India remembers Palestinian Hero Yasir Arafat on his 86th Birth Anniversary

yasir-birthdayA special meeting of the Panthers Party and Indo-Palestine Friendship Society was held in New Delhi on 86th Birth Anniversary of world’s super hero of war and peace, Shri Yasir Arafat, the Hero of Palestine Liberation Movement. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Prof.Bhim Singh, a close associate of Yasir Arafat for three decades who joined Arafat in Lebanon, Syria, Gholan Heights, Tunis and Gaza (Palestine) and finally in Ram Allah in Palestine.

Prof.Bhim Singh described Yasir Arafat is only revolutionary world leader who was acclaimed as a fighter as well as a peace maker. He fought all his life for liberation of Palestine and establishment of sovereign state in Palestine. He was the only revolutionary in the world who was decorated with novel peace prize also when he signed Oslo Agreement. Prof.Bhim Singh met Yasir Arafat a young engineer in 1968 in a Red Cross Office on the Eastern Bank of Jordan River when Arafat was looking after the refugee camps after being thrown out from Palestine. Israel had occupied entire Palestine including Gaza and West Bank in 1967 in a bloody war. Arafat organised Palestinian youth under the banners of PLO to fight for liberation from Zionist occupation.

Prof.Bhim Singh met Arafat in Syria in 1973 to join the PLO Movement for the liberation of Gholan Heights. The Syrian forces joined by PLO vacated half of the area from Israel and Egyptian forces threw out Israelis from Sinai in 1973. Prof.Bhim Singh met Yasir Arafat in Tunis when he was in exile after being pushed out from Lebanon. After the establishment of Palestinian authority Prof.Bhim Singh was received by Palestine President, Yasir Arafat at Gaza Airport. Finally Prof.Bhim Singh visited Yasir Arafat in Ram Allah where he had established temporary capital of Palestine.

Prof. Bhim Singh and activists of the Panthers Party, Indo-Palestine Friendship Society, Indo-Arab Solidarity Council pledged to support the cause undertaken by Yasir Arafat for the establishment of Palestine as sovereign state.

Prominent among those who participated included Mohd. Younus Siddiqui, General Secretary-Indo-Arab Solidarity Council, Ms. Nasreen Hamid, General Secretary, Indo-Palestine Friendship Society, Rajiv Khosla, President, Delhi Pradesh Panthers Party, Uday Bhan Kaushik, Secretary, Indo-Arab Solidarity Council & Devinder Singh Parmar, Secretary, Indo-Palestine Friendship Society and others.

Prof.Bhim Singh declared that Arafat birth anniversary shall be organized next month in the Constitution Club, New Delhi with full display of the documentary films made on his life and out of his interviews by Prof.Bhim Singh.