Statement by Prof. Bhim Singh, Supremo of JKNPP made at a press conference at Press Club, Jammu on 30th Jan. 2016.

“Nearly 70 years are over since J&K signed Instrument of Accession on 26th October, 1947. Jammu and Kashmir has not been integrated constitutionally by the Parliament. The governments which lead India since 1947 are responsible for this unfortunate situation. People of J&K acceded to the Union of India in 1947 in accordance with the Act of British Parliament. Jammu and Kashmir was not integrated by the Parliament in 1950 when Indian Constitution was created.”

Prof. Bhim Singh said that several States were reorganized except J&K. He said that Treaty of Amritsar became infructuous in 1950 when Constitution of India was created.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that J&K has three distinct identities; culturally, politically and geographically as well as linguistically. He said that J&K has to be reorganized without any delay by establishing a confederation of Kashmir Valley and Jammu State. Whereas the people of Ladakh should be given choose between a status of Union Territory.

The POK including Muzaffrabad should be given a choice to choose Jammu State or otherwise. Whereas Gilgit-Baltistan should be given a choice to merge with Ladakh region whenever they wish so. Reorganization of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh confederation is the only way out to ensure justice, equity and development to the people of all the regions with honour, dignity and justice.

Prof. Bhim Singh announced to hold three day convention of the representatives of social and political organizations in Jammu in the first week of March to promote this mission among the residents of Jammu and Kashmir.

Further Prof. Bhim Singh demanded a judicial enquiry by three judges of the Supreme Court of India into the circumstances under which the then Chief Minister Mufti Mohd. Sayeed died in AIIMS, Delhi on 7th January ,2016. Prof. Bhim Singh declared that he will move PIL before Supreme Court if the President of the India/Parliament fails to do so to enquire into the circumstances that led to unfortunate death of State’s Chief Minister in the AIIMS. Prof. Bhim Singh said that Mufti Mohd. Sayeed was a great nationalist and he had tamed the wings of RSS-oriented Ministers in J&K as well and shut the mouth of the anti-national elements in the state. His sudden death needs appropriate enquiry and investigation by the Supreme Court. He urged the President of India to take up the matter in the greater national interest.

Others who present in the Press Conference included Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia President JKNPP, Ms Anita Thakur General Secretary, Mr. Parshotam Singh Parihar State Secretary and Spokesperson PTU, Chetan Sharma PRO to JKNPP etc.