NPP thanks Jammuites for successful bandh Condemn BJP workers for hooliganism

The Panthers Party Spokesman, Shri Bansi Lal Sharma expressed gratitude on behalf of the Panthers Party to the Jammuites mostly the youth, students, workers, civil society, shopkeepers and even rehriwalas and all for their support to bandh organized by the people to end all forms of discrimination against the people of Jammu. This bandh call for the establishment of AIIMS in Jammu Pradesh is rare demonstration of the unity and oneness by the people of Jammu Pradesh.

The NPP Spokesman condemned hooliganism by a few frustrated BJP activists who even shattered the vehicles of the Panthers Party. A vehicle of Shri Vilakshan Singh, Advocate, General Secretary of the Young Panthers was damaged and the Panthers Party were assaulted. He said that Panthers Party does not believe in violence and decided not to retaliate knowing well that there is every reason for the frustration of the BJP which has cheated the people of Jammu Pradesh after robbing them of their votes.

The NPP Spokesman said that after the establishment of AIIMS in Jammu Pradesh the party has given clear charter of Magna Carta to the people of Jammu Pradesh In 25-points to ensure equity and justice to the Jammuites who have remained denied of their basic civil rights till day under the leadership of Congress, NC, PDP and now BJP is also included among the enemies of the people of Jammu Pradesh.

The NPP Spokesman said that 25 point charter, the Magna Carta for the people of Jammu has been given by the party and the next shall be delimitation in J&K after the establishment of AIIMS.

Prof.Bhim Singh also congratulated all the parties, the civil society and the working class including the shopkeepers for their unity and oneness to ensure justice and equity to all including 15 lac refugees from Pak and POK, 60,000 casual labours fired by the BJP-PDP government, 30,000 SPOs, contractual employees, SSB and Home Guard Volunteers and all. He appealed to continue peaceful bandh till AIIMS is established in Jammu.