Protests, demonstrations/roads blockades, a public nuisance and cognizable offence punishable under law–Public service delivery.


            It is hereby notified for the awareness/information of the residents/people working in the territorial jurisdiction of District Udhampur in particular and the Law and Order implementing authorities/public service authorities in general that:-

            It has been witnessed may a times that people resort to protests, demonstrations for raising their voice against petty issues and subsequent blockade of public utility highways and other roads (lifelines).

            It has also been observed that people resort to protests, demonstrations outside the public offices thereby crippling the working of the offices which leads to mal-functioning and hampering of public service delivery.

            The roads and the public offices are life lines of public service delivery mechanism and blockade of roads leads to inconvenience, harassment and wastage of precious time, economic & human resources. Moreover, this endangers the Public Safety. As also the irreparable loss of studies to the students and delay/non-providing of emergent healthcare to the ailing patients suffering due to traffic jams. It has causes rail travelers to suffer for want of reaching their respective boarding destinations who many a times miss the train services.

            It has also been observed and notified for the information for the general public that while officers go to meet the public sitting on protests/demonstrations; “the exerting of pressure on officers for conceding to the unreasonable demands of the protestors also amounts to threatening/inducement to the public servant” which is unlawful and a cognizable offence punishable under law. Penal Code 1989 (RPC) and Jammu & Kashmir Public Safety Act, 1978 (PSA). It is further informed that being a member of such protests/demonstrations and unlawful assemblies is also a crime punishable under law.

            It has also been observed that students of educational institutions are also being instigated and involved in demonstrations by vested interests. This is totally illegal and will not be allowed at any rate. The heads of the educational institutions are hereby directed not to allow the students to participate in such activities and focus on the studies and co-curricular activities. In case any illegal activities are allowed to continue, the head of the concerned educational institutions shall be personally liable for penal action as provided by law.

            It is also notified that violent mob leads to destruction of public and private properties which both are cognizable offences punishable under prevention of Defacement of Public Property Act and the Jammu & Kashmir Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 1985 and other laws.

            It is further informed that such unlawful assemblies and want only giving provocative slogans with intent to cause riot is a serious crime punishable under law.

            However, for public authorities dealing with the public services especially the officers/officials of PDD.

            PWD, PHE & IFC, Health Depts, Municipal Committees, Revenue, RDD, CA&PD, Agriculture Dept, Forest Dept, and others, it is hereby, informed that the issues/complaints/representations/grievances be tackled/redressed promptly ensuring that no cause is given to the public to agitate and resort to unlawful obstructions. The controlling officers shall ensure the strengthening of communication network for speedy information gathering and redressal of grievances. The effective coordination between various agencies is obligatory to avoid any confusion.

            It is hereby informed that to maintain public order, peace and tranquility in the district and to protect the rights and liberty of the citizens, it is imperative on part of citizens and the administration, to ensure providing of hassle free and conducive environment for public service delivery which mandates keeping the life lines (all roads) of District Udhampur open/accessible at all const; The concern of the Government on the issues has already been conveyed to the public through public meeting by the Civil Administration and the Police.

            Keeping in view the foregoing facts, public of District Udhampur is hereby informed through the medium of this notice that no one shall resort to protest/demonstrations/unlawful assemblies on public roads (lifelines) leading to any blockades. The instigators, perpetrators, violators, abettors of crime, inducers, provocateurs and any habitual offender shall be dealt stringently under law of the land without giving any further notice. However, the right of citizens to the public services and its demands/getting delivery through democratic and lawful recourses, representing/complaining before the public authority shall always be protected, and appreciated. Issued in public interest.



Dt. 20.8.2014