Jaitley threatens of veto power in formation Govt. in J&K

“Where is the concept of ‘veto power’ in the Constitution which a Senior Advocate and Union Minister has kept in store to be used in the formation of a government in J&K? This is a dangerous trend which BJP-led government at the Centre has evolved to mull a democratic system in J&K.” Reacted Bhim Singh. Chief Patron of National Panthers Party this morning from New Delhi. He reminded Mr. Arun Jaitley that Mr. Modi had asked vote for himself for development whereas each state in the Union has its share in financial support for development. Gujarat could not have developed as Mr. Modi claimed that Gujarat is most developed state, in Central government of that time when he was the Chief Minister have not released funds to the state for the purpose of development. He was the opposition Chief Minister for 15 years in the state. He said whether it is Gujarat or Madhya Pradesh or Punjab, all states share Central funds in their own right so there is nothing special so far as J&K is concern.


English: Arun Jaitley, Leader of the Oppositio...

English: Arun Jaitley, Leader of the Opposition, Rajya Sabha, Parliament of India, India, during the Fostering Public Leadership at the World Economic Forum’s India Economic Summit 2010 held in New Delhi, 14-16 November 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The State-Centre relationship whether on financial side or political are based on the constitutional relationship as they do not exist on the mercy of the Union government.

He said that threatening to use veto power would mean that Mr. Jaitley is trying to convey that they can make or unmake any government in J&K no matter where is the mandate and with whom. Such a statement is threat to democracy. This is out of sheer frustration of Mr. Modi as he failed to reach his Mission 44+. It was not the mission of BJP as Mr. Modi had asked vote for himself not for the BJP.

Prof.Bhim Singh asked Prime Minister Modi how shall he justify forming a coalition government with NC or with PDP when he had asked the voters to throw out (jar se ukhar do) father and son as well as father and daughter from power in the interest of democracy.  Claiming that Centre has veto power over states and can intervene in formation of a government is a direct attack on democracy and free of WILL of Indian people.