Prime Minister Modi’s blunders

There is no ruler in the world who has had not committed blunders while running the affairs of the state or a country. The scope and the extent of every blunder is recorded by the history. It also depends on the state and situation of that particular era where they ruled or ruling and under what circumstances. In the modern democracy where the governments are chosen or elected by the people it is not very difficult to write the history or the facts or write the judgments on the acts of omission and commission of the rulers. I do not want to go into the pages of the history in Europe, or in the Middle-East or in the world ruled under authoritarianism. If we have to write or work out the blunders and contributions it will require an age and space beyond anybody imagination.

On talking about the blunders about the present Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi who took over power in May 2015. He climbed to the skies with his personal glory and political triumph. Nobody could imagine that a person who reached the climates in personal glory and fame could fall that faster in his popularity graph. The historians, the sycophants, the media baron and political analyze have not mustered enough courage to speak the truth and the reason of such a fast climb down of Prime Minister Modi in his credibility and popularity in India and abroad.

Many friends have asked me to write about the blunders briefly committed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his premiership in India. Let me start counting as a watch man about Prime Minister Modi’s blunders.

i).      Shri Modi neglected the senior, experienced and noted leaders in the BJP during his election campaign. The stalwarts were ignored rather humbled and humiliated publicly. The elders were very cautious about their role and responsibility they uttered not a single word publicly against the authoritarian rather dictatorial attitude of Shri Narendra Modi.

ii).     Prime Minister Narendra Modi ignored the old generation leadership and the former Prime Ministers from Nehru to Atal Bihari Vajpayee fearing that rise or the past Prime Ministers may not shadow Narendra Modi’s name.

iii).    Prime Minister Narendra Modi ignored rather traced the well established and accepted foreign policy of the country and started hobnobbing with Anglo-American Bloc for reasons which can best be explained by Prime Minister Modi.

iv).    Prime Minister Narendra Modi ignored half a century trusted and tested friendship with the Arab world and fell in the trap of Zionist lobby. He did not care rather kept the Indo-Arab relations in the cold storage. He accepted the invitation to visit Israel knowing well that India from Mahatma Gandhi till Atal Bihari Vajpayee had never given a chance to the Arab world to get annoyed or in different.  Prime Minister Modi could not make it himself to Israel because international pressure. He managed to seek blessings of the President of India to visit Israel. President of India faced humiliation at the international airport, Tel-Aviv, Israel when four computer gifts which he was carried with him to present to the Palestine University in Ram Allah were snatched from the President’s baggage. It was great humiliation to the country. Prime Minister Modi dared not say a word on this humiliating and insulting acts of government of Israel against the President of India.

v).     Prime Minister Modi travelled all over from Tokyo to New York and he accomplished his mission to address Indian Diaspora in London Sports Club last night.

vi).    The another blunder Prime Minister Modi committed was that he ignored the Foreign Minister to company the Prime Minister which was mandatory in the protocol. Nor he carried any important cabinet minister in his tourage campaign.

vii).   The greatest political blunder that Prime Minister Modi committed was that he forgot that he is the Prime Minister of a secular-socialist republic country. The people he carried with his team were from the corporate world. And those too from a chosen class. What was the purpose of his visiting rich and western countries with corporate class? Where was the political leadership of India associated with his government?

viii).  Prime Minister Modi has ignored the Arab world completely, ignored the concept of India’s foreign policy as well as the mission. He proudly says that he is a chaiwala Prime Minister but there is no chaiwala in his company at home or abroad.

ix).    In brief I would like to count some of his political blunders which let the BJP down recently. His blunder was to impose the name of a non-BJP activist rather a non-political person as the candidate for the Chief Minister ship of Delhi. The disaster was witnessed by the whole country.

x).     Another political blunder was that he got a person imposed as the President of BJP who is still facing the criminal charges in different courts in Gujarat. It was this blunder that BJP met its waterloo in Bihar.

xi).    Besides, J&K is very sensitive area and the enemies of the country have been exploiting the political situation to their advantage. J&K is the only state which has its own Constitution without fundamental rights. It is the only state in the country where laws made by the Parliament cannot be extended. This was due to the blunder committed by the Constituent Assembly by introducing Article 370 in the Indian Constitution. Prime Minister Modi reversed the entire agenda of the BJP. He rather joined hands with a political party which is totally hostile to the concept of integration of the state with the rest of the country. He joined hands with a party only for the sake of power in the state, the party which has been advocating for Pakistani currency in J&K.

xii).   It was 7th November, 2015 that Prime Minister Modi after his speech in Srinagar, Kashmir dared not say, ‘Jai Hind’. There could be no serious blunder than this. The scars left on the face of India by this blunder shall not be washed away by the waters of all the Arabian seas.

xiii).  Besides, Prime Minister Modi could not speak a word of appreciation for the Indian Army which has been making heroic sacrifices on the borders of J&K for its defense and for the defense of the country. It is Indian Army who is defending Siachin Glacier with unimaginable sacrifices and courage. Prime Minister Modi could not find a word for them. He failed to condemn terrorism in J&K whereas he was very prompt to condemning terrorism while addressing the majority of the Gujarati Indians Diaspora in London yesterday.

xiv).  Prime Minister Modi who committed another blunder by ignoring the plight of 15 lacs refugees from Pak and POK living in disgrace and humiliation in the streets and barren lands infested by the militants the terrorists in Jammu Pradesh.

xv).   The another blunder committed by Prime Minister Modi is to allow Mufti government to vacate all the revenue areas including the agricultural land which might have been taken by the local residents of Jammu Pradesh about 40/50 years back. The government made a law called ‘Roshni Act’ permitting all those who had occupied state lands beyond 10 years to apply for regularization. They were assured that these lands in possession of the local residents shall be allotted to them permanently. The state accommodated all the businessmen/political leaders whereas the farmers and the labourers were ignored. This is going to be added among the blunders committed by Prime Minister Modi.

xvi).  This piece on the blunders committed by Prime Minister Modi could not be called as conclusive because it needs more work on the subject and wider attraction with the affected people may they be persons connected with OROP movement, working class, the men involved in the corporate sectors. I have requested senior leaders and experienced persons like Shri Ram Jethmalani, MP to come out with details on blunders of Prime Minister Modi vis-à-vis India’s black money in the foreign banks and the blunders committed in the formation of the present cabinet of Shri Narendra Modi.


Convey Diwali Greetings on behalf of Jammu State Bhim Singh calls on youth, NPP volunteers

Addressing a massive youth and students rally at Jantar Mantar (NPP office in exile), New Delhi, Prof.Bhim Singh the Founder of the Panthers Party called on youth, students, the working class and every NPP volunteer to extend Diwali Greetings to their neighbourers and all on behalf of Jammu State.

Hundreds of youth and students in the meeting took a pledge that they shall work for the establishment of Jammu State and extend full cooperation for the establishment of Kashmir Valley state so that the 68 years old internal conflict and the tension between the two regions shall ease down and the people of both the regions shall continue to live as friends and brothers as they were living before 1846.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that this is the right of in 21st century that Treaty of Amritsar is written off as the situation, circumstances as well as political equations and permutation and combination have undergone a seachange since 1846.

The people of Kashmir Valley shall also live in peace and without the shadows of the guns. They shall not be exploited anymore by the political traders in Kashmir or from outside. He said that the Jammu Pradesh has been passing through a colonial era under the handful of blood sulking political exploiters. The Kashmiries shall be able to elect the government of their choice and so shall the people of Jammu State get back their identity and strengthen the composite culture. In his message to the people living in POK, Prof.Bhim Singh said that the residence of Muzaffrabad to Rawalakote are part and parcel of Jammu State and this is time that we get together once again after half a century.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that Panthers Party was established with this mission to ensure that three identities and entities of Ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu are rehabilitated and restored. He laughed at the statement of Prime Minister Modi in Srinagar that Atal Bihari Vajpayee gave his formula for J&K as Kashmiriyat, Jhamuriyat and Insaniyat which he said was totally misquoted and misinterpreted. Mr. Modi has to understand that J&K has three regional entities; Ladakh (including Gilgit and Baltistan), Kashmir Valley (as it is) and Jammu Pradesh (Muzaffrabad to Kishtwar, Lakhanpur to Pir Panchal).

Prof.Bhim Singh proposed a debate on the issue throughout the state so that the real message shall reach every person in the state and outside.

NPP Supremo calls on Home Minister Demanded judicial inquiry into Jammu killing

Prof.Bhim Singh, Member of National Integration Council & Chief Patron of National Panthers Party called on Shri Rajnath Singh, the Union Home Minister this morning and briefed him about the situation which has arisen because of the sudden uprising of locals followed by death of a young man by police bullets in Jammu yesterday. Prof.Bhim Singh said that this kind of human conflict was created by the authorities at the behest of some people in the government who were not happy on the unity and oneness which was demonstrated by the people of Jammu while demanding AIIMS in Jammu Pradesh. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the appointment of a government official like Divisional Commissioner is only an eyewash and demanded that a judicial inquiry by a High Court Judge should be held into the circumstances that led to the present situation.

Prof.Bhim Singh also sought urgent intervention of the Home Minister to provide adequate relief to the Jammu Migrants camping in Talwara and other places who have remained denied of their relief even after the Supreme Court judgment of July, 2006. He said that there are 2200 families of Jammu Migrants from different parts of Jammu Pradesh who have not been settled not given their due share in relief and half of them have not been given any relief at all, particularly those who were forced to flee their homes in 1999 to 2002 because of the terror created by the militants.

Prof.Bhim Singh demanded implementation of the recommendation of the Parliamentary Committee headed by Mrs. Sushma Swaraj which suggested to provide relief in cash and kind at par with Kashmiri Migrants. He said that Jammu Migrants are prepared to return their villages they are provided reasonable security and rehabilitated the way it is being done in case of Kashmiri Pundits.

Prof.Bhim Singh also raised the issue of denial of security cover to the Panthers Party activists in J&K, particularly in the Valley who have been divested of their security cover by the present government with sole purpose to keep Panthers Party away from political involvement in the Valley.

The Union Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh assured NPP Supremo that the government is anxious to settle the Jammu Migrants and provide them equitable relief. He said the financial assistance to Jammu Migrants shall be raised and the scheme is being worked out for their safe return and rehabilitation in their respective homes, they left in 1999.

NPP Supremo blasts PM Modi speech in Kishtwar as communal, violative of Code of Conduct

Addressing a strong election rally in Bhaderwah (Doda District) about 60 kms. away from Kishtwar where Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Modi addressed election rally organized by the State government, Prof.Bhim Singh accused Prime Minister Modi for the gross violation of the Code of Conduct by the Prime Minister of India while visiting and addressing state organized election rally in Kishtwar.

English: Image of Narendra Modi at the World E...

English: Image of Narendra Modi at the World Economic Forum in India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prof.Bhim Singh said that entire Kishtwar town was converted into curfew zone and his own vehicles were not allowed to pass through Kishtwar by the administration. Prof.Bhim Singh told the media and the social activists in Bhaderwah that Modi has used communal factor in his speech with an intension to create communal divide in Doda and Kishtwar districts where BJP candidates are also in the election fray, he quoted Modi saying, “I have provided all facilities to the Muslims residing on Pakistan borders in Gujarat.” This speech by the Prime Minister is highly mischievous, creates communal wedge between the society in Doda district where Hindus and Muslims have been living in communal harmony and peace.

Prof.Bhim Singh also charged Mr. Modi for luring the voters by offering them to increase the capacity of the hydel project in Kishtwar and providing them special package for developing tourism in the area. Prof.Bhim Singh wondered why Mr. Modi failed to mention a single word against Pakistan, terrorists, militants or anti-national elements which had created havoc in Kishtwar to disturb communal harmony. He said Mr. Modi was referring refugees’ problem which had no smell in Kishtwar district.

Prof.Bhim Singh also accused the District Election Officers and Election Observers for sitting in J&K as agents of the ruling parties and BJP. He also referred a letter addressed by him to the Chief Election Commissioner of India about the anti-Panthers Party attitude by the administration and district election officers.

The District Committee of Doda district was also reconstituted with Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed as its President and Dharam Chand Bhagat as its General Secretary.

Others who also addressed the election rally included Vice President, Choudhary Mohd. Iqbal, District President, Imtiaz Ahmed and District General Secretary, Dharam Chand Bhagat.


BJP, NC, Congress violating Code of Conduct.

22nd November, 2014
Hon’ble Shri V.S. Sampath
Chief Election Commissioner
Election Commission of India,
Nirachan Sadan, Ashoka Road,
New Delhi

Sub:- BJP, NC, Congress violating Code of Conduct.

It is a grave situation in J&K so far as application of Code of Conduct is concerned. When I visited Srinagar, District of Gandherbal entire area, roads, buildings are decorated with party flags and buntings. The posters are pasted on the government walls. Similar is the situation in Banihal, Ramban, Doda, Chhatroo in Kishtwar District, Kishtwar City and Bhaderwah. On the visit of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in Kishtwar this morning, entire Kishtwar District has been converted into curfew zone. All the government vehicles and materials are being used for BJP’s election campaign and. The local and Election Observers in these entire areas are working under the dictates of respective Dy. Commissioners who are District Election Officers. The election has been converted into a battlefield with entire police and security vehicles provided to the ordinary workers of BJP, Congress and NC.
The District Election Officer, Jammu raided Panthers Party headquarters in Gandhinagar, Jammu and picked up a vehicle (Tata Sumo) which was stationed in the office for fixing election material. The District Election Officer refused to provide permission to JKNPP vehicles. The permission was granted a day later to justify impounding the JKNPP vehicle. It is important to note that notification for Jammu election has not been issued yet. The vehicle was not involved in any campaigning at all. The District Election Officer is working as an agent of the National Conference.
Security cover and escort vehicle provided to JKNPP candidate Mr. Jehangir Khan in Karnah (Kashmir) constituency was withdrawn the next day after a scrutiny. Mr. Jehangir Khan is working in highly sensitive area and cannot move for his election campaign. The J&K government has provided security cover with security vehicles and free fuel to all the candidates, their election agents and district presidents and office bearers of all the political parties except JKNPP.
Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed, a candidate from Inderwal (Kishtwar) has not been provided even a single escort whereas all other candidates, even independent candidates have been provided with escort, security and free fuel in Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban Districts. When Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed contacted Kishtwar headquarters he was told as there is no fuel for his escort vehicle. Mr. Iqbal Mohd. Chaudhary is Vice President of JKNPP and Incharge of militancy affected area of Doda and Kishtwar Districts. He has not been provided sufficient security nor even with escort vehicle. The JKNPP candidates and their election agents are handicapped to continue election campaign. Not a single state general secretary, vice president or state office bearer has been provided any security cover nor with escort vehicles to actively participate in the election campaign in J&K.
Four candidates of JKNPP could not file their nomination papers in Ladakh and Gurez (Bandipora) only because the state refused provide them any security cover not even a single security man.
Hon’ble CEC this is the kind of the situation in J&K. How can you claim that elections are being held free and fairly in J&K. Code of Conduct is only being misused to suppress and oppress the Panthers Party election campaign and the observers as well as most of the district election officers are working as agents for BJP or for NC and Congress.
“It is just for your honour’s information that fuel for the BP car, which has been provided to me because of my ‘Z’ security that fuel (petrol) (which is provided to me for the past 14 years in J&K) has been stopped and I have not been given paid accommodation in any Guest House and Circuit House in the areas where there is no hotel or otherwise to stay, whereas all other leaders of the political parties are enjoying all state facilities in the government Dak Bungalows. I have spent most of my nights during election campaign in the Valley and in Jammu in the freezing cold in my private vehicle.”
You are the judge, let you judge yourself, is it a free and fair election.
With regards from Doda District,
Yours sincerely,

Prof.Bhim Singh
Chief Patron