Bhim Singh garlands State Hero on behalf of Prime Minister Modi at Rajendra Pura

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party later visited Bugana (Rajendra Pura), the birthplace of martyr Brig. Rajendra Singh who sacrificed his life on 25/26th October, 1947 along with 125 Dogra soldiers in the Uri sector in Baramulla (Kashmir) to foil the Pak-invaders to enter Kashmir Valley. Prof.Bhim Singh garlanded the statue of the Dogra Hero on behalf of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi who during his election campaign visited the village but failed to garland the state hero. Releasing that injury caused to the Dogras, Prof.Bhim Singh garlanded the Dogra Hero to honour him.

Prof.Bhim Singh also addressed a 50000 strong election rally at Samba where Shri Yashpaul Kundal, MLA is Panthers Party candidate. Chairman-JKNPP Shri Harsh Dev Singh, President Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia and Shri Yashpal Kundal, candidate also addressed the election rally.

Kashmir valley highlighed

Kashmir valley highlighed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Panthers Party paid rich tributes to the war heroes who fought in the First World War, Second World War and 1947 in defense of J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh regretted that BJP is following the same policy towards the Dogras which was followed by the Congress. He said denial of Paramvir Chakra to Brig. Rajendra Singh is a grave blunder and proves that both Congress and BJP have no love last for the Dogras and their heroism.

Panthers declare Jammu Dogra Pahari State Demand similar status for Kashmir Valley & Ladakh

Addressing several election rallies in Reasi & Udhampur Districts, Prof.Bhim, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party declared that the Panthers Party stands for Jammu Dogra Pahari State to end 60 years old slavery, exploitation, discrimination and authoritarian rule. The Panthers Party released its manifesto last evening with 31 points declaring that Reorganization of J&K is the only way and the people of Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh shall get equity and justice only after reorganization with separate chief ministers, separate assemblies, separate budgets, separate recruitment boards in the state.


Portrait of Gulab Singh Dogra.

Portrait of Gulab Singh Dogra. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  Prof.Bhim Singh with other senior leaders addressed massive election rallies in Arnas, Reasi, Katra (Reasi District). He also, in his whirlwind tour addressed several election meetings in Udhampur and Ramnagar constituencies where Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia, MLA and Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, MLA & Chairman are contesting in the respective constituencies. Prof.Bhim Singh accused both Delhi based and Srinagar based political parties for exploiting the people of Jammu Pradesh and using them for 65 years as sheep and goats.

            Prof.Bhim Singh was accompanied by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh in Ramnagar segment, Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia in Udhampur segment, Mr. Balwan Singh candidate in Reasi segment and Mr. Shakeel Ahmed who is contesting from Gool-Arnas segment.

            Prof.Bhim Singh accused BJP for encouraging defection, misusing his position in government by his hate speeches spreading conflict and confusion. Prof.Bhim Singh accused BJP for exploiting the people of Jammu for 64 years in the name of Article 370 which BJP promised to abrogate if it comes to power. After coming to power Mr. Modi has started exploiting the Kashmiries that BJP shall not touch Article 370. He called on the people of Jammu region to beware of the ugly designs of BJP which is interested only to seek power.

            Prof.Bhim Singh accused state government for denying the entire people of Jammu Pradesh the relief and compensation to the flood victims which proves that NC-Congress government has no love last for Jammu. He also accused the state government for the violation of the Code of Conduct by favouring NC, Congress and BJP candidates only. In his letter to CEC he protested that he was not allowed accommodation in the government Dak Bungalow in Udhampur though he is in ‘Z’ security cover. The Panthers Party is contesting from all the three Assembly segments in Udhampur District.

Manifesto-2014 Amendment in Article 370

o empower Parliament to legislate vis-à-vis J&K in order to ensure guarantee the fundamental rights to every resident of J&K being citizen of India. This is a tragedy that the Constitution of J&K has no chapter on fundamental rights though the State is integral part of the Union.   

The JKNPP stands for strengthening the federal structure of J&K by reorganizing the state on the basis of cultural, linguistic, geographical identity of the regions of the state through amendment of Article 370 which is an epediment in State-Centre relations, so that  region grows on the foundation of its cultural and historical dimensions.

This is our pleasure to release manifesto for the Asembly Election-2014 in J&K for the bright future of J&K as integral constituent and crown of India.

1.         The Panthers Party stands for holding referendum in Gilgit-Baltistan region and in POK so that the residents of the occupied areas may make their final choice whether they would like to stay under the occupation of Army dominated Govt. of Pakistan.

2.         To seek the comprehensive resolution of the regional tension existing at present among three regions of the State there lies a necessity to reorganize the state under the constitutional mandate of Article 370. There shall be Federal State of Jammu and Kashmir with three Provincial Assemblies for each region so that each region may enjoy absolute political power to ensure its development under the mandate of the Constitution of India.

3.         The JKNPP stands for the implementation of ‘Delhi Declaration’ of the Panthers Party, June 2008 so that a constructive dialogue is developed among the notables of both sides of J&K. This dialogue was initiated by Prof. Bhim Singh and Sardar Mohd. Qayyum Khan, called ‘J&K Heart to Heart Talks’. The Working Group of the Prime Minister of India had accepted the recommendations made in a resolution adopted by the distinguished leaders of both sides of J&K in 2005 and 2007 in New Delhi. This is facilitated the movement of the people across LoC at five points in Jammu Pradesh and Kashmir Valley.

4.         Delimitation of Assembly Constituencies: The delimitation of the constituencies was promised in 2002 in Common Minimum Programme (CMP) of the then coalition partners which was finalized under the chairmanship of Dr. Manmohan Singh and signed by Dr. Manmohan Singh, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Mufti Mohd. Sayeed, Prof. Bhim Singh and others. However, Congress, NC and PDP betrayed its promise by causing grave injury to the democratic rights and aspirations of the people of the three regions of the state. The JKNPP stands for delimitation of constituencies so that each gets equitable just representation. Each state constituent under the new formation shall have 60 MLAs in Jammu State and same number for the Kashmir State. Ladakh (including Gilgit-Baltistan) shall have 40 MLAs. Similarly Jammu Dogra Pahari State shall have 60 + 40 MLAs add 40 shall be added after the reunification of the state according to the UN Resolution which directed Pakistan to vacate entire State of J&K.

5.         Kashmiri Migrants: The Panthers Party is dedicated to facilitate the safe return of the Kashmiri Pandits to their homes in 1989. They were forced to leave their homeland by those who do not believe in secular co-existence, and who wanted to see the state bleed. Today displaced Kashmiri Pandits have been living in inhuman, unhygienic and undignified conditions in the camps. It is a black spot on the Kashmiriat. We dedicate ourselves to make them secure and happy in their homeland Kashmir. The day each one of them returns that will be the day of people’s victory over forces of division and destruction. Panthers Party stands for the safe, secured, honourable return and rehabilitation of all Kashmiri Pundits Migrants.

Failure of the coalition government to ensure return of the Kashmiri Pandit Migrants back to the Valley and the decision to settle them in the burning sands in Nagrota and other places shall prove a disaster for the national security. The money which is being spent for their flats in Jammu should have been provided to the Kashmiri Migrants for their rehabilitation in Kashmir Valley. This is a criminal negligence on the part of the government to neglect a great community.

6. Jammu Migrants: The situation of the Jammu migrants who were forced out of their homes by the terrorists from the Districts of Rajouri, Poonch, Udhampur, Reasi, Doda  and other areas during the militancy is pathetic and violates human rights. About 5,000 families of Jammu Migrants have been starving in deserted areas without any relief by the government. The Supreme Court of India had directed the State & the Central governments to provide such migrants relief at par with other Kashmiri migrants as has been granted to the Kashmiri migrants. JKNPP shall continue to fight for implementation of the order of the Supreme Court of July 2007 in writ petition filed by the Panthers Party.


Same Rule for Jammu Migrants

            The Central and State governments have increased the relief both in cash and kind in favour of Kashmiri migrants whereas Jammu migrants have been neglected and discriminated with. Govt. of India has allotted special funds for the Kashmiri migrants for their rehabilitation in the Valley whereas no such plan/scheme has been framed by the Govt. of India which establishes the truth that both the Central and the State governments are hostile towards Jammu migrants who have been languishing in same deserted lanes of Jammu Pradesh and some of them in Talwara migrants.

The state government has been using police oppression and suppression to crush the voice of the Jammu migrants. The government itself is a party to the police atrocities committed against the helpless starving migrants of Talwara, Reasi. The Panthers Party shall deliver them justice. The Panthers Party has been fighting the case of three prominent Panthers Party leaders namely Ms Anita Thakur, General Secretary, Mr. H.C. Jalmeria, Advocate, General Secretary and Mr. P.K. Ganju, Media Advisor who were brutally assaulted by the police while they were leading the march of hundreds of Jammu Migrants to Delhi on 7th August, 2007.

7.  Pak Refugees: Jammu has about 85,000 Refugees from Pakistan who were lawfully settled by the J&K government headed by Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah during 1947-48. They have been living in Jammu region as stateless human beings with no human and no civil or political rights. This is the time that this human problem is addressed to the requirements of the law of the land. The problem of rehabilitation and comprehensive settlement of the Refugees from POK deserves urgent attention so that their agony and pain caused by the denial of justice is brought to an end forever.

8. Political Prisoners and Jails: The Panthers Party is dedicated to the task of protecting people’s civil liberties. The Panthers Party leaders and workers have suffered untold miseries in jails just because they demanded justice for all. We have been fighting for all those who have been thrown in Jails for political reasons or without trial. We fought for each victim cutting across party, organizational, national and international boundaries. Our fight for general amnesty to all political prisoners!  Prof. Bhim Singh himself was detained about eight years at different times and different jails in J&K. The Supreme Court of India awarded a compensation of Rs.50,000/- from the Govt. of J&K for his illegal arrest in 1984 while he was a sitting Panthers Party MLA from Chenani.

9. No Detention without Trial!:  The Panthers Party is dedicated to improve the inhuman conditions in jails stands committed that there should be no detention with trial and the government should grant general amnesty to the political prisoners detained in J&K jails.

10. Ladakh: That the Zojila Tunnel should be built to ensure round the year vehicular movement as well as Defence security. Air link with Kargil shall be established. Zanskar shall be connected with Leh by road.

A tunnel bridge under the River Chenab should be built to connect Akhnoor town with the eastern side of the river to strengthen the defense of the Akhnoor sector.

The present situation and a positive change in the thinking of the people on both sides of J&K demand that the Government of India should issue general amnesty to the political detenus from J&K as well as POK to provide an opportunity to the misguided youth to see the light of the day provided they are not involve in any heinous crimes or offences against the State.

11. Unemployment/New Mode of Recruitment : We are sitting on the volcano of unemployment.  The state does not have any policy to settle the burning human problems to find social security for nearly 2,50,000 unemployed youth in J&K. The schemes announced by the government have been rejected by the unemployed youth. NPP seeks viable and acceptable employment policy so as to absorb lacs of unemployed graduates and post-graduates, medicos, engineers, technocrats, agriculture graduates, social forestry graduates, ITI trained personnel besides other. It seeks reengagement of all terminated National Youth Corps (8000) engaged earlier under the Govt. of India Scheme. NPP strongly condemns the New Recruitment Policy/stipendiary mode of recruitment in government services. It has already filed writ petition in the Supreme Court challenging the law to provide only half of the salary to the non-gazetted fresh recruit in the state. It shall vociferously take up the matter on the Floor of the Assembly so that justice flows from Assembly.

The SSB volunteers in thousands have been suffering because of the discriminatory and hostile attitude of the Central government. The Central government shall be persuaded to implement the direction of Supreme Court.

12. SPOs, Home guard, NYC, SSB, Village defense committee, volunteers & ReT Teachers: That thousands of young boys have been working as SPOs (30,000) for the past several years receiving Rs.3000/- only per month. The NPP stands for regularization of all SPOs and ReT Teachers. The JKNPP also ensure that all contractual government employees in all disciples are regularized and there shall be end of to all exploitation. The members of VDCs who have been working in defense of the innocent people are paid a meager sum of Rs. 200/- per month. This is a fraud on the people. The JKNPP shall regularize the services of SPOs, ReT teachers and VDCs members. NYC volunteers deserve to be absolved permanently as state employees since the State Govt. has a commitment with them.

13. ST Status for Paharies/Kolis: ST Status should be given to the Paharies and Koli ethnic communities  in J&K which are distinct ethnic classes residing from Rajouri, Kupwara, Poonch, Udhampur and Kathua Districts at par with Gujjars/Bakerwals/Gaddies etc. The Judgment of the Supreme on OBC’s reservation should be implemented in J&K.

14. Displaced Persons: The Panthers Party is dedicated to get justice to those who have lost their dear ones, their crops, their cattle’s and their livelihood due to wars and tensions along borders. We will fight for proper compensation to these citizens and facilitate their rehabilitation. The displace persons who have been allotted evacuee property shall be conferred with ownership rights and Resettlement Act shall be withdrawn forthwith.

15. Disables, Handicaps & Sr. Citizens: The Panthers Party is dedicated to share the misery of those who are born with a disadvantage, or have become one due to tragic happenings in their lives. They have every right to enjoy life as normal citizens do. Special centres will be provided to make them independent and live a life in honour and dignity. Panthers Party stands for 100% of reservation for the handicapped or social security. All the disabled persons, handicapped, senior citizens, orphaned and widows shall be ensured a social security and life long pension of Rs.5000/- per month.

16. Women and Children: The Panthers Party is dedicated to start welfare schemes for the welfare of deserted woman and orphaned children. We believe that women are makers of future of society. We will start such schemes which will take care of sanitation, hygiene, health and basic needs of the mother and a child at the early stages of their upbringing.

17. Equality for women:  The Panthers Party ensure that women are given 50% representation in every department and all disciples functioning under the government and political representation (reservation in the Legislatures) to the ST communities by holding delimitation.

18. Farmers: More than ¾th of our population comprises the farmers and is dependent on farming. Adequate Budgetary provision however is not being made for agriculture sector. NPP stands for enhancing budgetary allocation for this agriculture sector. The Panthers Party is dedicated to the welfare of our farmers. We have fought many a battles for them. We will keep our effort to get them proper compensation, seeds, fertilizer, water, machinery; tools etc. so that they may produce food for our society and live a happy life themselves. NPP stands for subsidy for seeds and fertilizers and waiving off interest on agricultural loans.

19. Preservation of Forest: The Panthers Party is dedicated to save our forests and our environment. The illegal and merciless cutting of forests has upset the balance of environment. The Panthers Party will stop all illegal activities of felling of trees and planting fresh trees for benefit of present and future generations.

20. Employees & Ex-servicemen: The Panthers Party stands for complete implementation of 6th Pay Commission recommendations in J&K. The ex-servicemen should also be given full benefit of the recommendations in J&K. The ex-servicemen should also be provided reservations as has been done in other states of the country. All decorated soldiers should be given pension on their meritorious services as has been done in other states. There should be reservations for the children of ex-servicemen in the recruitment. There should be no VAT for the Ex-servicemen in respect of goods offered by CSDs. The teachers, engineers, doctors, government employees, civil servants, policemen work under tremendous social and political pressure. The ad-hoc and temporary employees should get another job at the termination of their existing jobs and be made permanent after five years of working in temporary posts. The TA, DA, COLA for all the employees shall be released in time. The promotions should be granted based on performance and not recommendations. All those who have completed 180 days in any job in the government department with break or without break shall be regularized as prominent employees.

21. Tourism: We will work towards re-establishing the tourist facilities so that Shikaras can once again dance on Dal Lake. We will also work towards proper distribution of funds available to the government so that Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh may receive their proper share and development. Growth of the three regions on equal footing is the first step towards peace. All the tourist places in Jammu and Ladakh areas which remained neglected will be given top priority. The funds to be provided equitably for the development of all lakes including Mansar, Sanasar, Surisar, Dalsar etc. The Panthers Party shall develop tourism in all the three regions of the state. Tourist resorts shall be developed in Marwah-Dachen, Padder, Kailas in Bhaderwah, Gool, Kottrunka, Dudu-Basantgarh, Sudhmahadev, Mantalai, Panchari and in the Districts of Rajouri and Poonch besides developing entire Bani-Basohli region for international tourism.

22. Panchayats/Urban Local Bodies: The Panthers Party is committed to involve Panchayats more directly in the development work. Our Panchayats are the backbone of our legal and social system. People in the villages can choose their own Panchayats so that their representatives become directly responsible to them. Ensure more funds to each Panchayat so that they can decide the priority of work in consultation with the village population. NPP also stands for implementation of the provisions of 74th & 73rd amendment regarding Panchayat. The Panchayats have never been empowered as was promised years back.

23. Crusade against corruption: Corruption in the state has become all pervasive. It is eating into the vitals of our society.  It has adversely affected the developmental scenario and brought bad name to the State. The Panthers Party shall mobilize the entire countries youth to eradicate, corruption, criminalization, communalism, hunger and starvation as well as drug menace in the country. The Panthers party shall ensure that stone era comes to end in Jammu Pradesh particularly in the areas like Chassana, Mahore, Surankote, Mendhar, Kalakote, Nowshera, Sunderbani, Mahu-Mangat (Banihal), Pogal-Paristhan, Paddar, Marwa-Dacchan etc. where people have been living a Stone Age life and where people have no facilities for dignified living.  It stands for end of tragic life in Jathana (Kathua) where people cannot move for months as they are surrounded by lofty hills and maddening rivers.

24. Coal, sapphire & diamond mines: The Panthers Party shall ensure that all the coal mines are utilized and coal is produced in accordance with the modern technology. Thermal plant in Kalakote shall be revived along with all the seventeen (17) coal mines. The mines workers shall be provided appropriate wages as well as security measures. The Padar (Michel) sapphire mines shall be looked after by a committee of senior experts and the sapphires shall be auctioned publicly as is the case with 2G, 3G Spectrum.

25. ONGC : It is a great tragedy that J&K government has stopped drilling the ONGC wells for the reasons that ONGC gas was available only in Jammu Pradesh. Rajouri and Sruinsar wells shall be activated without delay.

The NSA and PSA shall be abolished from the criminal law and there shall be no detention without trial.  

26.  Minimum Wages Act shall be enforced in the state.

27. Bar Councils : The Advocates Act shall be enforced in J&K in order to introduce democracy in the Bar Council of J&K so that lawyers fraternity may manage their own affairs as is provided in the Advocates Act.

28.       The death penalty shall be abolished and the life sentence will not exceed 20 years as is provided in the Indian Penal Code. A person comes to the earth on the will of God. In other words every person is creation of God. No one has right to kill a man or hang a man by an individual or the state. The state cannot use his authority to kill a man.   

29.    There shall be a Minority Commission in J&K.

30.    All the persons including farmers who affected by recent flood shall be given full   compensation for the damages.

31.    All farmers exempted from payment of agricultural loans.

32.    Sialkot-Jammu Railway line shall be restored.

33.    Jammu shall be connected by railways with Poonch and Kishtwar.

34.    All daily wagers shall be regularized.

35.    All the farmers shall be provided free electricity as is done in Punjab.

36.    Heart to Heart talks shall be regularly conducted between representatives of POK and J&K to promote peace and harmony between India and Pakistan.

         Sd/-                                                       Sd/-                                                                    Sd/-

Prof. Bhim Singh                                Harsh Dev Singh MLA                       Balwant Singh Mankotia                               

   Chief Patron                                                       Chairman                                                President


Sd-                                                       Sd/-                                                                  Sd/-

P.K. Ganjoo, Vice President    Mohd. Iqbal, Vice President                         Masood Andrabi, Vice President