course and maintained that the obnoxious move is utterly unconstitutional, unethical and unscrupulous. He also questioned the criminal silence of the BJP ministers amid the series of discriminatory blows inflicted on the youth by the current State Government including the announcement of the weird Recruitment policy immediately following the formation of the unholy alliance and regretted  that the Saffron brigade is hell bent upon bartering away the interests of the people of Jammu just for remaining glued to the power .He asserted that all the elected 25 BJP MLA’s including the Dy. Chief Minister Mr. Nirmal Singh who interestingly was also an academician had grossly failed to espouse the cause of the students and the youth besides empathizing with their miseries and the general masses who had overwhelmingly voted them to power in the last Assembly elections. To his dismay, the BJP leaders have been indulging in the worst ever ‘political dissoluteness’ only to enjoy the luxury of traveling in the beacon cars with two flags fluttering fully intoxicated and enchanted by the political power.


Mr. Harsh Dev Singh lampooned the BJP’s incongruous statements on the Article 370  as nefarious attempts to hoodwink the people of Jammu region  once again with their delusive remarks. Harsh added that the frustration brewed out of the nefarious betrayal by the Saffron Brigade are finding these statements as obnoxious, audacious, unsavory and deceptive. He dubbed BJP as a disarrayed lot pulling in different directions  besides losing its public credibility and the actual fact is that the Saffron party is not sincere enough to introduce the Bill in the Parliament with clear intensions irrespective of the consequences  and has been persistently seeking irrational excuses under one pretext or the other.  He said that today’s mesmerizing rally which has garnered huge public support has been successfully able to expose the BJP of its malafide and deceitful intensions towards the people of Jammu region and  has emerged as  the one and only reckoning force to raise the voice of the people in letter and spirits. Harsh also lambasted BJP for desecrating the most prominent slogan of Dr. Mookerjee of ‘Ek Nishan Ek Vidhan’ which also formed the anthem of the Saffron Brigade with BJP ministers openly using two flags and running the J&K coalition government under a separate constitution.


Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia while addressing the gathering disclosed that an impressive rally has also been taken out with the intention to oppose the socio- political bias perpetuated against the Jammu region on the issues of New Recruitment Policy, Shelving artificial lake project of Jammu, State subject for west Pak Refugees, Voting rights to them in Assembly and local bodies polls, State govt. jobs for such WPRs, Issuance of Dogra certificate to Jammu youth, State Subject for children of daughters of J&K married outside, Empowerment of Jammu, Abolition of custodian Deptt. and conferment of ownership rights to its occupants, Revocation of the new Recruitment Policy, Smart City for Jammu, Uniformity in the duration of B.Ed course in Jammu, etc which are akin to the human rights violation of the people of Jammu region which actually were incorporated in the Saffron Party’s Elections manifesto before ascending to power. He however regretted that the BJP’s pre-poll promises turned into mere hyperboles and rhetorics thus belying all the hopes and aspirations of the Jammu people.


Mr. Yashpal Kundal while appealing to the people to support JKNPP’s crusade against the discrimination, fervently asked them to follow and support the dogma of Panthers party which is the only regional party of Jammu Pradesh. He said that it has been struggling and fighting inside and outside the legislature for the cause of the Dogra-Pahari people since the time of its inception. He maintained that Panthers party is well versed with the pain and agony the people of Jammu are going through and National parties like the BJP or the Congress could not come to their rescue. He said that the time has come when people of Jammu region should wake up, unite, strengthen and empower their own Panthers party and assimilate under its wings to fight in unison for Jammu’s cause, pride and honour.


Mrs. Manju Singh Senior leader Panther Woman Power expressing indignation over the official approval of just one ‘Smart City’ for the entire State by the Union Minister for Housing and Urban Development Mr. M Vankaiah Naidu in the national level conference of Urban Development Ministers of all the states during which Pan-India Smart Cities and AMRUT projects were launched in New Delhi recently, prophesied another obnoxious discriminatory doze in offing for the Jammu region. Terming the announcement as sinister and malevolent, she recalled that U.P had walked away with maximum share of 13 followed by Tamil Nadu 12, Maharashtra 10, Madhya Pradesh 7,Gujarat 6, and so on  with Jammu & Kashmir getting merely 1. He reckoned that the solitary announcement of the Smart City in J&K would become a bone of contention between the two regions and further widen the fissure as the selected city would be equipped with IT enabled services empowering modern public transport system, crime control procedure, emergency and health services, single window system for trade and commerce besides having round the clock water and power supply with world class roads and telecom services. She said that the lame duck posturing of the BJP and its acquiescing tendency in the ruling alliance may jeopardize the selection of Jammu under the Smart Cities project and feared that once again another audacious discrimination would be doled out to the region by divesting it of the Smart city which could be directly attributed to the criminal neglect and apathy of the BJP partnered government in the State. She asserted that Jammu has a far better infrastructure than Kashmir besides 70% of the taxes are paid by the people of Jammu thus contributing maximum share in the revenue generation of the State has a superior claim over Kashmir to be developed into a Smart City. She vowed that JKNPP shall continue to fight tooth and nail for Jammu’s cause.


Others who vociferously led the rally included M/S P.K Ganju, Anita Thakur, Bansi Lal Sharma adv., Jagdev Singh, Pawan Dev Singh, Dharam Singh, Dev Singh, Dina Nath, Dhani Ram Attri, Jagdev Singh Jagga, Rajesh Sharma, Deep Kumar Gupta, Baldev Singh Mankotia, Makhan Lal, Nirmal Kesar, Bhushan Kumar,Karnail Singh, Pt. Shiv Ram Sharma, Pushpinder Singh, Manju Singh, Neelam Abrol, Kesar Parveen, Kulbhushan Singh, Gagan Pratap Singh, Shyam Gorka,Purshottam Parihar, Neeraj Gupta, S. Paramjit Singh Marshal, Balwan Singh, Vilakshan Singh Adv.

NPP Supremo calls on Panthers activists, youth, students, farmers and all to join historic rally on 4th July in Jammu

Prof.Bhim Singh, Supremo of National Panthers Party made a strong appeal to the Panthers Party activists from the universities to the farms and the working class particularly the youth and students to express their support and solidarity with the ‘Fight for Jammu Mission’ being launched by the JKNPP on 4th July, 2015.

The NPP founder congratulated the new leadership of the Panthers Party which has made the dream true which was projected by the Panthers Party founders in 1982. He said the present leadership of the Panthers Party have converted dreams of the Panthers Party into reality by their dedication, honesty, commitment and hard work while fighting from the streets to the floors of the Legislature and to the field. He said that the party legislators have given a unique message by their performance inside the legislature and by their public relations and commitment to the cause of the people of J&K, particularly the Jammu Pradesh.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that it was Panthers Party leadership which have sown the seeds of organization of the state so that the residents of all the three regions of the state shall live in peace, harmony and may enjoy equal opportunities in all fields. He called on the young people and all wings of the party, the Young Panthers, NPSU, Women Power, Panthers Trade Union, Panthers Ex-servicemen Union, the Panthers Farmers Union to work like a cementing rock to fight for the cause of Jammu Pradesh.

Prof.Bhim Singh also appealed to all those associates who for one reason or the other had parted ways from the Panthers Party to join the rank and file of the party to fulfill the mission of Jammu Pradesh so that the people of all the three regions shall live with honour, dignity and enjoy equal opportunities and equality.

JKNPP leaders arrested in New Delhi while holding protest demonstration near Parliament for restoration of AIIMS to Jammu

picture-demo 0881Over 500 Panthers Party activists led by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman-JKNPP along with Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia, State President, Mr. Yashpaul Kundal, State President, Young Panthers today held a massive demonstration near the Parliament for restoration of AIIMS to Jammu where their procession was stopped by a strong contingent of Delhi Police who put up huge barricades on the road in front of the Parliament street Police Station. The Protesters raised slogans against the coalition Govt of J&K, central govt, and pro Jammu slogans.The Panthers Party leaders who started their procession from Jantar Mantar for restoration of AIIMS to Jammu were addressed by several senior leaders. They were arrested by the Delhi Polie and lodged in Parliament Street Police Station, New Delhi.
picture-demo 101    Addressing the gathering Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that JKNPP shall continue with its peaceful protests and agitations till AIIMS was restored to Jammu through a formal order issued by the authorities concerned. He said that while the Panthers Party would not question the wisdom of ACC (Coordination Committee on AIIMS) which comprised of intellectuals, educations and other prominent notables in calling off the 72 hour Jammu Bandh and in suspending the agitation on the assurance of Dy. Chief Minister, Dr. Nirmal Singh, the JKNPP did not trust the saffron party which has repeatedly taken U-turns on all its fundamentals only to remain glued to power. He said that it was the same Dy. Chief Minister who had made a statement last month carried in various newspapers that nobody can snatch AIIMS from Kashmir. Which of the two statements of the Dy. Chief Minister in such circumstances should be relied upon, asked Mr. Singh adding that JKNPP would continue its fight for Jammu and had therefore organized a massive march from Jantar Mantar to Parliament House to create awareness at the national level regarding the bias perpetuated against Jammu region by the present dispensation of BJP-PDP in J&K state. He said that it was not merely a matter of AIIMS for Jammu but the larger question of the self respect and pride of Jammu people. He said that it was highly distressing that Jammu people were always treated as B-class citizens as against highly pampered and mollycoddled Kashmir region. He regretted that people of Jammu region had to agitate and take to streets even for the basic amenities despite having elected representatives to espouse their cause. Lambasting the BJP for its demagoguery and unprincipled politics, Mr. Singh said that by gifting AIIMS to Kashmir the BJP had indulged in the most treacherous bargain only to play a second fiddle to the PDP government. Mr. Singh said that people of Jammu would no longer reconcile to their second class categorization by a highly biased and prejudiced Kashmir centric leadership. He said that the JKNPP had decided to take the fight for Jammu to every nook and corner of the state besides agitating the persistent neglect of the region in front of the Parliament in New Delhi.
Lambasting the BJP for submitting to the whims of its coalition partner, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said the saffron party had completely disillusioned the people of Jammu region and earned their wrath for succumbing on all the issues with the public outrage having reached its crescendo. He said that announcement for establishment of AIIMS at Jammu was made by two Union Ministers on 28th February, 2015 at New Delhi and therefore BJP’s offering it to PDP on a platter merely for the crumbs of power was the biggest betrayal with the people of Jammu region. Warning the BJP to desist from its lame duck posturing, Mr. Singh said that JKNPP would not relent till AIIMS was restored to Jammu through a formal order on the subject.
Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia, State President vowed to continue the protests against the shameless surrender of the BJP on all its pre-poll promises including AIIMS issue. He said that Jammu region has a very fragile tertiary health care system and divesting this region of AIIMS would be greatest injustice. He said that Kashmir already has one SKIMS in Soura which offers specialized treatment facilities with Chief Minister already having announced Rs.150 crores additionality for its upgradation. But Jammu region continued to be ignored and deprived in the BJP partnered government and despite the tall claims and loud pronouncements being made by the saffron party merely to hoodwink the people of Jammu region, he added.
Mr. Mankotia further sought early creation of infrastructure & operationalization of medical colleges in Kathua, Doda, Rajouri besides establishment of a new medical college at Udhampur.He further sought allocation of adequate funds for the already sanctioned cancer institute at Udhampur.
Mr. Yashpal Kundal ridiculed the cowardly surrender of BJP on Dogra Certificate, grant of State Subject rights to West Pakistan Refugees and conferment of voting rights upon them. Mr. Kundal while demanding AIIMS for Jammu further called for holding an early delimitation of Assembly constituencies so as to ensure equitable share to all the regions of the state on political as well as economic basis. He further demanded relief for victims of natural calamities besides adequate compensation to Jammu Migrants. He regretted the non-release of ex-gratia in favour of Dogra martyrs who lost their lives in the deadly terrorist attack recently in Manipur.
Mr. Rajiv Jolly Khosla assured full support of Delhi Unit of Panthers Party in resolving the issues of J&K and in ensuring justice to Jammu region including its socio-political empowerment.
Other who addressed the gathering included Pushvinder Singh Manhas, Pavan Dev Singh, Smt. Sudesh Dogra, Mr. Sham Gorkha, Mr. Rajesh Padgotra, Mr. Yashpaul Singh Manhas, Mr. Dharam Singh, Mr. Karnail Singh, Mr. Baldev Singh, Mr. Mohan Lal Gupta, Mr. B.S. Billowria, Advocate, Mr. Romesh Khajuria, Mr. Sanjay Verma, Mr. Dhani Ram Attri, Mr. Vishav Dev Singh, Mr. Kuldip Singh, Mr. Sukhjit Singh, Mr. Angrez Singh, Mr. Makhan Lal, Mr. Bashir Ahmed, Mr. Surjit Singh Guleria, Muzaffar Hussain Baig, Mrs. Sunita Chaudhary, First North Indian Female Auto Driver, Ms. Arti, Mrs. Shanti, Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh, Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Nirmal Kesar, Mr. Bhushan Kumar, Mr. Om Kishan and others.