Reorganization of J&K on the card makes Omar Abdullah to blow hot & cold

“Omar Abdullah’s outbursts on the Telangana State is a living support to the movement for reorganization of J&K launched by JKNPP to ensure dignity of life and equity to all regions of the state. Omar Abdullah’s statement has definitely awakened the sleeping Jammuites that it is only their struggle and resistance that shall force the Kashmir rulers to concede to the historic urges of the people of Ladakh and Jammu Pradesh. Jammu Pradesh, Ladakh as well as the innocent Kashmiries have been ruthlessly ruled by authoritarian government comprising of Sheikh Dynasty combined with half a dozen of their slaves from Jammu Pradesh. This is a warning bell to the J&K rulers that they respect the human dignity of all the people irrespective of their regions. 63 year-dynasty rule in J&K has given only pain, sufferings and untold miseries to the people of each region.” This was the statement of Prof. Bhim Singh in reply to Mr. Omar Abdullah’s uncalled for outbursts in connection with the Reorganization of the State.
The Panthers Party Supremo asked National Conference rulers whether they justify the Union of J&K under the Treaty of Amritsar. Sheikh Abdullah and his National Conference was founded only to fight and abrogate the Treaty of Amritsar. Let the Treaty of Amritsar go so that the authoritarian rule comes to an end and the people of each region live with dignity, honour, respect and equality, the NPP leader told Omar Abdullah in his rejoinder.