Bhim’s twin-State suggestion highly laudable Ending discrimination with Jammu

JAMMU: JKNPP chief patron Bhim Singh has yet again reiterated that creation of Jammu State and Kashmir Valley State was the only way out to end discrimination, chaos and regional imbalance. “Time has come when J&K should be reorganized by establishing Kashmir Ghati State and Jammu State. The Treaty of Amritsar is no longer relevant after J&K merged with the Union of India by the signatures of the then Maharaja of J&K, Hari Singh in 1947. Ladakh region which was annexed under the leadership of General Zorawar Singh in 1842 and affiliated with Jammu Pradesh should be given a choice between Kashmir Ghati State and Jammu State. The Ladakhis if choose to be adopted as Union Territory, their choice should be respected. Gilgit and Baltistan which link close to Ladakh shall be declared as part and parcel of Ladakh region after the liberation of Gilgit-Baltistan,” he has said in a statement from New Delhi.

Bhim Singh also announced that a convention shall soon be held in February where the twin-State solution will be threadbare discussed. “The participation of the social and political representatives from all regions will give a scientific and concrete shape to this proposition,” he has also said, adding that the two States shall continue as “twin States” with separate provincial Governments but with one High Court and one Governor. He also announced that he would constitute a committee of social and political representatives irrespective of their political affiliations “to mobilize the people’s opinion in support of reorganization of J&K”.
It is not the first occasion when Bhim Singh came out with such a suggestion. He and his party had a number of times in the past demanded reorganization of the State saying the existing 68-year-old politico-constitutional and financial structure had failed to produce the desired results and that the people of Jammu province would continue to suffer unless this unitary structure was reformed and federalized to accommodate their social, economic and political aspirations.

And what Bhim Singh and his Panthers Party had been saying was the general view in Jammu province. There is consensus in Jammu province that reorganization of the State is the only alternative available to end discrimination with the people of Jammu province and avert the possibility of Jammu province witnessing the Kashmir-like situation – situation that forced the Kashmiri Hindus to quite the Valley in early 1990 to become refugees in their own motherland. Even the RSS and the BJP had endorsed the idea of the State’s reorganization. In fact, while the RSS adopted resolution on separate Jammu State at Kurukshetra in 2002, the BJP at least thrice adopted resolutions on the State’s reorganization

“If Jammu province is not separated from Kashmir, the former would surely witness the Kashmir-like situation. To avert this impending disaster separation of Jammu province from the militant and separatist-infested Kashmir is imperative. There is nothing that is common between the people of Kashmir and their leadership and the people of Jammu and Ladakh. The Kashmiri leadership wants independence or semi-independence from India and it also wants to de-link the erstwhile Doda district and parts of Poonch-Rajouri belt from Jammu to set up Greater Muslim Kashmir. The people of Jammu province, barring a few agents of Kashmiri leadership, want their complete merger with India. They long for a regime that is of them, by them and for them within the Indian Constitution, minus Article 370 and Article 35-A,” this is the general view in Jammu province. Hold a referendum in Jammu province and you will see for yourself that an overwhelming majority will vote against politics, Kashmiri-style, and vote for the Indian Constitution and separation from Kashmir.
It is a different story that the political class in Jammu has failed Jammu to remain on the right side of Kashmiri leadership, which gets unstinted support from all the important political players in Delhi. That’s the reason all the movements which the nation witnessed in Jammu province after 1947 were all engineered by the common masses and civil society groups.

The situation as it exists today in the State is highly alarming and frightening. Indeed, the people of Jammu province are in grave danger. The suggestion of Bhim Singh and his ilk needs to be viewed in this context.

NPP & others condemn bloody attack on Bacha Khan University in Pakistan

National Panthers Party and several other students and youth organizations of India condemned the bloodiest attack against humanity in Bacha Khan University, Pakistan this morning massacring several students and teachers attending a university function.

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Convenor of World Peace Organization strongly condemned the bloodiest attack against innocent people (students and teachers) observing death anniversary of Bacha Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan. Several activists of the Panthers Party condemned this murderous attack against humanity in Peshawar and expressed sympathies with the families of those who lost their members of the family in this bloodiest attack.

The Panthers Party organized meeting to condemn this bloodiest attack against humanity and expressed condolences to the families who lost their dear ones/relatives in Peshawar this morning. The condolence meeting was held in Srinagar, Jammu and New Delhi at the headquarters of National Panthers Party.

Prof.Bhim Singh called on the peace-loving organizations, groups and individuals all over the world to raise a voice for peace and against violence so that the people in the world may live in peace and honour.

Terrorists attack in Pathankote: NPP condemned terrorists’ attack demands white paper from Modi Govt. for its failure

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party strongly condemned the terrorists’ attack on Air Force Base in Pathankote, Punjab followed by the utter failure of the Modi government to defend borders and security. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the Modi government should bring out a white paper on the entire shocking attack by half a dozen armed terrorists at Pathankote Air Force Base which is bordering the Indian state, Jammu and Kashmir.

Prof.Bhim Singh wondered on the criminal silence of the Prime Minister of India on the assault by the terrorists, identified by India as Pakistani terrorists.

The Prime Minister of India has responsibility to let the nation know what are the impressions and understandings about this attack by the Prime Minister of India who visited Pakistan last week on a hidden agenda.

Prof.Bhim Singh asked Prime Minister of India to explain how heavily armed Pakistani terrorists could manage to enter Pathankote Air Force (India) resulting into the martyrdom of three security men from Indian side. Prof.Bhim Singh is expert on Army war-fare as he was associated with Palestinian Commandoes in the Gholan Heights scuffle. Gholan Heights was attacked by Israeli commandoes in 1973 and successfully resisted by the Syrian forces assisted by the Palestinian commandoes. Prof.Bhim Singh said that there are several questions which need to be answered by the Govt. of India headed by Shri Narendra Modi;

a).     Where was the Indian Intelligence Bureau when the foreigners from Pakistan entered into Punjab (India) carrying tones of weapons with them?

b).     Where was the Indian Intelligence-experts and what were they doing?

c).      Why the communication between the defence units at the border and the defense Air Force was out of work?

d).     What follow up action was taken by India to counter the terrorists’ attack?

e).      What is the diplomatic initiative taken up by the Prime Minister Shri Modi undertaken with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shri Nawaz Sharief with whom Shri Modi had 80 minutes secret close door talk only last week?

          Prof.Bhim Singh has demanded the immediate meeting of the National Integration Council of India to discuss the situation that has surfaced in the Indian continent endangering peace and tranquility in the region.

NPP express shock on Ved Bhasin demise

dev_bhasinA special meeting of National Panthers Party was held at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi in memory of Shri Ved Bhasin, the founder of Kashmir Times, the fearless voice of the people of J&K and symbol of secularism, a lasting voice of humanity having enjoyed popularity as being a super human being in both sides of J&K. He was born in Jammu Pradesh (part of POK now), educated and brought up in the famous Dogra city of Jammu. It is he who generated a culture to read English papers. Kashmir Times, he founded, developed and promoted as the voice of the voiceless people in the state.

Prof.Bhim Singh reminded his fellow Panthers of his interaction with Shri Ved Bhasin since his days in GGM Science College. He described Shri Ved Bhasin as a living symbol of humanism, secularism and nationalist with malice to none. Prof.Bhim Singh reminded that it was Shri Ved Bhasin who introduced his latest book on J&K, ‘Blunders & the Way Out’ at Press Club Jammu. “I shall never forget the words that Shri Ved Bhasin carried in his speech that he (Shri Ved Bhasin) shall provide all possible help and support to Bhim Singh for the accomplishment of the cause he has taken for the people of the state, particularly that of Jammu province.”

It was Shri Ved Bhasin, Bhim Singh said, who gave him best of advice at most difficult times whenever he (Bhim Singh) was left alone while fighting for a cause of a common man. It was because of Shri Ved Bhasin that Prof.Bhim Singh got an opportunity to attend Pugwash Conference in Islamabad where Shri Ved Bhasin provided his best of cooperation and advice during the interaction with Pak President, Pervez Musharraf in Islamabad.

“J&K has lost a great spokesman of the people, Jammu Pradesh has lost a fearless voice whereas I have lost friend, philosopher, guide and advocate of composite culture.”

The Working Committee of National Panthers Party in a condolence message expressed shock and sadness on the end of a great era with the demise of Shri Ved Bhasin and conveyed heartfelt condolences to the family members of Shri Ved Bhasin. Prayed that God may provide rest in the heavens to the departed soul.

Bhim Singh welcomes entry of Dr. Mattoo into State power house, hopes for miracles

Dr. (Prof.) Amitabh Mattoo is one of India’s leading thinkers and writers on international relations. His appointment as Advisor to the Chief Minister of J&K, with the status of a Cabinet Minister has been hailed by his friends and critics both.

Prof.Bhim Singh, Supremo of NPP has welcomed Dr. Amitabh Mattoo’s entry to power house in J&K as Advisor to the Chief Minister hoping that his presence shall help the Govt. of J&K to take hard decisions with magnanimity and farsightedness for the return of peace in J&K, particularly in the Valley.

He hoped that he will be able to help work out a scientific and practical formula for the return of Kashmiri Migrants back to their motherland, Kashmir which is essential to strengthen identity of Kashmir and return of peace.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that Jammu Migrants mostly camping in Talwara camp deserve first attention. He also said that internal conflict within the state is born out of the discriminatory attitude of the state leaders towards the residents of Jammu Pradesh. He said that 15 lacs refugees in Jammu from Pak and POK, delimitation of the Assembly constituencies, Resettlement Act are some of the immediate issues that need urgent resolutions without delay.