Cats out of Modi’s bag 1st March, black Sunday in Jammu history

“BJP has always exploited the people of Jammu Pradesh on the one pretext or the other, used communal divide to seek emotional support for the four decades. After the death of Pt. Premnath Dogra ji, the Jammu leadership joined Jan Sangh, then Janata Party and now Bhartiya Janata Party to blackmail the POK and Pakistan refugees settled lawfully in Jammu Pradesh. It was Janata Party with 17 MLAs (BJP) which sold out the interest of the people of Jammu to Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah. It was this group with 17 MLAs who supported Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah’s Bill No.9 in cooperation with the Congress Party. I (Bhim Singh) as Congress MLA had to resign from the party and the Assembly to oppose the Resettlement Bill (which I have been fighting in Supreme Court and got it stayed to stop illegal entry of nearly five lac Pakistanis into J&K (India). It is J&K National Panthers Party which is contesting case in the Supreme Court.

“Janata Party styled itself as Bharatiya Janata Party in 1982 and got into power in 1999. The BJP government supported National Conference government opposing the writ petition in the Supreme Court filed by the Panthers Party vis-à-vis Resettlement Act.

“The BJP hijacked a popular uprising of the people of Jammu Pradesh against the authoritarian rule in 2007 vis-à-vis Shri Amarnath Shrine Board Land Row. It was its blackmail that it got 11 MLAs. Seven out of 11 were adjudged by the BJP leadership for selling the votes in the Legislative Council polls to NC and Congress. They were expelled by the leadership itself. The people of Jammu could not get even peanuts for their sacrifices and street battle they fought while seeking justice and equity for the people of Jammu Pradesh.

          “The people of Jammu Pradesh were swayed away vertical divide during elections. Modi’s money and communal appeal did the same work which GENERAL FRANCO did in Spain during the Second World War and established fascist rule for 35 years. The communal divide backed by Delhi’s government and tones of black money as well as manipulation of EVMs did wonder to fetch 25 MLAs out of 37 in Jammu Pradesh. The BJP promised moon to the people of Jammu Pradesh and finally landed in the lap of a Kashmiri leader (a Congress veteran) who presided the J&K Congress Party for 18 years. Money combined with state power backed by EVMs manipulation brought BJP to take equal seats in Jammu Pradesh with Mufti’s PDP in the Valley. Each party got 25 seats each in their respective home provinces.

“The cats finally were let out of the Prime Minister’s Modi’s bag this day, 27th of February, 2015 when two extremes another words wolf and the lamb decided to form a government in J&K by assaulting the aspirations and the emotions of the people of Jammu Pradesh.” This was the first reaction of Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party who has been opposing the communal forces and their agenda in Jammu as well as in Kashmir.  

          Prof.Bhim Singh had a video conference with the senior leaders of the Panthers Party in Jammu, Udhampur, Srinagar etc. He has made a strong appeal to the leadership of the Panthers Party to rise to the occasion to defeat the reactionary, communal, opportunist and authoritarian forces in J&K who have hijacked the future aspirations and hopes of the entire Jammu Pradesh. He said that resolution lies only in the reorganization of the J&K so that lost dignity and identity of the people of Dogra-Pahari Pradesh is protected and the people of both the provinces are provided their due share in social justice, political equality and development. He said that Panthers Party’s stand for the immediate amendment in Article 370 has been vindicated by the unholy alliance between Modi and Mufti that has betrayed the people of J&K once again.

He called on the Panthers Party activists to take up their banners of democracy to oppose, expose and finally depose opportunist rule of the new alliance. Wisdom lies in daring and the Panthers Party workers have both wisdom and courage as they are adhered to secularism and democracy. He assured his full support to the JKNPP leadership in the state in this resolve and fight.