Communal division to caste torn polls BJP’s poll graph declining fast

BJP has no reason to beat drums in Maharashtra when it has lost its percentage of polls from recently held Lok Sabha election. BJP had secured 31% of votes in Lok Sabha polls in Maharashtra whereas its percentage came down to 27.8 in the Assembly election. The BJP, in spite of its wholehearted efforts to communalize the electoral environment failed miserably to catch Maratha votes in Maharashtra. The Maratha votes got divided in three segments, Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP (19.3 + 18.0 + 17.2). This makes 54.5% of the total votes besides the votes polled by other smaller parties and independent. The BJP has nothing to celebrate with just 27.8% of votes which is secured by spending tones of money, false promises and horrors of caste and communal division.” This was the political analysis worked out by Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council. He said that BJP could not secure even 1/3rd of the total votes polled in the election. 36% of the total voters in the state were absent. The BJP could hardly reach 15% of the total number of voters in Maharashtra, mostly non-Marathas. After effects of Maharashtra Assembly polls, 2014 may give rise to polarization between locals and non-locals and Marathas and non-Marathas. This is the Modi contribution which shall not be good for the future of the largest democracy in the world.

Prof.Bhim Singh commenting on Haryana Assembly results shared the views of those who believe that the BJP election campaign or strategy to alienate Jats from the rest of the community shall prove counter productive and weakened the national integrity in the north. He said that, though, BJP got 47/90 Assembly seats for the first time but it secured only just 1/3rd of the total votes polled (33.2%) and less than ¼th of the total electorates in Haryana. This was disgusting, Prof.Bhim Singh remarked that the BJP tried to demonize the Jats community in the election just for timely gain leaving the bad taste between the Jats and non-Jats in the state. In spite of all this INLD, INC, IND & BSP (24.1 + 20.6 + 10.6 + 4.4) together managed to secure 59.1% of votes which is an extraordinary strength in democracy.

Prof.Bhim Singh recollected that Acharya Vinoba Bhave ji had asked him a question when he (Bhim Singh) met him in his (Acharya) Ashram, Wardha in 1979 that as long as the puzzle in parliamentary democracy is not resolved which makes 51 absolute and 49 non-existent, democracy can’t be harmonized. What he meant was that a political party which secures even 51% of the total number of seats in a legislature takes over full command of the government leaving 49% as helpless creatures. Prof.Bhim Singh said that this question of Vinoba ji needs an open debate to resolve a serious lacuna in our parliamentary system in India. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the present system has to be reworked to ensure involvement of all political parties in the process of national building. There are number of seats in the legislature shall have to be worked out on the basis of percentage of votes. He said that the political corruption/individual corruption by the candidates can also be checked. Proportional representation with some scientific amendments needs to be introduced with bold face and no hesitation.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the research work conducted by some freelancers has indicated that Rs.5 to 10 crores were spent in one Assembly constituency by the candidates of the bigger parties both in Maharashtra and in Haryana. This money menace and political corruption may destroy the very roots of democracy if not checked in time.


NPP Chairman slaps Rs.50 lacs damage notice to Tribune, Chandigarh for blackmail

Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, MLA, Chairman, J&K National Panthers Party today expressed shock and anger on the mischievous, baseless and defamatory story carried in the Tribune (in all its editions) giving an impression as if JKNPP is merging or dissolving into BJP. Its story today with headlines, ‘BJP wants Panthers Party to contest on lotus symbol’ is totally misleading, malicious, defamatory and is not acceptable in the discipline of journalism. He said that the Panthers Party was founded in 1982 under the leadership of Prof.Bhim Singh who resigned his Membership in the Assembly and the Congress Party with a mission to defeat the communal, reactionary, anti-national, criminal and corrupt political forces operating in J&K.

He said that the Panthers Party has been fighting with all its force and dedication for the reorganization of J&K to ensure the formation of three states with full statehood status to Jammu (Dogra-Pahari) Pradesh.

The Chairman rejected the story and a propaganda carried by a section of the media at the behest of BJP who have been misleading the people of J&K, particularly the innocent and brave Dogras living in Jammu Pradesh about the leadership of the Panthers Party. He said that Panthers Party is only political party in J&K which is acceptable by the people of all the regions, capable to deliver justice to the people particularly the youth and defeat the communal, criminal, corrupt and opportunist forces who have been exploiting the people of J&K for six decades only to raise their vote accounts and the revenues. He said that the Panthers Party shall fight this election in J&K with a mission 50 + and Inshah Allah (God willing), Panthers Party shall write a new history of revolution and change in the state of J&K.

He sounded the JKNPP workers not to be misled by the false and the misleading propaganda by a section of the media sponsored by BJP, NC and the Congress.

BJP, Congress & Kashmir centric parties stand exposed on Panthers Party bill on secularism

This was highly tragic and unfortunate that the ruling party in India namely BJP did not support the Panthers Party MLA’s bill in J&K Assembly last evening to include ‘secularism’ in the preamble of J&K Constitution. The Congress and the Kashmir centric political parties like PDP and National Conference also opposed the inclusion of ‘secularism’ in the preamble of the J&K Constitution. The bill was moved by the Panthers Party MLA and former Education Minister Shri Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman of JKNPP. The bill was supported only by the Panthers Party MLAs namely Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia and Shri Yashpal Kundal whereas 11 BJP MLAs were seen hiding their faces in their sleeves whereas the Congress, National Conference and PDP MLAs stood against the inclusion of word secularism in J&K.

          When the mover of the bill, Shri Harsh Dev Singh, MLA and Chairman of JKNPP stood in support of bill advocating vociferously that J&K is integral part of India which has even been constitutionally incorporated in Section 3 of the J&K Constitution, the word secularism and socialism has to be included in the preamble of the State Constitution. He argued that J&K has been a secular state. It is integral part of India, a secular country and therefore word secularism cannot be omitted in the State Constitution. He argued that without the words ‘secularism’ and ‘socialism’ the State Constitution has no constitutional mandate and therefore it has lost its legality.

          Only three MLAs of the Panthers Party carried the flag of secularism onto the well of the floor of the House and exposed the opponents of secularism.

          Prof.Bhim Singh, former three times legislator, a constitutional expert and Sr. Advocate of the Supreme Court urged Shri N.N. Vohra, the Governor of J&K to invoke Section 92 of the J&K Constitution as the present government is working out of the scope and meaning of the Constitution. When they (ruling parties) failed to accept world secularism which is soul of democracy in India, they are working out of the parameters of the Constitution, hence there is constitutional obligation on the Governor to dissolve the Assembly and dismiss the government of J&K.

          Prof.Bhim Singh also reminded the people of J&K who voted heavily for the BJP in the recent Lok Sabha election to mark this point that both the BJP as well as National Conference plus PDP are deadly against secular Constitution. The nexus between ruling BJP in the Centre and ruling National Conference and Congress in J&K stands totally exposed.

          Prof.Bhim Singh congratulated the four musketeers (four NPP legislators), three MLAs and one MLC for demonstrating their total commitment to the cause of nationalism, secularism and democracy through their continuous efforts to raise public causes inside the legislature. This is the right time for the people of three regions to understand who deserve public support in the coming Assembly election.  


NPP announces first list of 10 candidates from Kashmir Valley, Congress accused invoking BJP ‘Hindutva’

Addressing a Press Conference in Srinagar (Kashmir), Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Member of National Integration Council today accused Congress for invoking BJP Hindutva to create communal divide in the conflict-torn state of J&K.

He said that J&K Congress leaders out of sheer frustration and panic have started blowing horns on ‘Hindutva’ in J&K demanding a Hindu Chief Minister in the state. The J&K Congress leaders as well as BJP have been exploiting the electorates in Jammu Pradesh under one pretext or the other. A Congress leader from Jammu has started advocating for a Hindu Chief Minister in J&K with an attempt to woo the majority in Jammu Pradesh for the coming Assembly polls. The Congress has started new stunt after their complete rout in the Lok Sabha polls in Jammu Pradesh. The BJP has been exploiting the Jammu electorates on the same slogan for years. On the other hand the Kashmir Valley based political parties have been abetting the BJP to create communal divide in Jammu Pradesh so that the Kashmir based parties shall reap the harvest in Kashmir Valley. This happened during the 2008 polls when a Congress Chief Minister created a ruckus in Jammu by acquiring the land of Shri Amarnath Shrine Board. Now they have again invoked the communal slogan patronized by BJP Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Realizing the race is tough and Congress ship sinking, it has given new a slogan of a Hindu Chief Minister.

Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the people of the country that National Conference leader Dr. Farooq Abdullah in 2002 had declared support to Prof.Bhim Singh as the next Chief Minister. NC was having 31 seats in the Assembly. It was the Congress which opposed Prof.Bhim Singh’s name and joined Mufti Mohd. Sayeed to keep Prof.Bhim Singh out of the race. He said that Congress is trying to fool the people in the name of Hindutva which amounts to an attack on the composite culture of the state.

Prof.Bhim Singh also announced first list of 10 candidates from the Kashmir Valley. The candidates included the sitting MLC and President Young Panthers, Syed Mohd. Rafiq Shah from Kupwara. The list is as under:-

District Kupwara : Kupwara & Handwara  Constituencies: Syed Mohd Rafiq Shah, MLC, President,State Young Panthers & Karnah Constituency :Jehangir Ahmad Khan

District Ganderbal : Kangan Constituency :  Ab. Rashid Ganie

District Shopian :  Wachi Constituency :Mohd. Yousuf Mir & Shopian Constituency : Shah Fayaz Ahmad

District Baramulla : Sangrama Constituency : Farooq Ahmad Bhat & Sopore Constituency : Muzafar Ahmad Lone

District Budgam : Beeru  Constituency : Mohd. Yousuf Wani


District Pulwama : Tral Constituency : Krishan Singh Bedi & Rajpora Constituency : Syed Abid Ahmad Shah

Those sitting in the press conference included M/s. Syed Mohd. Rafiq Shah, MLC (President, Young Panthers) Masood Andrabi (Vice President), Farooq Ahmed Dar (Provincial President), Manjoor Naik (State General Secretary) and Maqbool Malik, Mehboob Illahi, Jehangir Ahmed Khan (State Secretaries).

In the meanwhile, Syed Mohd. Rafiq Shah, MLC, President Young Panthers announced the name of Mr. Adil Mustafa Khan as State Secretary of the Young Panthers Committee.