NPP express support to candidature of Shri Dalip Kumar MLC from Warangal Lok Sabha constituency

Srinagar, 28th April 2014: The working committee of J&K National Panthers Party which met in Srinagar this morning expressed support the candidature of Shri Dalip Kumar MLC who is the contesting as independent candidate from Warangal (Telangana) Parliamentary constituency. 

In a strong appeal to the electorates of Warangal, Prof. Bhim Singh Supremo NPP urged the voters in Warangal to support and vote Mr. Dalip Kumar MLC who has contributed at his highest performance towards the creation of Telangana State.  Prof. Bhim Singh said that Shri Dalip Kumar has very important role in the Parliament for rebuilding Telangana has a model state in the country.  Prof. Bhim Singh said that Mr. Dalip Kumar was among those Telangana leaders who organized footage, dharnas from Jantar Mantar to Hyderabad with his supporters, intellectuals, youth and students.  Prof. Bhim Singh said, he wished we were a voter in Warangal to cast his vote for Shri Dalip Kumar.