NPP Supremo calls on Shri Brahma to greet him as new Chief Election Commissioner of India

Prof.Bhim Singh, Supremo of J&K National Panthers Party and Human Rights Lawyer today called on Shri H.S. Brahma, Chief Election Commissioner of India at Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi and congratulated him as the Chief Election Commissioner of India hoping that his initiative may bring desirable change in the electoral system particularly in respect of use of EVMs as per direction of the Supreme Court for the use of ‘paper trail’ in the system.

Prof.Bhim Singh in his letter addressed to the CEC stated that,

‘The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in its Judgment dated 08.10.2013 clearly laid down the law that,

“From the materials placed by both the sides, we are satisfied that the “paper trail” is an indispensable requirement of free and fair elections. The confidence of the voters in the EVMs can be achieved only with the introduction of the “paper trail”. EVMs with VVPAT system ensure the accuracy of the voting system. With an intent to have fullest transparency in the system and to restore the confidence of the voters, it is necessary to set up EVMs with VVPAT system because vote is nothing but an act of expression which has immense importance in democratic system.”

It is submitted that after one year of the judgment no initiative has been taken to introduce‘paper trail’ in the EVMs which is threatening the credibility of democracy and people’s faith in the EVMs.

Elections in J&K were held in December, 2014 more than one year after the judgment of the Supreme Court. The polling percentage shown from 70 to 85% in the hilly areas of the state was alarming as there was no check because the ‘paper trail’ system was not introduced in the state. The faith of the people in democracy is fading particularly when the EVMs were brought to J&K via Gujarat and purchased without tenders from a particular company in the public sector. The Panthers Party has been demanding introduction of ‘paper trail’ system, cancellation of the present poll so that fresh elections may be held in the state with the ‘paper trail’ system.

It is submitted that general elections of Assembly in NCT of Delhi have been notified but there is no indication whether ‘paper trail’ system in the EVMs shall be followed.

It is submitted that the ‘paper trail’ system should be introduced without any further delay so that people’s faith in the electoral system is not completely demolished because in that case the entire democratic system shall be put under question on its credibility. Once the people loose faith in democracy, the violent forces and enemies of peace shall exploit the situation to add to the anarchy. That can endanger not only democracy but the unity of the country.”


Attached: Judgment of the Supreme Court on 08.10.2013.  SC Judgment on 08.10.2013 on EVMs

Grave violation of MCC by Shri Narendra Modi

Chief Election Commission of India

Nirvachan Sadan,

New Delhi


Sub:-   Grave violation of MCC by Shri Narendra Modi




This is sad news for democracy in India that the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) is being flouted by a person no less than Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.  I would like to present the following facts, which deserves urgent attention of Hon’ble CEC;

  1. The Prime Minister has been misusing his position as Prime Minister. Army helipads are used by him in J&K which are not available to other political parties.
  2. The Prime Minister has visited and still visiting each district in J&K at the expense of state. Crores of rupees are being spent for installing security covers, pillars and for decoration of political platform at the expense of state exchequer.
  3. The Prime Minister frequent aerial visits in Jammu and Kashmir has added to the political permission disturbing movement of all other political parties. This has denied the right of election campaign to all political parties except BJP.
  4. In this regard I shall refer two instances.  Shri Modi visited Srinagar on 8th December, 2014 on his election tour in Kashmir Valley.  Four meetings organized by JKNPP in Srinagar were cancelled as undeclared curfew was imposed in the entire Valley.  This also stopped all political parties to campaign in Kashmir Valley for two days.
  5. Mr. Modi visited two districts in Jammu Pradesh; Kathua and Rajouri where elections shall be held on 20th December, 2014.  All the routes leading to Jammu were automatically jammed for hours.  I was trapped in jam on the National Highway between Kathua and Jammu for hours with the result I could not attend any political meeting in Kathua District.
  6. That the election campaign in Jammu District could not be held because of Shri Modi’s rally in Jammu city.  Party Legislators namely Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia MLA President JKNPP and Shri Yashpal Kundal MLA State President Young Panthers were locked in traffic jam for hours from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. with the result they could not attend any election campaign committee this day in Assembly Constituencies, Chhamb, Akhnoor, Domana and Marh.
  7. That the fundamental rights of the political parties have been grossly violated because of the unscheduled and improper public meetings of the Prime Minister.  The

State and Central machinery and agencies are being used to fetch the voters from far off places to gather them for the PM’s rallies.  This is talk of every person that each person so hired is being paid Rs. 300/- by the agencies with a promise that he/she shall get another Rs. 300/- if he/she votes for Modi.  How far is election free and fair? I would like to understand from the Hon’ble Chief Election Commissioner of India who is widely known for his integrity?

  1. This letter may be treated as a petition to be adjudicated on the principles of natural justice.

I would like to urge Hon’ble CEC to extend election in the 5th phase in J&K to another three days which have been lost because of Prime Minister Modi’s unscheduled and irregular visits to woo the voters.

Sir, this is in the interest of democracy and rule of law that all kind of corrupt practices should be stopped in the interest of Parliamentary Democracy and its future which stands threatened under new“Prime Minister Modi order”

With regards,

Yours Sincerely,

Sd/- Prof. Bhim Singh

Chief Patron NPP

Bhim Singh challenges Prime Minister Modi to join a debate on one platform on his blunders

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party addressing several corner meetings in Gandhi Nagar Assembly constituency challenged Prime Minister Modi to share one platform to debate with him on his falling foreign policy, home policy and his developmental projects. Prof. Bhim Singh accused Shri Narendra Modi for creating conflict in the society in the name of religion which is threatening the unity, integrity and social ethos.  He said Prime Minister Modi has violated the rule of law and misused his authority as Prime Minister of India.  He said Modi has committed more than 21 blunders since he took over as Prime Minister of the country.  His latest blunder is violating Model Code of Conduct (MCC) by using state exchequer to ignite election campaign in Jammu and Kashmir thus becoming the first Prime Minister in the country to hold 11 election meetings in one state (J&K) at the expense of the state which costs a nation more than Rs.55 crores is the first Prime Minister to commit a blunder by setting anti-national elements as his party candidates.  Prime Minister Modi first casualty is BJP with the democratic functioning going in the party.  Modi’s grave blunder in Kashmir is his Mission Kashmir which is decorated with separate map of Jammu and Kashmir.  Mr. Modi’s message to the enemies of the country is highly dangerous trend.  Prof. Bhim Singh told strong gathering during his election speeches in Gandhi Nagar where Ms. Anita Thakur, General Secretary-JKNPP is the candidate.  She will be the first woman MLA from Gandhi Nagar Assembly constituency in Jammu and Kashmir Assembly.

Ms. Anita Thakur appealed to the voters in his constituency that she shall serve the people irrespective of their party affiliation thought is religion.  She said that Haq-Insaf is mission of the party and she shall not fail in this mission for everybody including refugees, 1947, 1965, 1971 and Jammu migrant of 1999,  unemployed youth, contractual employees, daily wagers ReT teachers, ex-servicemen, farmers and women folk which have remained neglected for the past 64 years.

Prof. Bhim Singh also addressed his massive election rallies in Thathri in Nagrota constituency where Vilakshan Singh advocate and General Secretary of Young Panthers is the heavy weight candidate.

Code of Conduct by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi

English: Narendra Modi in Press Conference

English: Narendra Modi in Press Conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prof. Bhim Singh, Founder of National Panthers Party raised important issues with the Chief Election Commissioner of India on the gross violation of Code of Conduct by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi.

1.     During PM’s visit to Srinagar all public roads in and around Amar Singh Club who were decorated with PM flags, banners, slogans, posters and banners were pasted on the public Chinar Trees, Government buildings and roads.

2.     The PM’s posters with his mission Kashmir 44+ were carrying map of Jammu and Kashmir sans India. India has been protesting on the international forums against keeping J&K out of Indian map. The Prime Minister of India pasted the map of Jammu and Kashmir without the entire national flag. This is a grave violation of the rules and amounts to criminal negligence ignoring sans of national integration only to appease the anti-national elements at home and abroad.

3.      The Doordarshan and public media giving false information that Shri Modi was addressing one lac crowd in Srinagar public meeting when the total capacity (sitting) of the ground where PM addressed his rally was 4100.

4.     The entire Kashmir Valley was put under undeclared curfew on 8th December 2014.  This resulted in complete collapse of business, trade and educational institutions.

5.     This situation denied an opportunity to the opposition parties to continue their political campaign particularly in the Districts of Srinagar and Budgam as this area was converted into police camp.

6.     I had to address four election rallies in Srinagar district which were naturally banned/prohibited which is not only violation of Code of Conduct but denial of equal opportunity to the Panthers Party to hold election meetings in Srinagar.

7.     Prof. Bhim Singh has demanded urgent action against Shri Narendra Modi.

NPP Supremo calls on CEC seeks his intervention to provide security to NPP candidates in J&K

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party air-dashed from Jammu to New Delhi and met Shri V.S. Sampath, the Chief Election Commissioner of India late last evening at Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi. He accused the State administration for its total failure to protect the lives of the civilians and the political activists. Prof.Bhim Singh informed the Chief Election Commissioner of India that the Panthers Party candidates, particularly, in the Valley have not been provided appropriate security cover as has been done in case of the candidates of the Congress, BJP, NC and PDP. He accused the Chief Minister by denying the security cover as well as other facilities to the Panthers Party state office bearers and the candidates.

Prof.Bhim Singh also sought of the intervention of CEC to ensure that appropriate security cover and reasonable accommodation is provided to the star-campaigners of the Panthers Party, particularly in the Valley. He said that though he is in ‘Z’ security cover he has not been allowed to stay in government Guest Houses or Circuit Houses anywhere in the Valley with the result he had to spend two nights in his vehicle. He also told the CEC that security cover of Panthers Party candidates after the first and the second phase polls has been withdrawn to keep them away from participating in election campaign of the party in 3rd and 4th phases.
The CEC assured NPP Supremo to take appropriate steps to ensure security cover on equal terms for all the candidates of the recognized political parties in J&K.
Prof.Bhim Singh has reported from Sopore and Baramullah this afternoon that in spite of his meeting with the CEC he was provided security cover according to his entitlement under ‘Z’ security cover. He was provided only one Escort to campaign in Baramullah and Sopore which were hit by the terrorists yesterday. On the other hand, NPP Chief Patron accused the Election Commission for digesting all acts of violations of Code of Conduct by the major parties.
Prof.Bhim Singh was accompanied by Shri Masood Andrabi, State Vice President, Shri Farooq Ahmed Dar, President, Kashmir Province, Shri Mehboob Illahi, State Secretary and others in the campaign. Prof.Bhim Singh appealed the people of the Valley particularly the youth to join the movement of the Panthers Party so that each one shall get justice from the criminal, communal, corrupt and authoritarian rule in the state.