Prof. Bhim Singh seeking immediate intervention of the J&K Governor to stop political blackmailing and horse-trading by political parties in J&K

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party made the following statement in a press conference at Jammu today seeking immediate intervention of the J&K Governor to stop political blackmailing and horse-trading by political parties in J&K.


“This is the right time that Shri N.N Vohra, the Governor of J&K shall act within the meaning and scope of the Constitution to stop horse-trading among the political parties in J&K which have recorded their roll in December 2014 Poll for the Assembly.


  1. That there is no political party which has won the people mandate evens the manipulation of the EVMs managed by the ruling parties namely BJP and NC have not given mandate to any political party.  Therefore, there is an urgent need to save the basics of parliamentary democracy in the state.
  2. That the political parties of the Valley namely PDP, NC have election manifestoes which stand totally opposite to the manifesto of Jammu-based political parties particularly the saffron BJP.
  3. That BJP has managed through manipulation of EVMs of 25 seats in Jammu out of 37.  Made fraudulent promises and spreading conflict and hatred to record their win.  The BJP’s manifesto is totally contradictory to PDP’s or NC’s.
  4. The NC and PDP both have stood on the old Dixon Plan by imposing American formula to divide state on communal line.  PDP’s Self-Rule and NC’s Greater Autonomy are two faces of the same coin.
  5. There could be no match to propose any coalition of BJP and PDP or PDP, NC or other independent MLAs who has gone to the poll with any abuse to the Constitution of India, Army and challenging the national integration.
  6. That the election to the Assembly is held in violation of the judgment of the Supreme Court dated October 8, 2013 where the Supreme Court had held that the present EVMs system needs overhauling and must be changed to keep people faith in elections.  The Supreme Court had directed the Election Commission of India and the Union Government to introduce ‘paper trail’ while polling so that the voter should know whether his/her vote has been cast the way he wanted.
  7. The only way is to stop political parties a blackmail, horse-trading, money-trading and encouraging political corruption.  The only way out is cancellation of the recently held polls and fresh elections by implementing the Supreme Court judegment.

I urge the Hon’ble Governor, Shri N.N Vohra to call off talks with political parties searching for power at the cost of the Constitution, rule of law and indulging in horse-trading and corrupt practices so that fresh election may be held in accordance with the judgment of the Supreme Court.”