PTU declares war against J&K Govt. on May Day Rally at Ramban if Labour Laws are not implemented

A massive May Day State Rally was held by J&K Panthers Trade Union at District Headquarters, Ramban in J&K. Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of PTU who was Chief Guest on the occasion called on the working class, labours and farmers unite for the implementation of Labour Laws including Minimum Wages Act which have not been enforced till date. Prof.Bhim Singh declared a war against the government if failed to grant all those civil liberties, right to wages and work for the labourers and farmers in J&K by the August 1, 2015. He warned the government to face the PTU from the road to the Supreme Court from August 1, declaring 2015 as ‘Youth Year’.

The rally was also addressed by Masood Andrabi, Chairman, PTU, Mr. Sewa Singh Bali, General Secretary-PTU, Ms. Anita Thakur, General Secretary-JKNPP, Mr. Farooq Ahmed Dar, Kashmir Province President-JKNPP, Mr. Padam Dev Singh Dogra, State Secretary-PTU, Mr. Maqbool Malik, State Secretary-JKNPP, Mr. Abdul Majid Dar, Mr. Ahmed Wani, District Ramban-PTU and others. May Day Rally was presided by PTU General Secretary, Mr. Sewa Singh Bali.

A strong resolution was adopted at the rally demanding, among other things, implementation of Minumum Wages Act, release of all the pending scholarships and arrears of SC & ST students till 31st March, 2015, regularization of services of 60,000 casual labourers, regularization of 28,000 SPOs, 3000 SSB Volunteers, 5000 homeguard volunteers, about 5000 contractual employees, free uniform, books (including shoes to the students upto 8th class–this concession was sanctioned by Shri Harsh Dev Singh, Panthers Party MLA as Education Education of 2003 to 2005). Panthers Trade Union also demanded a respectable and honourable treatment to the students in Govt. schools as it was pointed out, that several village schools have no sitting arrangements for students nor there is any mid-day meal served at all. It was felt that there are 55,000 regular posts in the Govt. departments and demanded to fill all the posts on regular basis through a due process and procedure.

Heavy tributes were paid to the martyrs of Labour Movement who were killed by bullets in labourers May Day rally for equal treatment in 1889 in Chicago.

Rally was demanded May Day to be declared as a holiday in memory of the martyrs of Labour Movement and demanded genuine and due process of law to provide social security to the unemployed youth.


Panthers challenge Modi at 50000 strong election rally

Addressing a huge election rally over 50000 strong Panthers in Ramnagar where JKNPP Chairman Shri Harsh Dev Singh, MLA, a three times winner is contesting Assembly election, Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party declared that this election is going to be a battle of Mahabharata (yudh) where the Panthers like Pandavas are in minority and Kaurvas (Rulers) are holding power, wealth and authority. He declared his mission Haq-va-Insaaf accomplished when he can see thousands and thousands of Panthers activists led by Shri Harsh Dev Singh in front of him ready to participate in this Mahabharata, the battle for justice and equity. He declared by holding hand of Shri Harsh Dev Singh in front of the mighty thousands that, “Panthers Party presented Shri Harsh Dev Singh as MLA three times but this time I am presenting him as next Chief Minister from Jammu Dogra Pahari Pradesh.” Prof.Bhim Singh said that people wanted a change in Delhi they voted out Congress forever. Now the people of J&K want change and shall throw out all corrupt, communal, criminal and authoritarian forces led by Congress, NC, PDP as well as BJP.  Prof.Bhim Singh said Panthers Party was born in Ramnagar Tehsil, is birthplace, District Udhampur 32 years back. Today this seedling has gone as tree loaded with the tones of fruits.

            Shri Harsh Dev Singh, MLA, Chairman-JKNPP who is contesting this election against a BJP converted Congressman and other insignificant candidates announced that he shall develop entire Jammu Dogra Pahari Pradesh as he has done in Ramnagar. He said Ramnagar has developed 80% infrastructure in the projects of drinking water, power sector, tourism, agriculture, roads and bridges and above all. He was the only minister in the history of J&K who appointed 35000 ReT teachers as permanent teachers (2003 to 2005) which nobody could do. He said that he has made Ramnagar Constituency as a model constituency in the country. The day he shall get an opportunity to serve the people of the state he shall convert every constituency as a model constituency.

A senior Supreme Court Advocate and social activist of international fame, Mrs. Jay Mala congratulated the voters of Ramnagar constituency to elect Shri Harsh Dev Singh three times and hoped that Shri Harsh Dev Singh shall create a national history by winning fourth time which will be a golden era not for Ramnagar only but for the entire state.

Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia, MLA, President-JKNPP is contesting from Udhampur constituency made a strong appeal to the voters and declared that Udhampur shall win all the three Assembly seats with 80% lead all over.

Prof.Bhim Singh, Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia, Mrs. Jay Mala also addressed a rally in Chenani Assembly constituency, a historical town where 56 generations ruled since Mahabharata. Shri Dhani Ram Atri, State Secretary of the party is contesting from this reserved seat.

District Returning Officer favouring BJP, Congress & NC in J&K

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron, National Panthers Party in his letter addressed to the Chief Election Commissioner of India made a strong protest against the District Returning Officer of Jammu District who has been harassing the Panthers Party workers, creating hurdles in their movement to campaign for the party. NPP Supremo accused District Returning Officer who has got Panthers Party vehicles lifted from its office, NPP headquarters in Jammu District Returning Officer has threatened with dire consequences if all the flags, banners and posters are not removed from the party office. This party office (30-B, Gandhinagar) has been duly allotted to Prof.Bhim Singh by the state.
Prof.Bhim Singh in his letter to CEC accused that some observers are acting at the behest of BJP and the State government to harass the party workers. The District Returning Officer has got Panthers Party vehicles lifted and refused to return the vehicles in spite of the fact that the office of the Chief Electoral Officer has given appropriate permission to use the loudspeakers with PAS.