Prof.Bhim Singh sends this message to all on the eve of New Year-2015

Happy New Year?

Another year is lost, dawn full of fog’

Destination eloped with shadow of time

Every co-walker asking for the account

of the deeds of the  year  lost.

Account nil, of all those years, I celebrated

With the known and unknown,

From skirts of India to Hanging Gardens of Babylon,

Besieged City of Jerusalem, Egyptian Pyramids,

Crying souls in Hiroshima, first to taste the lightening

Fall of the US Atom Bomb, killing half a million

The US great champion of democracy.

This year too, nothing on record

except, failures and defeats for me, while

killings, shootings  bombs, death & destruction

Every where, innocent children in Schools,

Women drowning in half foot deep waters,

Farmers committing suicides in their farms

Now, again, join you all my friends and critics

To celebrate this day because it

Send me the memory of the Great time

Of the great man, Jesus Christ,

They call Him the Son of God.

I know I have lost one more year

To be taken out of my life, shortening it

By another years only reminding me

That I have year to build bridge of life

With the Ultimate which is still unknown

A mystery, a heave, or hell or God as they call

Faced crucifixion of the tyrants

for the sake of universal Truth!


Bhim Singh

The Lonely Traveller


NPP Supremo releases his film, ‘Star of Bethlehem’

Christmas Greetings

NPP Supremo calls for complete disarmament in Christmas Greetings

Releases his film, ‘Star of Bethlehem  

        Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party in his Christmas Greetings to the people of the world has called on the international community to revive the movement led by Nehru, Bertrand Russell and Martin Luther King and others for complete disarmament so that the universal peace remains no more under threat.

He reminded the rulers of the so-called big nations of the world about the supreme sacrifice made by Jesus Christ in Jerusalem some over 2000 years back for the sake of human dignity, justice and peace and said that His message is still relevant for the maintenance of world peace and harmony.

Prof.Bhim Singh also released a documentary, ‘Star of Bethlehem’produced and directed by him carrying images of the cave where Jesus is born in Bethlehem. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the great teachings which came on earth from Ibrahim, Buddha, Christ or Prophet and other prophets for human love and peace are the only way out to fight menace of terrorism, inequality or exploitation of man by man are the only answer to make this world full of peace and harmony.


Sd/-Sudesh Dogra, Political Secretary