NPP welcome Vetican’s decision to recognize Palestine a great step towards peace

NPP Supremo and Chairman of Indo-Palestine Friendship Society in his congratulatory message to Pope Francis described Vetican’s decision to grant de jure recognition to the State of Palestine as a great and historic step of Pope Francis to promote international peace, harmony and understanding. He said that Pope Francis has taken a decision which needs to be understood by all the Big Powers, particularly the western countries and the Anglo-American Bloc that Palestine should have been recognized as a sovereign state right during its partition in 1947 under Resolution no.181 of the United Nations which was a creation of the Big Powers including the then USSR.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that after Washington Accord between Israeli Prime Minister and Mr. Yasir Arafat, the Chief of the PLO and the Oslo Agreement Palestine should have been recognized as a sovereign state in 1995. He said that the Anglo-French and the Anglo-American Bloc has remained under the dictates of Zionist lobby as Jewish community in the USA, UK and France have been playing a dominant role in politics and financial affairs in all these three (so-called big powers) countries to the detriment of international peace and harmony.

NPP Supremo who has been associated with Palestinian affairs for the past 40 years and an intimate friend of Yasir Arafat expressed unhappiness on the role the present leadership in India since the end of Indira Gandhi era has been playing. He said the resolutions of the United Nations namely 194 (on the settlement of Palestinian refugees), 242 & 338 (directing Israel to withdraw from all occupied territories of Palestine as well as from East Jerusalem) need to be implemented to achieve genuine peace in the Middle-East.

He hoped that Indian leadership shall play its destined role in the region in the interest of world peace and harmony which is possible only when the State of Palestine shall get its sovereign status and Jerusalem is liberated and new Jews settlements are demolished in Palestine.

NPP activists protest against J&K Govt. in front of Kashmir House, Delhi, demand restoration of security to Prof.Bhim Singh

Several activists of NPP protested in front of J&K House, New Delhi demanding immediate restoration of security as per entitlement in ‘Z’ security cover as Prof.Bhim Singh is already covered by ‘Z’ security. The Govt. of J&K reduced half of his security with mala fide intention to create situation for the liquidation of a forefront political leader in J&K who has been fighting against militancy and terrorism right since 1990. He is the only person who dares drive and walk into the streets of Kashmir with National Flag hoisting from the roof of his vehicle.
The protest was led by NPP activists of Delhi Pradesh led by Mr. Rajiv Jolly Khosla. The Delhi Pradesh Committee also submitted a memorandum to the Home Minister of India, Shri Rajnath Singh seeking his urgent intervention for the restoration of full security to Prof.Bhim Singh, as per his entitlement under ‘Z’ security cover to ensure that the political mobilization led by Prof.Bhim Singh in Kashmir Valley and Jammu continues without interruption.
The President of JKNPP, Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia had sent a request to Shri Rajnath Singh for his immediate intervention in this regard.
Those who participated included M/s. Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Pawan Kumar, Anil Sharma, Surjit Singh, Dildar Hussain Beg, Chhatar Singh, Sachin, Balwinder Kumar, A.J. Rajan, Atta Mohammed, Mohammed Saleem, Farooq Ahmed, Shabir Ahmed, Shoukat Ali, Santoshi Kumar and others.