NPP calls on all nationalist-progressive-secular forces to work out a joint action plan to defeat BJP

Addressing a Panthers activists rally in Jantar Mantar, New Delhi this afternoon, Prof.Bhim Singh, its Chief Patron made a strong appeal to all progressive, secular, nationalist and democratic political groups and parties to hold joint conclaves in all political sectors of India to work out a joint strategy to unite India against the communal, anti-national and reactionary forces which have been exploiting the innocent and illiterate masses in the country to suit personal interest of the sectarian and communal forces which have been misleading the innocent and uninformed masses to grab power and loot the nation.

            Looking at the voting pattern in the Assembly election the five states which has almost been concluded this afternoon, Prof.Bhim Singh expressed shock that the BJP has started blowing trumpets by winning majority of seats in the 126 Member Assembly state. Prof.Bhim Singh said that BJP could not open an account in Tamilnadu in spite spending over Rs.100 crores in the Assembly elections and could get only one seat Kerala where the BJP had used all foul and corrupt means in the election. The Prime Minister election tour on official helicopter and planes must have cost the national exchequer beyond Rs.50 crores. The people of this country have voted against communal and sectarian political party rejecting the Hindutva philosophy of BJP. This is established by the people that BJP got zero (0) in Tamilnadu & Pondicherry, one in Kerala and three in West Bengal.

            BJP, though has got majority in Assam but that majority vote were cost for BJP because utter failure of the Congress and other secular parties to involve the people in the political mission that could have satisfied the people that their problem political as well as economic shall be settled by the political parties. In Assam BJP got majority only because the Congress and other political parties like AGP failed to involve the people of Assam in the progressive and secular philosophy/action plan to settle the problems of the people of Assam mostly created because of illegal infiltration of undesired inflitrators from Bangladesh. NPP Supremo said that Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi has been defeated and he should accept his moral and political defeat. Beating of trumpets and blowing horns in the streets of Assam would not give any credit to the sinking BJP and its leadership in India.        

            Addressing the strong group of students and youth in Jantar Mantar this afternoon, Prof.Bhim Singh proposed that three day national conclave shall be held in New Delhi in the middle of August, 2016 where the leadership of the youth and students from all progressive/secular/nationalist groups and societies shall be invited to participate. This shall be a great effort to organize a national movement in the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Dwarka to Manipur to ensure that there shall be one Constitution and one Flag in the whole of the country. The outdated provision in the Constitution of India and in the civil and criminal laws shall also be amended so that the concept of equity and equality, peace and non-violence and mutual co-existence and disarmament shall be the new manifesto to unite India towards progress and peace.  

            Prof.Bhim Singh also proposed a committee of 20 activists to work out a manifesto for the next national convention in New Delhi in August this year.

NPP Supremo greets Yogeshwar Singh of Hiranagar on his marriage

Prof. Bhim Singh, Supremo of JKNPP flew from Delhi to Jammu and attended marriage ceremony of Shri Yogeshwar Singh S/o Shri Rajinder Singh Manju, State Secretary JKNPP.

Prof. Bhim Singh accompanied by several JKNPP leaders including Ms. Anita Thakur (General Secretary), Jagdev Singh (Coordination Secretary), Manoj Gupta (District President PTU Kathua), Mohinder Manhas (Public Relations Officer) and others visited Hiranagar and greeted Mr. Rajinder Manju, State Secretary on the marriage of his son. Prof. Bhim Singh was a student in High School, Ramnagar (1954-57) where Late Shri Parshotam Singh, father of Shri Rajinder Singh Manju was Bhim Singh’s Teacher. Prof. Bhim Singh maintained his close relationship with Shri Parshotam Singh ji and has been closely associated as a member of Manju’s family.

Prof. Bhim Singh congratulated Mr. Manju Singh and his family on the wedding celebration of his beloved son, Mr. Yogeshwar Singh who got wedded last evening in Hiranagar.

Prof. Bhim Singh seeking immediate intervention of the J&K Governor to stop political blackmailing and horse-trading by political parties in J&K

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party made the following statement in a press conference at Jammu today seeking immediate intervention of the J&K Governor to stop political blackmailing and horse-trading by political parties in J&K.


“This is the right time that Shri N.N Vohra, the Governor of J&K shall act within the meaning and scope of the Constitution to stop horse-trading among the political parties in J&K which have recorded their roll in December 2014 Poll for the Assembly.


  1. That there is no political party which has won the people mandate evens the manipulation of the EVMs managed by the ruling parties namely BJP and NC have not given mandate to any political party.  Therefore, there is an urgent need to save the basics of parliamentary democracy in the state.
  2. That the political parties of the Valley namely PDP, NC have election manifestoes which stand totally opposite to the manifesto of Jammu-based political parties particularly the saffron BJP.
  3. That BJP has managed through manipulation of EVMs of 25 seats in Jammu out of 37.  Made fraudulent promises and spreading conflict and hatred to record their win.  The BJP’s manifesto is totally contradictory to PDP’s or NC’s.
  4. The NC and PDP both have stood on the old Dixon Plan by imposing American formula to divide state on communal line.  PDP’s Self-Rule and NC’s Greater Autonomy are two faces of the same coin.
  5. There could be no match to propose any coalition of BJP and PDP or PDP, NC or other independent MLAs who has gone to the poll with any abuse to the Constitution of India, Army and challenging the national integration.
  6. That the election to the Assembly is held in violation of the judgment of the Supreme Court dated October 8, 2013 where the Supreme Court had held that the present EVMs system needs overhauling and must be changed to keep people faith in elections.  The Supreme Court had directed the Election Commission of India and the Union Government to introduce ‘paper trail’ while polling so that the voter should know whether his/her vote has been cast the way he wanted.
  7. The only way is to stop political parties a blackmail, horse-trading, money-trading and encouraging political corruption.  The only way out is cancellation of the recently held polls and fresh elections by implementing the Supreme Court judegment.

I urge the Hon’ble Governor, Shri N.N Vohra to call off talks with political parties searching for power at the cost of the Constitution, rule of law and indulging in horse-trading and corrupt practices so that fresh election may be held in accordance with the judgment of the Supreme Court.”