Provide relief according to SC judgment, rehabilitation in their home villages

Prof. Bhim Singh, Supremo of NPP who has been agitating from the streets to the Supreme Court described the Cabinet decision of Modi Government on the relief to the Jammu migrants as a fraud, deception and discrimination as this Cabinet decision is taken by Prime Minister Modi in utter ignorance of the facts as he has not been informed correctly or he is trying to bluff the people on the real issues.
Prof. Bhim Singh reminded the Prime Minister and the poor Lok Sabha Member from Jammu Pradesh that the truth is to be understood.  He cannot cheat all the people all the times. 
He in a letter to Prime Minister Modi said, “there were 2012 Jammu migrants families as admitted by the State Government before the Supreme Court and the Legislative Council in 2006.  Jammu migrants were not paid in single penny from 2004 to 2006 and the arrears amounted to Rs. 21 crores.  This was also admitted by the State Government before the Supreme Court in affidavit.  The SC has directed J&K Government and the Central Government in July 2006 to pay all arrears to the Jammu migrants as well as provide them relief at par with Kashmiri migrants that the Jammu migrants have not been paid relief according to SC judgment.  The contempt case is still pending before the High Court as contempt proceedings against the Central and State Governments were initiated by the High Court in 2009.  The contempt case was referred by the SC to the High Court.  The Kashmiri migrants have been sanctioned Rs. 7.50 lacs (Rupees seven and half lacs) each family for the construction where as the no step has been taken for the return of Jammu migrants.  Not a single Jammu migrant has been given financial help, medical assistance or jobs to their children.  Not a single child from Jammu migrants has been given scholarship to go for higher education or even at local level.  52 boys (children of Jammu migrants) who were appointed as SPOs in 2003 when NPP was a coalition partner in the government, they were also shunted out in 2005.  No medical assistance, no shelter, no financial help at all.  Above all not a single Jammu migrants who are camping in Talwara (NHPC quarters) have been deprived up of drinking water and electricity even.  This is a tragedy against the Dogra migrants (Jammu migrants) only because they are Dogras home the National Conference, Congress, PDP and now BJP also takes as enemy No-I”. 
Prof. Bhim Singh conveyed to the Prime Minister, “the Panthers Party is prepared to make any sacrifice for the sake of their people who have been and are being treated as cattle.  This is evidence from the Cabinet decision announced by a local MP who does not know even ABC of his constituency and the problems of the people.  We are preparing for a long march from Jammu to Delhi to protest in front of PM house if all the issues and SC judgment is not implemented by 15th Dec 2015 this year.  You have your might and we have our truth with us”.