Modi faultered or failed In his UN maiden speech

This was sad day for India again  when its  proactive PM Modi failed to put across India’s case before UN General Assembly where representatives of 193 countries were present and waiting for India’s reply to Pak Premier’s  false  and  concocted propaganda on the constitutional relationship of J&K with the rest of the country( India). Prime minister of Pakistan had advocated for holding plebiscite in J&K. He quoted the resolution of the Sc of the UN in his support.  This resolution was passed by the Un on 13th Aug 1948 asking Pakistan to vacate all occupied territory of J&K  and withdraw its armies from all parts of the occupied areas  which included entire 4500 sq.  miles of territory , POK ,what Pakistan termed as Azad Kashmir and entire area of Gilgit and Baltistan comprising Hunza, Chitral, Askardu etc measuring 32000 sq. miles.  Pakistan  infringed this resolution by parting 4600 sq. miles of our territory to China in 1963 under so called karachi Agreement and annexing entire Gilgit- Baltistan as Pakistan 5th Province in 2009.Mr Modi failed to put this as supplementary chapter on pages of the UN and  mildly in reply to Pak Premier last evening.” This was the reaction of  Panthers Party Supremo, Prof Bhim Singh, on Modi’s speech in UN last evening. He suggested the actors in the South Block, New Delhi to read the speech of Krishna Menon he made on the same floors on the GA in 1957.

Prof Brim Singh  accused  the Central leadership for  mistaking Jammu and Kashmir state as ‘Kashmir’ only to please the  Anglo American bloc  by intentionally blacking out entire Jammu Pradesh having double the territory as compared to Kashmir. This is anti-Dogra poison in the minds of the central leaders.