Next President of India should be national voice.

Hon’ble Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi

Prime Minister of India

Race Course, New Delhi

Sub:-  Next President of India should be national voice.

Hon’ble Prime Minister, Sir,

          It is my pleasure rather privilege to write to you, the Prime Minister of India,  about the choice for the next President of India. You are the Prime Minister of this country and you have an opportunity to demonstrate your will to select a candidate which may be acceptable to the political parties and Legislators as well as to the conscience of average citizen of this country—Bharata.

          In the history of the world today we are passing through a dangerous period when nuclear weapons are hovering in the skies over our heads threatening the very existence of the humanity. India is the only country in the world which stands in the middle of the world with its thousands of years civilisation and mines of humanism, that has capacity and capability as well as acceptability around the world to convey the message of peace and human dignity. India, as I experienced during my motorcycle travelling around the world for more than five years was a great and unique experience to know India as it reflected from the minds of the people of the world—East, West, North and the South that I experienced myself which I have tried to convey throught contents of my book, ‘Around the World on Motorcycle—Peace Mission’.

          This is the time when India can take a lead to ensure that peace rules the world and peace is possible when India’s treasure of Upnishadas and Literature and its wave for universal peace and human dignity is spread through the voice of Indian leadership. I addressed a letter to the Central and the Regional leadership of India in my letter dated 6th May, 2017 in this regard. In which I had urged the “Members of Electorate College to elect the next President of India who shall represent India’s cultural heritage and its centuries’ old cool breeze of love and affection. Dr. KaranSingh is the best choice. The political parties may reach a consensus. It shall send a great message unto the world.”

          There may be many more notables who enjoy equally goodwill and have capacity and capability to represent India as its President at this difficult juncture. But India has a small problem created by our neighbourers in J&K and that problem has been disturbing our peace for nearly 70 years. Dr. Karan Singh as a President of India shall be an appropriate answer to the questions raised by our neighbourers regarding the so-called issue vis-à-vis Jammu and Kashmir. The Hon’ble Members of the Electoral College should think of their representative who has knowledge of the world history, who has experience to run Governments, a person who has knowledge of the world affairs, a person who has a history of his own and who has command on the languages which are spoken at home and abroad. A person who has an experience, education and knowledge of the history of his own country and the history of the world. We have a person, Dr. Karan Singh who shall pass all the tests as an educationist, as a representative of India’s cultural edifice and who has perfection in most of the languages spoken in India and on the floors of the United Nations. Here is the person today in the history of India who represents the unique voice of India rather entire Asia and who shall carry the Indian Flag unto the world with agenda of peace, humanity, brotherhood and human glory. This opportunity, I am sure India is not going to miss.

          I call on the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, the Hon’ble President of Indian National Congress, Hon’ble Presidents of all the regional parties to have a look into my appeal which has no political interest but is only for giving a chance to Bharata to lead the world towards peace and humanism.

          Every Indian shall feel dignified and honoured when its President shall address the world from Kremlin, White Hall or White House for world peace and humanism which world needs most today. History changes, philosophy changed too but the men with the historical background carrying unique voice for universal peace do hardly emerge in the history of a Nation. This is an opportunity which the Hon’ble Members of Electoral College can play a unique role. India has a best Captain to lead the peace movement with global understanding for the progress of the entire world. I hope the leadership shall consider my urge.

          With regards,

Yours sincerely,


Bhim Singh