NPP Supremo calls on Union Home Minister Demands immediate dismissal of Omar Abdullah

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party called on Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde, Union Home Minister and submitted a strong memorandum demanding immediate dismissal of J&K Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah for his acts of omissions and commissions in utter violation of the Constitution. He urged the Union Home Minister for immediate intervention to stop infiltration of Pakistani militants in the guise of so-called Surrender & Rehabilitation Policy. Who are being dispatched by ISI, of course, with Pakistani passports to Nepal from where they entered into Indian Territory by using fraudulent I-cards issued by the Govt. of Omar Abdullah.
The NPP Supremo strongly pleaded with the Home Minister that the so-called Rehabilitation Policy adopted by Omar Abdullah’s government was meant only for surrendered militants in the state and no applicable to foreigners (Pakistanis) as is the Liaqat Ali Shah case. He pleaded that the real threat to the security of the country lies in the official infiltration of Pakistani nationals entering into Kashmir via Delhi after landing in Kathmandu. He quoted Article 9 of the Constitution of India which commands, “No person shall be a citizen of India by virtue of Article 5, or be deemed to be a citizen of India by virtue of Article 6 or Article 8, if he has voluntarily acquired the citizenship of any foreign State.”
Prof. Bhim Singh raised several important questions with the Union Home Minister urging him to intervene without any delay to save the unity and sovereignty of India which has been threatened by Omar Abdullah heading the government in J&K. “Continuation of Omar Abdullah’s government shall be disastrous for the unity of the country and peace in the state as he has openly challenged the authority of Union Govt. and policies”, Prof. Bhim Singh asserted.
Prof. Bhim Singh raised the following questions with the Union Home Minister on the so-called Surrender & Rehabilitation Policy of J&K government.
1. How a Pakistani national, holding Pakistani passport could enter Nepal?
2. How the same persons could get entry across the borders to enter India?
3. Does this Rehabilitation Policy over rides the international agreements with Pakistan or Nepal for the movement of their respective citizens into the Indian Territory?
4. Does Nepal border agreement apply to foreigners entering into the Indian Territory from Nepal without any I-card issue either by the Govt. of Nepal or by the Govt. of India?
5. Does this policy directly interfere with the Constitution of India vis-a-vis Citizen Act?
6. How a Foreigner (holding Pak-nationality) is allowed to enter India and then facilitated to enter J&K by the Govt. of J&K with the tacit support of Govt. of India?
7.  Has this act of Govt. of J&K threatened the security of the state endangering peace and unity of India?
Prof. Bhim Singh accused State Govt. for creating doubt on the integrity of the nationalist Kashmiri Muslims who have stood firm with Indian Constitution and Flag.
Prof. Bhim Singh has invited all nationalist social and political groups to join the Panthers Party’s protest at Jantar Mantar on 28th March, 2013 at 1.00 p.m. to observe ‘Save Kashmir Day’.