Several organizations in India condemn Israel for illegal occupation of Palestinian land

The Indo-Palestine Friendship Society and Solidarity Council in cooperation with several political and social groups in India held a meeting at Jantar Mantar, the Headquarters of National Panthers Party to review the situation created in Palestine by Israel grabbing Palestine land and threatening its geography and civil rights. The meeting was presided over by Prof.Bhim Singh, Executive Chairman of Indo-Palestine Friendship Society who was closely associated with Palestinian Hero Yasir Arafat for more than two decades; since 1968.

Presiding over the meeting Prof.Bhim Singh condemned Israeli tactics and criminal operations against the Palestinians, usurping their land, demolishing their houses and throwing them out of their homes they had been living in Palestine. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the United Nations Resolution No.81 of 1948 was itself violative of International Laws as it deprived the Palestinians of their homeland, their right to live honourably in their own land and forcibly created Jewish State in Palestine with the cooperation and support of big powers that included Stalin’s USSR in 1948 when the United Nations under Resolution 81 divided Palestine without vesting any power or authority in the Palestinian citizens to constitute their government. Israel was recognized by the United Nations which amounted to violation of the Charter of United Nations which did not invest any authority in the United Nations to divide a state or to establish a state or change the geographical boundaries of any state. Prof.Bhim Singh’s book, ‘An Examination of the documents on which State of Israel is based’ was published by PLO Headquarters, Beirut in 1971.

Prof.Bhim Singh expressed surprise on the silence of India on the unfortunate interference by Israel into the internal affairs of Palestine. This act he said is violation of UN Charter and the UN Resolutions. He accused the Jewish lobby in the United States for providing illegal support to Zionist government of Israel giving them free hand to squeeze Palestinian land, plunder their civil rights and grab their green land as is reported world wise this morning in the morning newspapers.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the United Nations should accord Membership to Palestine which was also a commitment made by United States of America in the presence of the heads of Israel and Palestine in 1993 in Washington. Prof.Bhim Singh demanded that the Statehood to Palestine, vacation of all occupied territories of Palestine by Israel without any delay. He hoped that present government headed by BJP Prime Minister should not forget that India from days of Mahatma Gandhi till yesterday remained committed for the implementation of the UN Resolution vis-à-vis Palestine. The Statehood for Palestine is essential for world peace and human dignity.

The Indo-Palestine Friendship Society shall be holding demonstration in support of the Palestinian state on 28th January, 2016 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi at 12.30 p.m.