NPP Supremo honoured as Chief Guest by Delhi Rotary Club

Rotary Club of Delhi today held a seminar presided over by its President, Shri Vijay Thakur at Ashoka Hotel on the State-Centre Relations. Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council was the Chief Guest on the occasion invited to speak on State-Centre Relations particularly in reference to J&K.
Prof. Bhim Singh while addressing the elite group of eminent notables of the Rotary Club questioned the sincerity of the leaders in the Constituent Assembly who while introducing Article 370 in Constitution of India debarred Parliament to legislate in respect of J&K. He expressed surprise and unforgiveable blunder by allowing the Monarchy to exist in J&K whereas all other (556 States who had signed similar Instrument of Accession were declared merged abolishing respective monarchies. In a most astonished revelation Prof. Bhim Singh publicly criticized the Constituent Assembly for adopting 370 by a retaining Monarchy. He made a unique disclosure that J&K literally and legally remained under the Monarchy headed by Maharaja Hari Singh till 20th August, 1952 when Monarchy was abolished by a single line resolution by the J&K Constituent Assembly under the leadership of Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah. He wondered why the entire Indian leadership chose to ignore this fact and remained silent to the fact that after the termination of Monarchy J&K merged with Indian Union and Article 370 turned redundant. He told the Rotarians that this was one of the blunders committed by the Parliament of India and is a continuing blunder. He said had he got an opportunity to be in Parliament he would have generated a support of the entire Parliament to amend Article 370 empowering the Parliament to legislate in respect of J&K as is the mandate of the Constitution for the rest of the states.
In a reply to a question he argued that Dr. Manmohan Singh’s agenda to make LoC irrelevant can only be practicable if LoC is given recognition by India and Pakistan allowing the residents of the State from either side to travel with passports of the respective countries and terrorism is eliminated by Pakistan. To another question if he would contest the forthcoming Lok Sabha election, NPP Supremo said that he shall contest from Udhampur Parliamentary Constituency which is his home constituency because it is only he who can seek permanent solution to remove hurdles created by Article 370 of the Constitution of India to bring the residents of J&K at par with the citizens in the rest of the country. On Telangana, Prof. Bhim Singh told that Parliament is the only competent authority to reorganize J&K but this is not applicable to J&K in the given situation. He said, though President of India can amend any clause or section or provision in Article 370 but he needs recommendation of the Constituent Assembly and the Govt.of J&K constituted by the Maharaja. He laughed on the wisdom of the Parliamentarians because there is no more Maharaja and no more Constituent Assembly in J&K and naturally there is no constitutional authority for the continuation of Article 370.
Prof. Bhim Singh was also presented a memento by the President and the members of the Rotary Club on the occasion.