Bhim Singh demands Modi’s urgent revelation on his ‘secret talk’ with Nawaz Sharief in Lahore

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee demanded an urgent revelation of Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India in connection with his ‘secret talks’ with Pak-premier Nawaz Sharief last week. This is very important to ensure that the secret (hidden) parleys of Indian Prime Minister with Pak-premier are brought to the notice of the people of the entire continent. This is urgent because the vested interests and the anti-peace agencies have been exploiting people about the secret meeting in both the countries, India and Pakistan by creating further tension and chaos to generate unrest and disturb peace both in India and Pakistan.

          The Panthers Party Chief said that Prime Minister Modi’s secret talks with premier Sharief are being used by the vested interests and the anti-peace agencies to create misunderstanding and anarchy.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that Prime Minister Modi had every opportunity, if he wanted, to convey the message to the people of this country in his Man Ki Baat programme which he addressed on Sunday after his return from Pakistan. His keeping quite on his secret parleys with Pak-premier has added to further confusion and doubt.

          Prof.Bhim Singh declared that the situation has taken a dangerous turn in J&K because of Prime Minister’s secret talk in Lahore. Keeping a lid on the secret talk jorgan has given a new birth to the already existing explosive situation in India vis-à-vis Pakistan.

Prof.Bhim Singh has warned the Prime Minister that he (Bhim Singh) shall knock the doors of the Supreme Court if Mr. Modi does not come out with truth hidden behind his secret conversation with Pak-premier.

Bhim Singh’s rejoinder to CM Mufti Coalition with BJP, a fraud with Jammu

Reacting strongly on the statement made by J&K Chief Minister on the so- called compulsion of coalition with BJP, Prof. Brim singh said that no one can bluff all the people all the times. He rejected Mufti’s claim that the CM was concerned with the problems of the people of Jammu Pardesh and he joined RSS (BJP) to ensure equitable treatment and share to the people of Jammu.

          NPP supremo questioned the Chief Minister as to what happened to the issue of ( 1)Delimitation of Assembly Constituencies which he had agreed in 2002 with NPP and Congress to hold if he becomes Chief Minister with that Coalition (Congress and NPP). (2) What happened to that Delimitation when his Govt opposed NPP petition in suprem Court. (3)What happened to the plight and Miseries of 15 lacs POK and PAK refuges when Mufti had signed CMP with congress and NP. (4) What happened to the AIIMS at Jammu which was declared by his Govt. (5) It is great that 21000 crores has been airmarked for Ladakh , what about Jammu Pardesh ?. (6) Kashmiry Migrants have been sanctioned 7 ½ Lacs for house for each family whereas Jammu Migrants have been starving and rotting in the jungles of Jammu forests. Those camping in Talwara have been denied electricity and drinking water. Suprem Court judgment to provide Jammu Migrants relief at par with Kashmiry Migrants has been dumped in to the Kashmiry dustbin. (7) What about the comprehensive settlement of POK, PAK Refuges?. (8) Tourism for Kashmir only in Pahalgaon and Gulmarg, The places which were selected by Maharaja Hari Singh and developed. What about Sanasar , Kishtiwar, Bhadarwah, Poonch, Panchari , Bani, Basantgarh, Sudhmahadev , Noore Chhumb and other places in Jammu Pardesh which had heavily voted for BJP.

This speaks in volumes by Mufti is using BJP as its crutches to rule. This is the only way to keep Jammu Prdesh away and let its people starve and be deprived of Justice and equity.

Prof. Bhim Singh called on the Panthers Party workers and the People of Jammu pardesh to joined hand with NPP for the creation of Jammu state so that we shall cease to be serfs of the colonial masters riding the state with BJP crutches .

Why PM Modi is afraid to talk on J&K, should ask Pak to vacate Gilgit-Baltistan

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party has expressed dismay and surprise on the silence of Prime Minister Modi on the so-called issue of J&K with Pakistan. NPP Supremo asked Prime Minister of India to understand the real cracks of the matter from the record, UN Resolutions, Pakistan’s violation of UN Resolutions and betrayal of people.

          NPP Supremo, an expert on J&K Affairs and Convenor of Intra J&K ‘Heart to Heart’ Talks besides being Supremo of the only nationalist, secular and opposition political party in J&K has asked Prime Minister Modi to invite Prime Minister of Pakistan to talk on J&K straight and without menacing words. Firstly, Pakistan should explain why it attacked J&K in 1947? Why Pakistan grabbed half of Jammu province in 1947 when J&K had lawfully acceded to the Union of India on 27th October, 1947? How Pakistan grabbed Gilgit-Baltistan comprising 28,000 sq. miles after the declaration of ceasefire in utter violation of UN Resolution?

          NPP Founder wondered continuous silence on the part of successive Indian government on the illegal occupation/usurpation/annexation by Pakistan of entire Gilgit-Baltistan including Chitral? Prof.Bhim Singh questioned the Govt. of India why it did not raise the issue before the United Nations in 2009 when Pakistan annexed entire Gilgit-Baltistan region by declaring it as its 6th province, a blatant violation of UN Resolution. NPP Supremo asked Prime Minister Modi to tell Pakistan to get entire Karakoram Highway sub-region comprising 4600 sq. miles of India’s territory back from China which was even on 99 years lease to China by Pakistan. What was the locus of Pakistan to sell Indian Territory in Karakoram?

          Prof.Bhim Singh should tell Mr. Sartaj Aziz, Foreign Minister of Pakistan read out UN Resolution dated 13th August, 1948 and see its image in the mirror of history. Why Prime Minister Modi shouldn’t ask Pakistan to vacate its Army from all occupied areas of J&K as per mandate of the UN Resolution? Pakistan should be asked to withdraw its Army and civilian settlers from entire State territory as per UN Resolution? He pointed out that UN Resolutions had given clear mandate that Indian Army shall look after entire State of J&K including Gilgit-Baltistan and the so-called ‘Azad Kashmir’. Why India did not and does not insist on the issues?

          Prof.Bhim Singh called on the Indian intelligentsia, historians, the media and the politicians particularly the Members of Parliament to tell the people of India and the international community these facts of history. Let Pakistan answer these questions it has avoided because of the failure of the Indian leadership to speak on Kashmir.

          Prof.Bhim Singh wondered that silence on the part of Congress, left parties, the socialist was due to their vote bank mission but he wondered why the so-called nationalist leadership of the BJP is following the Congress and the Left Parties on these issues. He said that he in association Sardar Mohd. Abdul Qayyum Khan, the Supremo of Muslim Conference, POK had taken an initiative to start Intra J&K ‘Heart to Heart’ Talks. Talks were held successfully in 2005 and again in 2007. The governments of India and Pakistan allowed the POK leadership to participate in such talks. The talks made a major breakthrough but were not allowed to be held after 2007. He demanded that India and Pakistan should allow Intra J&K Heart to Heart Talks to continue and new leadership in POK should continue the bold initiative taken by Late Sardar Mohd. Addul Qayyum Khan.

Solidarity Conference on Indo-Arab Relations NPP Supremo urges India to revive Nehru-Nasser era

ind-arab-2Addressing an august gathering of members of the diplomatic cops, media persons, members of the civil society, advocates and others, Prof.Bhim Singh proposed setting up an Indo-Arab Development Council with full representation to all the members of the League of the Arab States which should initiate fresh process to revive and strengthen the Indo-Arab relations in the field of politics, culture, art, science and modern technology. He also suggested for exchange of students of the Arab universities with the students of Indian universities, he proposed for a bigger exchange of the farmer forums between India and the Arab world to develop socio-cultural ties with the Arab world so that historical ties.

The conference also adopted a resolution with standing ovation to work for peace, promote peace, fight all kinds of terrorism so that peace returns to the Middle-East and to the rest of the world.

Among those who addressed the conference included Ambassador of Palestine, H.E. Mr. Adnan Abu Alhajaa. He expressed thanks to the successive governments of India for their cooperation to the people and the government of India to the Palestinian people. Others who addressed included Mr. Yunus Siddiqui, Mrs. Nasreen Hamid, Mrs. Usha Malhotra (Ex-MP), Mr. K.L. Malhotra and others. Several senior members of the diplomatic corps from several countries were present including the USA, Somalia, Egypt, Algeria, Ambassador of Bosnia, Sudan and other countries.

Excerpts of the opening speech delivered by Prof.Bhim Singh, Chairman (Hony.) of Indo-Palestine Friendship Society & Arab Solidarity Council on 16th June, 2015, eve of the Holy month of Ramzan-2015 at Constitution Club, New Delhi on the Indo-Arab relations are reproduced below:

“It is a historic conference held in New Delhi, capital of India, Bharata, the largest democracy of the world and lies on the labourhood of India. India, known as Hind in Arabic world and the language has been sharing cultural, social, historical and now modern scientific relations with Arab world. The Arab world is spread from the Middle-East (West Asia) to the East and North of great African continent.

I have an occasion to travel almost all the 22 Arab countries in the Middle-East and Africa. Perhaps, I was the only luckiest person in the world to cross Sahara Desert in 1970/71 from Morocco through Mauritania (Sahara) to Senegal. Enjoyed superb hospitality of the great Arabs. I also got an opportunity to travel from Khartoum (Sudan) through the Nile to Egypt. I got the opportunity to visit Palestine several times by surface from Amman to Palestine and also by air from Amman to Gaza strip besides from Cairo by air to Tel-Aviv. I with my team, Mrs. Nasreen Hamid and others were part of the team when we visited several countries in the Arab world including Gaza, Golan Heights, Jerusalem etc. We had an opportunity to talk to several prominent leaders in the Arab world and the present Israeli Prime Minister, Netanhayu on the Peace Prospects.

India had been playing a great and unique role after it attained freedom from the British rule in 1947. Contributions to lay the foundation of Indo-Arab relations by free India began with the the initiative of Nehru-Nasser era. The Arabs are inseparable neighbours of India geographically and we have centuries’ old relation with the Arab world in the field of culture, trade and in the 21st century we have many a miles to walk together in the field of science, culture, politics, trade and even language and history.

Hind is a popular name in the entire world. The Arab youth, artists and even the social activists love to recite Hindi songs they picked from the Indian films. The Indian cinema has played a unique role in promoting Indo-Arab cultural ties which deserves a fresh look to promote this sector.

Politically speaking India played marvelous innings in developing political and trade ties till Mrs. Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister. It continued till Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister. This is impression which I gathered from my interaction with a common man during my visits to the Arab world. There lies the need to accelerate this process to revive Indo-Arab ties at different levels.

Palestine has been the most important subject which was as dear to India as it is to the Arab world. In India, we don’t take it as a religious issue we take it as highly humanitarian issue which has been vindicated and supported by a dozen of Security Council (UN) Resolutions namely, 194, 242, 338 and others. We considered division of Palestine under Resolution 181 was a deep conspiracy of the Anglo-American Bloc to divide Palestine in 1947. The United Nations failure to ensure implementation of UN Resolutions vis-à-vis Palestine has been cause of unrest and conflict in the Middle-East. India has always supported the United Nations in this regard to implement UN Resolutions.

This conference is an initiative to work out new methods and plans to ensure that Palestine is granted statehood, with full sovereignty as was envisaged in Oslo Agreement and later approved by big countries including United States of America in Washington itself. Why Palestine is not granted statehood when UN partitioned Palestine and recognised Israel, a splinter unit as state? Why Israel was given a laxity in this regard? After agreement to grant full statehood with sovereign status to Palestine, why it has not been implemented till date?, what role the other big powers including India have played in this regard? Why Al-Aqsa is still under Israeli occupation?

India has a great role to play in this regard in the interest of global peace and peace in the Middle-East in particular in 21st century. The new leadership India has to relook into the entire history of the entire Arab world and the urgency to promote and strengthen India’s relations with the entire Arab world.

I would like to put on record some of the recommendations of this conference which deserve to be considered and taken on board on merit to promote ties with the Arab world.

1. India and the Arab world (Arab nations) should consider formation of an Indo-Arab Development Council. The Arab world can be represented through the League of Arab States. This Council should meet frequently and work out the fresh strategies and formations to develop trade, culture, educational ties, historical links. The Arab countries are mostly farmers’ majority states. There is a need to have Indo-Arab farmers’ development council as a part of the main council.

2. The University Grants Commission (India) should initiate direct process to work out joint missions for the exchange of educational delegations and historical connections.

3. India and the Arab world should also convene a meeting of the Non-Aligned Countries to seek cooperation and coordination from NAM countries for ensuring implementation of UN Resolutions so that the great people of Palestine may be given the statehood and their refugee problems are settled once for all.

4. India and the Arab world must develop the new era of communication so that visa at border or visa at the respective airports are available to the Indian citizens travelling to any Arab country and vice versa.

Ladies and gentlemen these are some humble suggestions I am placing before this august house to be considered. This is not enough time to consider all these suggestions. I propose to hold the next session for a full day so that our friends from the Parliament, media, civil society and diplomatic core may participate actively. All are welcome to give their views for consideration of the civil society in India and the Arab world”

Geelani is as good Indian as Dr. Karan Singh or Dr. Farooq Abdullah, passport is constitutional right of every citizen

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party in a scathing attack on the power that be in Delhi or in Srinagar said that granting/issuing a passport in favour of any Indian citizen is no favour rather it is a constitutional right of every Indian to have passport. Refusing passport to Mr. Ali Shah Geelani or questioning his integrity as a citizen of India amounts to defamation and state cannot be absolved from its responsibility to let every Indian get his passport whenever he/she wishes and wherever they intend to go (unless a visit to that country is prohibited/banned by an Indian Law).

The news items appearing in a section of press that an Ex-MLA, J&K, 84 years old Geelani has been refused passport are highly undesirable and unacceptable to any nationalist or Indian because every citizen unless he is disqualified as a right to obtain a passport.

Prof.Bhim Singh accusd the State and Centre agencies for coining some prominent/known political activists as ‘separatists’ only to suit their marketing in J&K. He said every permanent resident of J&K State is unquestionably citizen of India. What is the wrong if Mr. Geelani swears to uphold unity, integrity and sovereignty of India which is required under the Passport Act. How his right to obtain a passport can be denied, he questioned. It did not matter where the passport holder intends to go.

Prof.Bhim Singh questioned Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi whether he considers all opposition leaders or critics of his RSS-PDP run government as separatist? He asked Prime Minister Modi to spell out the meaning of separatist and stop the vested interest from maligning the national residents in J&K who are no less citizens of India than others.