NPP Chairman slaps Rs.50 lacs damage notice to Tribune, Chandigarh for blackmail

Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, MLA, Chairman, J&K National Panthers Party today expressed shock and anger on the mischievous, baseless and defamatory story carried in the Tribune (in all its editions) giving an impression as if JKNPP is merging or dissolving into BJP. Its story today with headlines, ‘BJP wants Panthers Party to contest on lotus symbol’ is totally misleading, malicious, defamatory and is not acceptable in the discipline of journalism. He said that the Panthers Party was founded in 1982 under the leadership of Prof.Bhim Singh who resigned his Membership in the Assembly and the Congress Party with a mission to defeat the communal, reactionary, anti-national, criminal and corrupt political forces operating in J&K.

He said that the Panthers Party has been fighting with all its force and dedication for the reorganization of J&K to ensure the formation of three states with full statehood status to Jammu (Dogra-Pahari) Pradesh.

The Chairman rejected the story and a propaganda carried by a section of the media at the behest of BJP who have been misleading the people of J&K, particularly the innocent and brave Dogras living in Jammu Pradesh about the leadership of the Panthers Party. He said that Panthers Party is only political party in J&K which is acceptable by the people of all the regions, capable to deliver justice to the people particularly the youth and defeat the communal, criminal, corrupt and opportunist forces who have been exploiting the people of J&K for six decades only to raise their vote accounts and the revenues. He said that the Panthers Party shall fight this election in J&K with a mission 50 + and Inshah Allah (God willing), Panthers Party shall write a new history of revolution and change in the state of J&K.

He sounded the JKNPP workers not to be misled by the false and the misleading propaganda by a section of the media sponsored by BJP, NC and the Congress.