President of POK hosts lunch for visiting NPP Supremo in Islamabad

Sardar Mohd. Yaqoob Khan, President of Pakistan side of J&K hosted a grand lunch in honour of Prof.Bhim Singh, Supremo of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council today. Leader of the opposition Mr. Farooq Haider, several ministers and dignitaries were also participated. The President of Pak-side of J&K while welcoming Prof.Bhim Singh admired his commitment, spirit of friendship and untiring efforts to work for peaceful resolution of the problems between India and Pakistan. The President, Sardar Mohd. Yaqoob Khan visited India in 2005 with POK delegation to participate in the Heart to Heart Talks. He had also visited in New Delhi on the invitation of Prof.Bhim Singh in 2007 with the delegation from Pakistan and POK. Sardar Mohd. Yaqoob Khan hoped that the new leadership of the two governments shall be able to launch initiative for peace between the two countries. He said that contribution made by Prof.Bhim Singh have been unimaginable and difficult yet Prof.Bhim Singh have contributed a lot to bring the people of J&K closer from both sides. Mr. Farooq Haider, Former Prime Minister of ‘AK’ & presently leader of the Opposition in ‘AK’ Assembly assured full cooperation to Prof.Bhim Singh in his efforts to rebuild the bridges of understanding between the sides of J&K so that the people of J&K could become bridges of peace between India and Pakistan.

Prof.Bhim Singh while responding to the great honour showered by the hosts assured that the people of India are as eager as the people of Pakistan to promote cordial relations and create an atmosphere of peace and friendship. Prof.Bhim Singh answered several questions on the plight of Pakistani prisoners in India, on the status of Indo-Pak ties as well as questions relating to UN Resolutions. Prof. Bhim Singh emphasized that the leadership from both the sides of J&K should be given an opportunity at least for two years to work out a peaceful, honourable and respectable resolution so that people of the two countries shall work together for international peace and domestic progress.

In the morning Prof.Bhim Singh was received by the Islamabad Lawyers Association at the headquarters of the Islamabad High Court. The President of the Bar Association, Mohd. Kiyani, described Prof.Bhim Singh as the light of the day towards a new era of peace and understanding between India and Pakistan. He said the entire people of Pakistan are feeling grateful to Prof.Bhim Singh who has been looking after the most complicated cases registered against the Pakistani nationals in different parts of India. He said hundreds of Pakistani prisoners were released by the Supreme Court of India only on the initiative of Prof.Bhim Singh. He assured that Islamabad Bar Association shall take up the mission with the same spirit to take up the cases of the Indian prisoners in Pakistan. Several Pakistani prisoners who were released by the Supreme Court of India on the petition of Prof.Bhim Singh presented flower bouquets to Prof. Bhim Singh in front of the Bar Association. One of the prisoners who was released by the Supreme Court after 12 years from Indian jail expressed his gratitude towards Prof.Bhim Singh saying, “Ey Insaan, Insaan Nahin, Farishta Hai, Jisne Sainkro Pakistani aur Kashmiri naujawano ko ye jindangi vapas di hai.”

Prof.Bhim Singh answered volley of questions of the advocates on Indo-Pak relations, new Modi government, condition of Pakistani prisoners in India, the importance of Article 370 and the rule of Panthers Party.

Mohd. Khan Mujar, General Secretary of the Bar Association read out a piece on Prof.Bhim Singh written by former Chief Justice of India, Shri P.N. Bhagwati that, “I have known Prof. Bhim Singh for a number of years as an indomitable crusader for truth and justice. He possesses rare courage and determination and wherever he is convinced of the truth of the cause espoused by him, he fights with great determination and vigour even at the cost of his personal safety and security”.

Hundreds of lawyers gave standing ovation to Prof.Bhim Singh when he concluded his address.