NPP Supremo calls BJP MLAs to revolt against anti-national Govt., show their sense of nationalism

Prof.Bhim Singh, NPP Supremo and Member- NIC called on BJP MLAs in J&K to prove their sense of nationalism and revolt against the anti-India, anti-national and communal government in the national interest. Prof.Bhim Singh said that government should stop recruiting surrendered militants into the security forces and police forthwith. Secondly, the so-called surrendered militants should not be brought to J&K from Pakistan via Nepal as NC-Congress government had been doing. This practice is followed by PDP-BJP government in spite of the show cause notices by the Supreme Court.

Prof.Bhim Singh told BJP MLAs, some of them met him recently and told about the kind of hostile attitude towards them by their own ministers in J&K. During his meeting with the BJP MLAs, Prof.Bhim Singh told them to do what their conscious tells them to do. He told that he was Congress MLA in 1981 when Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah introduced Bill no.9 (now Resettlement Act) enabling nearly 5 lacs Pakistanis to enter Jammu Pradesh and settled there. Prof.Bhim Singh revolted against the mighty Congress which had surrendered to Sheikh Abdullah for their petty and personal interests. He told them he was alone, he resigned from the Congress and the membership of the Assembly in 1982 and openly revolted against Resettlement Act. It was national interest which was more dear to him than the petty interest of the ruling politicians and MLAs. It was that point when he founded Panthers Party to defend India’s flag, constitution and save India from communal and anti-national elements. He said that what he said in 1982 about infiltration by foreign militants was proved correct in 1989 when the National Conference supported by the Congress got exposed for breeding terrorists in the state.

Prof.Bhim Singh told the young MLAs of the BJP that they should understand that national interest is always supreme and above party politics which they should not forget. He asked them to look at those who were ministers for years and years, who built empires, mentions, grabbed public land, sold professional seats to raise money, got wine shops, contracts in their names or in the names of their relations and what has happened to them? Prof.Bhim Singh said that the young MLAs should revolt against the corrupt, criminal, communal and anti-national government and come out with clean mind and nationalist outlook. He told them if they do not act now they shall repent forever and shall disappear like the morning fog.

In the meantime, Prof.Bhim Singh has sounded all units of the NPP including farmers council, PTU, Young Panthers, Women Power, NPSU, ex-servicemen cell, empower panchayats committee and all to mobilize every soul in every village with national flag in hand and nation in head. He asked them to take up the issue of delimitation of the Assembly constituencies, comprehensive settlement of 15 lac refugees and migrants from Pakistan along with AIIMS for Jammu. They should get ready for a social and civil disobedience movement for the sake of the future of the people of Jammu Pradesh.