Jammu Bandh on 24th April is wake up call Bhim Singh’s appeal to all, youth, students, lawyers

Prof.Bhim Singh has made a strong appeal to the civil society in Jammu including the youth and student organizations irrespective of their political affiliations or ideological attachments to make ‘Jammu Bandh’ is success to wake up the State and Central rulers about the discrimination and atrocities being committed to the youth, students and the civil society in particular in J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the Panthers Party has been fighting for the common cause which include AIIMS in J&K, delimitation in J&K, ST status to the Paharies, comprehensive settlement of nearly 15 lacs homeless, landless, support less and helpless refugees from Pak & POK for the past six decades.

He said it was Panthers Party which has been fighting for the just rights of the youth and students may it be in Poonch, Kishtwar or Jammu for the past 50 years. It was Panthers Party which got the full salaries back to the government employees in 1982, again in 2011 from the Supreme Court and again it is preparing to get justice to the new recruits while fighting from the streets to the Supreme Court.

We call on all sections of the people particularly brethren shopkeepers, labourers,lawyers’ fraternity to participate to make 24th April Bandh a success in the interest of justice to all the depressed classes particularly the youth.