NPP condemns all forms of terrorism, May they be Naxals, Maoists or Hizbuls

National Working Committee of NPP  condemned the brutal killing of Congressmen in a well planned attack by Maoists in a forested area of Chhattisgarh’s southern Bastar region killing more than two dozen of ‘security protectees’ Congressmen .  The Party described the attack as an act of war that cannot be condoned or written off and deserved to be condemned by all those who believe in the parameters of democracy and the rule of law. This is not just violence or outlawed act, this is more than an act of aggression against the Constitution and very fundamentals of democracy that cannot be ignored by the Parliament or the law makers.

Prof. Bhim Singh, the Supremo the Party urged the Prime Minister to convene an emergency meeting of the NIC (National Integration Council) to work out a consensus to demolish such elements or groups by force which intend to destabilize democracy in the country. He demanded that any political Party which supports directly or indirectly should also banned. The meeting also prayed for the speedy recovery of Congress Veteran Leader Shri VC Shukla and others who were wounded in the attack.

NPP has decided to organize a save India rally at Jantar Mantar today at 5.p.m

Among those who participated in the meeting included Mr. B.S Billowria, Adv. General Secretary, Shri B.S Sajan Delhi sate President, Shri Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Delhi Pradesh Secretary General, Gurinder Sood  (Punjab), Narinder Kumar (TN), Babur Khan (UP), Shri  Ramesh Khajuria (Delhi), Anil Sharma (Rajasthan), Shri S.M. Bhatia (Telangana), Manas Bannerjee (West Bengal), Tufan Singh( Bihar), Surender Singh(Gujarat) & Ors.