NPP Supremo asks BJP to spell their mission Do they stand for One India and One Flag?

Addressing huge public rallies in Mendhar in District Poonch and Rajouri (border Districts in J&K) Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party praised the people of Poonch and Rajouri for their super performance as nationalist who have been suffering from 1947 till date because of discriminatory policy of the Parliament and J&K Government for nearly 70 years still the people of these areas have stood for Indian nationalism and suffered untold miseries, discrimination and assault on their fundamental rights by the Governors of India and State Govt.

          Prof.Bhim Singh on his mission One India with one Flag and one Constitution and fundamental rights to all Indian citizens in J&K who have been facing discrimination, assault on their fundamental rights and have remained denied of justice, equity and equality since 1950. Constitution of India does not guarantee fundamental rights to the people of J&K till date because people of Jammu and Kashmir have been forced to live as slaves under a Constitution called J&K Constitution with no fundamental rights, no civil liberties and without Indian Flag and Constitution. This is the State of J&K. J&K has 10 Members of Parliament, 6 six in Lok Sabha and 4 in Rajya Sabha who have no right to move any amendment in the Constitution to extend the benefits of the Indian Constitution or it privileges to the Indian citizens in J&K. The citizens of J&K though have been defined as citizens of India yet they have no fundamental rights available for them which are carried in the Constitution of India.

          While addressing a people’s rally in Mendhar, Prof.Bhim Singh praised the people living along LoC and carrying Indian Flag though Indian Flag is not available for them. Prof.Bhim Singh also expressed the same sentiments and wishes at Rajouri.

          Addressing the people in Mendhar Ms.Anita Thakur, General Secretary-JKNPP asked Parliament of India to provide the facilities and privileges mentioned in the Constitution of India to the people of J&K with fundamental rights and flag so that the people of J&K shall also feel as citizens of India. Welcoming the Panthers Party leaders, the State Secretary of Panthers Party, Mr. Tariq Khan declared that people of Poonch have made untold sacrifices to integrate with India and they shall fight all those who have been opposing National Flag in J&K.

          In Rajouri, the District President of Panthers Party Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Wani,District Youth President, Mr. Zahid Charak assured that the youth of border Districts of Rajouri and Poonch shall fight for Indian Flag, Indian Constitution and demand that all fundamental rights available in the Constitution of India shall be provided to the people of J&K also. Addressing the gathering Haji Mohd. Fazal Mir at Rajouri declared that the people of the border areas are committed to strengthen secular and democratic India. He assured the Panthers Party that the mission One India–One Flag, One Constitution and fundamental rights shall be delivered to every Indian citizens in J&K.