Panthers Party files petition in SC on Hiranagar-Samba attack by Pak terrorists

J&K National Panthers Party filed a Crl. Misc. Petition in the Supreme Court through its Political Secretary seeking an immediate probe by the Supreme Court into the circumstances and situation that enabled Pak Army commandoes to kill policemen inside Hiranagar (Kathua District) Police Station at 7.00 a.m. and then attacked Army Camp in Samba, nearly one hour drive from Hiranagar on September 26, 2013, killing nearly half a dozen Army personnel including a colonel of the Army right inside the Army Camp.

The I.A. has been settled by Sr. Advocate, Prof. Bhim Singh in which the claims and the credentials of the state government have been questioned. The petitioner has stated, “It was on 26th September, 2013 that the Pak military dressed terrorists could manage to enter into the Indian soil, drove for more than one hour from the border and then attacked Hiranagar Police Station killing four policemen and two civilians. After this terrorists’ attack the terrorists might have taken one hour to drive in the police truck from Hiranagar to Samba District where they entered Army camp, killed a Colonel and four soldiers.  The main question that needs to be answered is;

a).       how the terrorists were not identified enroute international border to Hiranagar Police Station.

b).       They might have continued Police Station operation for 30 minutes. Where was the administration? Where were the Intelligence Agencies in the border town of Hiranagar?

c).       How a Kashmiri driver truck was stationed outside the Police Station with readymade departure for the Pak terrorists?

d).       How and what circumstances the truck was ‘hijacked’ by the terrorists and safely driven to Samba?

e).       How the terrorists could locate the Army camp and how they managed with heavy weaponry in hands to enter the Army Camp? Couldn’t they be detected by any agency, or any guard at the Army Camp?

f).        This is also important to find out whether the column of terrorists who sneaked from international border to Hiranagar to attack the prison/police station was the same group of terrorists who attacked Samba Army Camp?

g).       Whether there was a separate group of terrorists who had sneaked simultaneously from international border to Samba to attack the Army camp in order to divert the attention of the security forces from the Hiranagar attack?

h).       Whether the public statement made by Mr. Omar Abdullah, the Chief Minister of J&K that J&K has not been integrated or merged with the Union of India a day before this tragic incident was a part of the conspiracy to encourage Pak militants to attack the police and the Army?

i).        Whether there were more than three terrorists in the group of attackers? The identity of the terrorists killed has not been disclosed to the public.

j).        Whether continuous tirade by the Chief Minister, Mr. Omar Abdullah against the Army is responsible for encouraging the anti-national forces and outside agencies to increase their attacks against army?”