NPP condemn Brussels attack on humanity

The Panthers Party Session held on its 34th Foundation Anniversary at Dogra Hall, Jammu condemned the attack on innocent people in Brussels, Belgium yesterday and conveyed heartfelt condolences to the families of those who were killed in attack.

Prof. Bhim Singh called on the youth of the world to join hands and voice against all forms of terrorism in the world.  He said that violence cannot be accepted and deserves to be condemned by all.

Nearly five thousands activists of the Panthers Party gathered in the session condemned Brussels attack against humanity and called on UN to constitute a peace committee to denounce all forms of violence.   

Solidarity Conference on Indo-Arab Relations NPP Supremo urges India to revive Nehru-Nasser era

ind-arab-2Addressing an august gathering of members of the diplomatic cops, media persons, members of the civil society, advocates and others, Prof.Bhim Singh proposed setting up an Indo-Arab Development Council with full representation to all the members of the League of the Arab States which should initiate fresh process to revive and strengthen the Indo-Arab relations in the field of politics, culture, art, science and modern technology. He also suggested for exchange of students of the Arab universities with the students of Indian universities, he proposed for a bigger exchange of the farmer forums between India and the Arab world to develop socio-cultural ties with the Arab world so that historical ties.

The conference also adopted a resolution with standing ovation to work for peace, promote peace, fight all kinds of terrorism so that peace returns to the Middle-East and to the rest of the world.

Among those who addressed the conference included Ambassador of Palestine, H.E. Mr. Adnan Abu Alhajaa. He expressed thanks to the successive governments of India for their cooperation to the people and the government of India to the Palestinian people. Others who addressed included Mr. Yunus Siddiqui, Mrs. Nasreen Hamid, Mrs. Usha Malhotra (Ex-MP), Mr. K.L. Malhotra and others. Several senior members of the diplomatic corps from several countries were present including the USA, Somalia, Egypt, Algeria, Ambassador of Bosnia, Sudan and other countries.

Excerpts of the opening speech delivered by Prof.Bhim Singh, Chairman (Hony.) of Indo-Palestine Friendship Society & Arab Solidarity Council on 16th June, 2015, eve of the Holy month of Ramzan-2015 at Constitution Club, New Delhi on the Indo-Arab relations are reproduced below:

“It is a historic conference held in New Delhi, capital of India, Bharata, the largest democracy of the world and lies on the labourhood of India. India, known as Hind in Arabic world and the language has been sharing cultural, social, historical and now modern scientific relations with Arab world. The Arab world is spread from the Middle-East (West Asia) to the East and North of great African continent.

I have an occasion to travel almost all the 22 Arab countries in the Middle-East and Africa. Perhaps, I was the only luckiest person in the world to cross Sahara Desert in 1970/71 from Morocco through Mauritania (Sahara) to Senegal. Enjoyed superb hospitality of the great Arabs. I also got an opportunity to travel from Khartoum (Sudan) through the Nile to Egypt. I got the opportunity to visit Palestine several times by surface from Amman to Palestine and also by air from Amman to Gaza strip besides from Cairo by air to Tel-Aviv. I with my team, Mrs. Nasreen Hamid and others were part of the team when we visited several countries in the Arab world including Gaza, Golan Heights, Jerusalem etc. We had an opportunity to talk to several prominent leaders in the Arab world and the present Israeli Prime Minister, Netanhayu on the Peace Prospects.

India had been playing a great and unique role after it attained freedom from the British rule in 1947. Contributions to lay the foundation of Indo-Arab relations by free India began with the the initiative of Nehru-Nasser era. The Arabs are inseparable neighbours of India geographically and we have centuries’ old relation with the Arab world in the field of culture, trade and in the 21st century we have many a miles to walk together in the field of science, culture, politics, trade and even language and history.

Hind is a popular name in the entire world. The Arab youth, artists and even the social activists love to recite Hindi songs they picked from the Indian films. The Indian cinema has played a unique role in promoting Indo-Arab cultural ties which deserves a fresh look to promote this sector.

Politically speaking India played marvelous innings in developing political and trade ties till Mrs. Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister. It continued till Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister. This is impression which I gathered from my interaction with a common man during my visits to the Arab world. There lies the need to accelerate this process to revive Indo-Arab ties at different levels.

Palestine has been the most important subject which was as dear to India as it is to the Arab world. In India, we don’t take it as a religious issue we take it as highly humanitarian issue which has been vindicated and supported by a dozen of Security Council (UN) Resolutions namely, 194, 242, 338 and others. We considered division of Palestine under Resolution 181 was a deep conspiracy of the Anglo-American Bloc to divide Palestine in 1947. The United Nations failure to ensure implementation of UN Resolutions vis-à-vis Palestine has been cause of unrest and conflict in the Middle-East. India has always supported the United Nations in this regard to implement UN Resolutions.

This conference is an initiative to work out new methods and plans to ensure that Palestine is granted statehood, with full sovereignty as was envisaged in Oslo Agreement and later approved by big countries including United States of America in Washington itself. Why Palestine is not granted statehood when UN partitioned Palestine and recognised Israel, a splinter unit as state? Why Israel was given a laxity in this regard? After agreement to grant full statehood with sovereign status to Palestine, why it has not been implemented till date?, what role the other big powers including India have played in this regard? Why Al-Aqsa is still under Israeli occupation?

India has a great role to play in this regard in the interest of global peace and peace in the Middle-East in particular in 21st century. The new leadership India has to relook into the entire history of the entire Arab world and the urgency to promote and strengthen India’s relations with the entire Arab world.

I would like to put on record some of the recommendations of this conference which deserve to be considered and taken on board on merit to promote ties with the Arab world.

1. India and the Arab world (Arab nations) should consider formation of an Indo-Arab Development Council. The Arab world can be represented through the League of Arab States. This Council should meet frequently and work out the fresh strategies and formations to develop trade, culture, educational ties, historical links. The Arab countries are mostly farmers’ majority states. There is a need to have Indo-Arab farmers’ development council as a part of the main council.

2. The University Grants Commission (India) should initiate direct process to work out joint missions for the exchange of educational delegations and historical connections.

3. India and the Arab world should also convene a meeting of the Non-Aligned Countries to seek cooperation and coordination from NAM countries for ensuring implementation of UN Resolutions so that the great people of Palestine may be given the statehood and their refugee problems are settled once for all.

4. India and the Arab world must develop the new era of communication so that visa at border or visa at the respective airports are available to the Indian citizens travelling to any Arab country and vice versa.

Ladies and gentlemen these are some humble suggestions I am placing before this august house to be considered. This is not enough time to consider all these suggestions. I propose to hold the next session for a full day so that our friends from the Parliament, media, civil society and diplomatic core may participate actively. All are welcome to give their views for consideration of the civil society in India and the Arab world”