NPP Supremo advises Panthers district committees to hold victory week of secularism and democracy in Delhi polls

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party has advised all district committees of JKNPP in J&K and its associated wings like Panthers Trade Union, women power, Young Panthers, Farmers Council, Student Wings and all to celebrate the next week as a victory of secularism and democracy in India as a message of the people of Delhi which has been transcended by them to the people of the entire country and the world that ‘India means democracy’, ‘India means secularism’ and ‘India means peace’.

He made a special appeal to the youth, students and PTU to celebrate coming week as a Deepawali, festival of lights so that darkness generated by the political parties and hatred spread just for electoral gains disappears forever. “Let the Panthers activists lit candles and show the lights to the blind politicians who have been misleading the people and path from darkness to light–peace, secularism, democracy and corruption free India.”

NPP Supremo urged Sonia Gandhi to sack Ghulam Nabi from Congress to save its face

Prof. Bhim Singh, a veteran nationalist leader and the founder of National Panthers Party today urged Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to fire opportunist leaders from the Party who dare sell the Congress name, principles, ideology just for a vote for the Rajya Sabha. Strongly objecting to an apology letter by Mr. Ghulam Nabi submitted to a Kashmiri MLA on Afzal Guru’s episode, he said that Mr. Ghulam Nabi was a Cabinet Minister in the Union Govt. when Afzal Guru was hanged. “If there were something immoral, wrong or illegal or unconstitutional in it, he should have resigned or even protested.” On the eve of Rajya Sabha election, a senior Congressman and leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha submitted an apology letter to an MLA (known secessionist activist and anti-national element in J&K) on Afzal Guru episode who was held guilty by the Apex Court. Second blunder, the Former Minister did was that he submitted an apology letter to a non-entity (besides an underhand deal) which he should have submitted to his President, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Was an MLA known to be anti-national, superior to the party President? He asked.
Glorifying Afzal Guru in his repentance letter by taking signatures of 5 Congress MLAs (his group) in his mercy petition submitted to one Rashid MLA just for the sake of a vote is a treturous act that should not be taken light by the Congress President for the sake of the party and its integrity, Bhim Singh wrote to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to draw her attention to the serious situation that he arisen in political circles?
He wrote to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi that she should act fast and act strong to save the party from further erosion.